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"You're staring at me."

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It has been a few days since my brief conversation with Jane Doe. We haven’t spoken to each other much except for the occasional “hello” in the hallway when we met at our lockers. Any contact with her satisfies me, but I want to get to know her and be alone with her once again.

The weekend is approaching fast, but Fridays are always the longest day of the week. I have my eyes glued to the clock waiting for the release bell to ring so I can go home and chill with my guitar, but the last five minutes of class insist on moving like molasses. Once we are able to leave, I quickly make my way to my beat up old car.

“Frank?” someone calls from behind me as I reach my car. I groan inwardly, spinning around to face Gerard. “I need to ask you something, man.”

I nod for him to continue, fumbling with my keys, “What are you doing tonight?”

“Well, I was going to go home and play this new song I wrote in class this morning,” I tell him, unlocking my car door and throwing all of my things in the passenger seat.

Mikey, Gerard’s little brother, shakes his head, “Drop those plans. We need a favor that I’m sure you won’t mind doing for us.”

“I doubt that,” I disagree, ready to go home. “I really just want to spend the night at home, okay?”

Gerard gives me an ‘I know something you don’t know’ smirk, folding his arms in front of him. “So you don’t want to go on a date with Lyn-z, Amber, Mikey, Alicia and me?”

“No, cause I hardly know Lyn-z and I don’t know who Amber is,” I answer walking around the front of my car so I can get into the driver seat.

“Amber, you’re soul mate, the girl of your dreams,” Gerard answers.

Amber, it’s absolutely perfect. It reminds me of autumn…of good smells and Halloween. The more I think about it the more I realize just how well the name fits her.

He has to be joking. There is no possible way that what he is saying is true. “Gerard, that’s not funny.”

“I’m not joking, man. Lyn-z asked me to go see a movie with her tonight, but told me that she had to take Amber along because she is upset about something Matt did. She asked if I would bring you along so Amber wouldn’t feel like the third wheel. Mikey and Alicia are just tagging along ‘cause mom won’t let them go on dates by themselves,” Gerard explains, talking with his hands as he does so. “Lyn-z said Amber has been mentioning you over the past few days anyway.”

My heart flutters. “Amber was talking about me?”

Gerard nods, excitedly, “So what do you say?”

This is my chance to spend time with her again. Of course I’m going to go with them, but what will I say to her? I am practically going to be the date of the girl of my dreams. “Of course, I will,” I nodded, quickly. “I want to go home and change first, though.”

“We’re meeting at the theater at 7:00. I’ll just come by your house and pick you up so we can go in one car. We’ll just spend the night at your house, if that’s cool,” Gerard states, slowly backing away.



I feel like I am going to vomit. My nerves are getting the best of me. I can’t get my hands to stop shaking. It’s crazy that one girl can make me act this way, but she isn’t just any girl…she’s Amber.

Gerard, Mikey and I stand in the lobby of the theater, waiting for the girls to show, “There they are,” he says, making his way over to his date. I follow behind slowly, glancing over at Amber. She looks as beautiful as she always does. I love her style and everything else about her.

“Hey, Frank,” she pulls me into a hug, wrapping her arms around me. I nearly faint. Her sweet perfume is so intoxicating...she smells like sugar. I don’t want to let her go. She pulls away from me and smiles brightly. “I’m glad you came.”

“Me, too,” and I’m telling the complete truth.

Lyn-z and Alicia greet me as well, minus the hug, “What do you guys want to see? I’m up for some Resident Evil: Extinction.”

Gerard and Mikey agree…of course, “Frank doesn’t really like horror films, though.”

Amber shrugs, giving me a sideways look, “I don’t like them either; especially those about zombies. You guys should go see Resident Evil, though. Frank and I can watch Into the Wild, if that’s okay with him.”

She looks at me for approval. I nod.

We go our separate ways toward the theatres that are playing the film we are going to be watching. My nerves are even worse now that I know I’m going to be alone with her. I’m glad it worked out this way though. The previews for the movie begin playing and my nerves settle down a little.

I glance over at Amber during the movie. She really seems to be impressed with it. Of course, it does tell a good story, but I am too intrigued with the girl next to me to actually pay attention.

Tapping me on my arm lightly, Amber leans in so that her face is only inches from mine, “You’re staring at me.”

My cheeks are on fire. She has noticed and probably thinks I’m some kind of weird stalker, “I’m sorry,” I gulp, my voice shaky.

She laughs quietly, “Don’t apologize. I didn’t say that it bothered me.”

“It’s kind of embarrassing.”

“I can tell. It may be dark in here, but I can still see the tomato color on your cheeks,” she bites her lip softly, gazing into my eyes. I want to kiss her at the moment, but I know she’d probably push me away. I sigh, turning my head back towards the screen.

The movie ends about an hour later and the lights came back on. I lead Amber back into the lobby.

She clears her throat, glancing at the leather watch around her wrist, “Resident Evil doesn’t end for another 45 minutes. I don’t feel like waiting that long.”

“I can take you home if you’d like?” I offer, biting my lip nervously glad I told Gerard I’d bring my own car.

“Well, I don’t really want to go home just yet,” she shrugs,” but I am kinda hungry. You want to hit up Waffle House?”

“Yeah,” I answer a little too quickly. I text Gerard to let him know that Amber and I are leaving the theater and that Lyn-z, Alicia, Mikey and he should meet us at Waffle House which is only about a ten minute drive from the theatre.

Once we arrived at the restaurant, the waitress shows us to our booth and takes our orders. We sit quietly after she walks away, each waiting for the other to start a conversation.

“So are you having a good time tonight?” I ask her, trying to find some way to end the awkward silence.

She smiles, “I am. It definitely made up for the awful day I had.”

I want to ask her about her thing with Matt, but I don’t want to try to get into her personal life too much. She doesn’t know me too well and most likely doesn’t want to share that information. “I heard about the thing with Matt, but it’s best to do something to get it off your mind.

Her face saddens. I don’t like that expression on her. It doesn’t belong on such a beautiful face, “He’s being difficult. I felt like he never paid attention to me so I broke up with him and then the second we were done he starts giving too much attention. I told him that we are over again today and he just kind of blew up.”

“He shouldn’t act that way,” I don’t want to say much. I want her to vent so that she knows she can talk to me about anything. It isn’t my place to tell her she deserves so much better than the jackass she was with even though I really want to. I want to tell her I wouldn’t treat her like that, that I would love her no matter what. I don’t say any of it though cause then Amber would think I’m a freak.

“Can I tell you something that I haven’t ever told anyone?” She asks a pleading expression on her face.

I nod.

“Well, sometimes I feel like I should go back to him. I know I don’t belong with him, like we aren’t meant to be, but I’m just tired of fighting about being apart so maybe being together might be better. Yet, I feel that there’s someone else out there for me… my soul mate. There’s someone that I’m meant to be with and I know it’s not Matt. I feel like that person is near, yet I can’t see him,” she explains as our food arrives.

I glance at her for a second. I want to scream at her that I am her soul mate. She is meant for me, “Why would you go back to Matt if you know he’s not the one?”

“I don’t know,” Amber shrugs, taking a sip of her water. “We dated for almost a year; I care about him a lot.”

A year I forget, Matt also moved from where Amber came from. It’s really upsetting.

“But if you go back to him, you could miss the chance to be with your soul mate.”

She nods her head. We then go back to being quiet, eating our food with just the sound of metal hitting plate. I pay the bill, but not without a protest from Amber.

“You didn’t have to buy my dinner, Frank,” she says, following me out the door. We had been sitting in Waffle House for over an hour, waiting on the others to show, but when they didn’t; we decided to head to our homes since it is getting late.

I stop my car in front of Amber’s house, which she had given me directions to.

“I had fun,” I tell her.

“I did, too. Thank you for spending time with me,” she seems like she is holding back something she wants to say.

“You okay?”

She hesitates, biting on her bottom lip, “Frank, do you feel like there’s some kind of connection between us?”

I freeze. What should I say?

Amber’s eyes grow wide like she has just realized what she asked, “Never mind.”

“Yes,” I admit, quickly. “I do.”

Her blue eyes lock with mine. She leans towards me slowly, pressing her lips against my cheek. Electricity runs through me or, that’s the way it felt. She pulls away slightly. Her face is still so close to mine. Before I know it, her lips are on mine and her hands are on my cheeks. She tugs gently on my shaggy locks of hair. Her sweet tongue meets mine and I wrap my arms around her petite waist. Our lip rings feel perfect against each others. The kiss is far better than I’d ever imagined it to be. It is sweet and loving, but at the same time fiery with passion.

Amber pulls away from my lips slowly. I then realize that during the kiss, she had managed to end up sitting comfortably in my lap.

She giggles slightly, “I’ve never been kissed like that before.”

I rests my head against her shoulder, a stupid grins spread from ear to ear. Her skin feels like it is on fire. She places a kiss to my temple and begins running her fingers through my hair.

“You deserve to be kissed that way every second of your life.”

Note: I'm not gonna lie, I'm in love with this chapter. My fingers hurt cause I'm starting to play guitar. Oh well, hope you enjoy :)
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