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cooolness part 2

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The two men from earlier where there and so was del.
The long haired guy looked at me.
"shes awake" he exclaimed.
"who are you two?" I asked.
"I am davey" --he gestured to the other guy --"and this is jade"
"nice to er meet you"
I turned to del who was now standing at the side of the bed.
"you cut your arm on glass and passed out ".
"hehe typical" I rolled my eyes.
Del started to speak " I think that we should go get the doc" she walked to the door "anyone wanna come with?"
Jade left the room with her.
"so its just me and you now"
davey moved closer to my bed.
"so er why are you here?"
"I was there when you cut yourself and when you fainted I caught you so that you wouldn't fall on the glass again"
"yeh" he seemed pretty uncomfortable.
"so tell me about yourself"
"im davey"
"heh. I knew that"
"I know"
"so er do you play an instrument "
"I can sing"
he seems interesting.
"oh I sing to im in a band called 'cream convention investigators' are you in a band?"
"yeh were called a.f.i" he smiled.
Jade, del and the doctor walked in.
The doctor walked over to me.
"well as long as you don't pick your stitches and you come back in 3 weeks to have them removed you are free to go"
I got out of the hospital bed and walked to the bathroom so that I could change my clothes.
When I got back del had my bags and was ready to leave.
"so...I guess this is where we say goodbye ..davey and jade"
"not without a hug" jade squeeled and walked over to me.
"er ok"
we hugged and then davey hugged me. It lasted for a few seconds more than it should have.
me and del walked back to the car and davey and jade walked the other way.
"oh my god del did you ring work"
"yeh. We got the rest of the day off"
"yayay" I jumped up and down.
we walked over to the car and got in.
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