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thank you to er torosaurusLOVE for reading my stories.

del opened the door to our appartment and we both walked in.
del sat down on the couch.
"lets watch a movie"
"one second. I just have to put this jacket in the laundry bag"
"you may want to check the pockets first"
"er. Why????"
she really confuses me sometimes.
"did you not see the little piece of paper that that davey guy stuck in your pocket?"
I reached into my pocket and pulled out a piece of paper....
"what does it say??"
she seemed quite excited.
I opened it up carefully..
"it me at (insert address) 7pm...tonight"
I looked up from the note, del raised her eyebrow.
"oh my god. What are you going to wear???"
"its not even a proper date" I crossed my arms.
"yeh it is, ill do your hair for you"
"no. you wont"
"this is probably some kind of a sick joke. That's why"
"its not, ill even go with you and if it is a joke you wont look stupid"
"do I have to?"
"whats the time??"
" 4pm"
I looked at my bedroom door.
"what do I wear?"
I started to walk to my door.
"lets go find something".
We both walked into my room.
I sat on my bed and del walked over to my wardrobe.
"so what do you wanna wear?" she opened the two doors.
"I don't mind"
"what about this"
she pulled out a white strapless dress that had a layer of black fishnet over the top.
"ok.what about this" she pulled out a black pink tutu and a lime green tank top.
"eew .no" it looked horrible.
I got up and walked over to the wardrobe.
"what about this?"
I pulled out a bright orange tutu and a black hello kitty top...
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