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Mae is 24.
She is 5 foot 7
pink short hair, a bit tubby and she has a lip piercing on the right side of her lip. She has really bad sight and needs glasses. She has brown eyes

Del (cordelia)
Is 25 she is 5 foot 9
Long black hair, really skinny she has a naval piercing and her nose is pierced plus the 5 on her right ear. She has blue eyes.

(btw its set like I don't know but afi aren't really popular.)

"im gonna be late hurry up" I kicked the back of del's seat.
She was driving me to work. I might as well hand in my resignation now, i've been late 4 times this week.
"im going as fast as I can"
"well its obviously not fast enough. Let me drive"
"im late for work to you know" she was getting mad
"duh. We work together"
she mumbled something and didn't bother to reply.
"how long" I hate it when I accidentally sound rude.
"were here now"
she parked behind 'blue bean' it was the vegan store that we worked at.
"we are so late" I looked at my watch and It read 12:30.(work started at 11:15)
we ran inside del ran to the checkout area and I walked over to the entrance, leaned against the wall and stared at my feet.

Daveys pov

"im hungry can we get some food?"
"where from?" jade was tapping the car window.
"ooooh. There that blue place hunter pull over".
Hunter pulled over and me and jade got out of the car and walked into the store.

There was a girl in a uniform standing by the door.
Jade and I walked up to her.
"excuse me miss but can we have a basket?"
she was still staring at the floor.
"of course" her voice was quite high.
She handed me a basket as I went to take it from her our hands touched.
She looked up at me she had dark brown eyes.

Mae's pov.

I gazed into his eyes. Our hands were still touching.
There was a loud smashing noise. I dropped the basket and so did he.
We both looked up aisle 1.
There was a man with a blonde fringe and at his feet there were 5 smashed bottle of carrot juice.
I looked back at the man that asked for a basket but he wasn't there.
I stared at my feet and walked over to the man with the blonde fringe.
"sorry about this"
I looked up and the two men were standing there.
"s'ok ill get some tissue"
I walked over to the checkout grabbed a roll of tissue and walked back.
The two men were saying something.
"shes unusual"
"there's something different about her"
I walked to them.
"I got tissue" I waved the roll in the air.
We all grabbed a piece and started to clean the floor.
I bent down.
I felt someones hands poke my sides.
I screamed and fell on the glass.
"oh my god mae are you ok" it was del's voice
the two men helped me up.
My arm really stung I looked down and there was a long trail of red on the floor. Eeuurrgghh I hate blood.i started to feel dizzy.
I stared at my arm. It was cut all the way from my wrist up to my elbow.
"we better get you to a hospital"
"no we cant. Get rid of the blood first"
"what about her arm" the guy with the long dark hair gestured to my arm.
Everything was going blurry and the voices slurred.
I passed out.
I opened my eyes and the sunlight shone into the little white room I was laying in.
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