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I Promise

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Gerard and Frank come face to face with Donna Way.

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ugh I use the school excuse too much but school has seriously been blocking my mind. I hope you enjoy this update :)

Gerard’s hands gripped my sweaty hips tightly as his head bobbed. I moaned loud and moved his hair out of his face. Good thing his parents were gone. I moaned louder as I got closer to my orgasm.

Gerard sat up and smirked, wiping his mouth. I was shaking and gasping in my own sweat. “O-okay you d-don’t owe me anything anymore.” I managed.

He smirked. “Okay.” He kissed my lips.


Gerard jumped into my arms as he held his exam paper in his hands. “I passed! Frankie I passed! Eighty one percent!” I held him close to me while he cried into my shoulder. “Thank you so much!”

“Anytime, princess.” I smiled and kissed his head. I looked at the failed exam sheet in my hands. Oh well, I’m just going to have to retake it. Not that I’ll need any of this school shit in a band. If I get into a band.

Gerard giggled. “I’m so so sorry I made you fail.”

I chuckled. “Yeah fucking right you are, c’mon lets go.”

“Where are we going?”

“On a date.” I kissed his lips.

Gerard quietly opened the door to his house and motioned me in. We had finally got back around one in the morning. I quietly walked in, followed by Gerard. He closed the door quietly behind him and let out a sigh of relief.

“Why are you home so late, Gerard?” The light flickered on and Donna was there in front of us. We were caught.

“” Gerard frantically tried to make up an excuse.

I sighed. “We were on a date...”

Gerard shot me a look and Donna held her head. “Just...just keep this a secret, okay? Donald will kill you if he finds out his son is homosexual.”

I nodded and wrapped my arm around Gerard’s waste.

“Treat him good...he’s never had a healthy relationship.” Donna sighed.

“I will, I promise.”
She nodded and left the room.

“Lets go to your room.” I kissed Gerard’s cheek and led him to his bedroom.

“I can’t believe she knows about my other relationships...” Gerard sighed and locked his door.

“Well, mothers always know I guess.” I took off my shirt and sat on his bed.

He sighed and sat beside me. I lay on the bed and pulled him onto me, kissing his lips. I closed my eyes. A moan came from the back of his throat as we heated up. My hands slid down to grab his ass. Gerard’s lips moved to my neck and I let out a long moan.

I bit my lip and kicked my hips into his. “Gerard I want you.”

He moaned against my neck and sat up. He took his shirt off and started to unbuckle his belt.
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