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ok so this is short but the next one shall be very looooong

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....a pair of tight black jeans.
"and what I chose was disgusting?" del raised her eyebrow.
"whatever... lets just go do your hair"
"no. I like it like this"
"ok, lets go do your make-up then"
"I want orange everything and im wearing my pink contacts"
"whatever you say"
we walked into the bathroom.
I had bright orange eyeshadow, and my eyes were framed in a smooth line of black eye-liner, I also had a light gloss on my lips and a pink lip ring.
"thank you" I smile at del.
"whats the time?"
I looked at my watch.
"oh, we have loads of time, what shall we do?"
"dance, iron maiden, loud"
I ran over to my collection of cd's and picked out 'three cheers for sweet revenge' and put it in the cd player.
It started to play.
"what about iron maiden??"
"I want mcr!!"
"lets just jiggle!!!"
we danced for about half an hour.
"im tired!!" I said sitting down on the floor.
"me too" del was clearly out of breath.
"can we go now??"
"yeh sure"
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