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What is Love

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I wonder if his hair is as soft as it looks.

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I am a strong believer in love, so are my parents but they fought all the time. Is that really love? I’m guessing not because a few months ago dad just up and left. I know he’s not coming back because he had all this stuff with him. They fought over stupid stuff and because of it I only have one of them now. Gah, spread love not hate. What am I supposed to do now? Chrissie, my little sister, still doesn’t understand much of what is going on. I can only keep telling her that daddy will be back for so long. I’m supposed to protect her and shit. Well, I’ve got news for everyone, none of this shit makes sense to me and I can’t be strong forever.

We moved to California about a month ago when a job opportunity opened for my mom. I really don’t know anyone at school accept for Lyn-z, Gerard, Alicia and Gerard’s kid brother, Mikey. Lyn-z is a complete saint. Sure we’re polar opposites, she’s a punk and I’m a hippie child, but she’s been nothing but nice to me. Gerard has his head in the gutter ninety percent of the time but he’s a riot so I don’t mind spending time with him. Mikey and Alicia tend to keep quiet; I like both of them very much.

Now, as I sit in science, the last period of the day I wonder if Frank’s shaggy black hair is really as soft as it looks. Well, that’s one thing that is floating around in my overly stuffed head. Mainly I wonder what the hell I’m going to do when I get home. Chrissie will need help with her homework, I’ll have homework, the dog will need taken out and dinner will need to be started. Mom won’t be home till ten. The business world really isn’t her thing but she took the initiative and found a job right away. I’m beyond proud of my mother.

I can’t concentrate on chemicals at all. With everything that is going on science just doesn’t seem that important. Ha, who am I kidding, getting good grades is my only way out of this place. My mind just refuses to focus. I continue to ponder what love really is. I know it’s not what my parents had; they eventually just gave up on each other. I was raised to think that two people met and then staid together until they got old and died.

I’m not really sure what love is anymore and to tell the complete truth…it sucks.

Note: Sorry it's so short. I'm kinda tired. Both stories will have two updates tomorrow. Night fellow ficwaders (that's a weird word haha) :)
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