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I Love You, But You Don't Love Me Back [2]

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Gerard and Lindsey are together. Taylor is upset.

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No wonder why Gee doesn't like me like I liked him. I mean, look at me! I'm freaking ugly. No guy would want a girl like me. Lindsey was the kind of girl everyone wanted, everyone including Gerard. She's tan and skinny and has very blue eyes and long blond hair that fell down past her shoulders. And me? I have dark, almost black, brown hair that almost touched my shoulders and very weird looking green eyes. I'm also pale as a ghost. I'm not skinny at all and i weighed around 120 pounds when Lindsey and all the rest of the girls in my school weighed around 100 - 105 pounds. I was a freak. An ugly dateless freak.

I stopped looking at myself in the mirror and looked at my phone. It was almost 6:00 P.M. and that means that Gerard and Lindsey were about to go out on their date that I dreaded so much! Gah, I should be happy for him, because she is his first girlfriend after all [I really wanted to be his first girlfriend], but if she does something stupid during her relationship with Gee, like sleep around, like I know she does, well, let's just say that she won't have a pretty face anymore.

I eventually came out of the bathroom and went downstairs. I found my mom in the living room with her new 'guy friend' as she puts it, watching TV. Mom looked up and smiled.

''You going over to Gerard's,Tay?''

''Nah. He's on a date.'' I said, as I sat down besides mom. Her 'guy friend' was sound asleep on the other side of her. ''What are you watching?'' I looked at the TV screen.

''You know, Mikey's home. Go over and hang out with him. Donna and Donald went out, and Gee's on a date?'' I nod. ''Go over and keep him company then! Get out of the house for a while.''

''Okay. I'll probably end up spending the night over there. Is that okay?''

''Of course it is. Tomorrow's Saturday. Have fun!'' She smiled before turning back to the Television.


I knocked on the door and it immedatiely opened up, revealing a very hyper Mikey Way.

''Mikey, how many coffees did you know,drink?'' I asked, laughing. ''Umm,one?'' He grinned.

''Mikey,really.'' I shot him my 'I don't think so' look.

''Fine, I had like 15!''

''15?! Jesus Christ, Mikey!''

Mikey laughed. ''Just get the hell in here already.''

''Demanding little nerd.'' I muttered, before walking in.


''Do you like Lindsey?'' I asked, while doodiling a heart with a sharpie pen on my palm, writing Gerard in the middle.

''No.'' Mikey scoffed. ''She's a fake slut who doesn't care about anyone, but herself. Yeah, it doesn't seem like it, but really she is. I don't know what the hell Gerard is doing or thinking.''

''Same here'' I agree. ''She's so wrong for him. He deserves someone better... someone like me.'' I whispered out the last part as I stared at the heart I drew.

''I knew it!''

I looked up at him. ''What?''

''You like Gerard! Why else would you be drawing a heart with his name in the middle!''

''Umm, I- uhh. It's not your brother Gerard, it's umm a different Gerard!'' I smiled nervously at him, hoping he'd believe my obvious lie. To my luck, he didn't.

''Taylor.'' He shot me a look. ''I'm not stupid.''

''Fine. Maybe I do, a little.... but does it really matter? He has L-Lindsey now. He only likes me as a friend anyways.''



''You're wrong.'' He explained. ''You say Gee doesn't like you more than just a friend.''

I nod. ''Yeah, he doesn't.''

Mikey shook his head and smiled. ''That's where you're wrong, you see.''

''Mikey,what are you saying?'

''I'm saying that Gerard likes you. Alot actually, a little too much to be honest. Trust me, I would know.''

''If he 'likes' me,like you say he does, then why the heck is he with Lindsey?!''

''He thought you didn't like him back, so he didn't want to ask you out, because he was afraid you'd say no and reject him. So now, he's trying to move on. So that means,Lindsey.'' He shuddered.

''I would never reject him.''

''I know you wouldn't. But he doesn't seem to think that.''

''Are you really sure he likes or well liked me? He seemed pretty happy when he told me he was going on a date with Lindsey.''

''I don't know.'' He shrugged. ''I mean, I knew he liked you and all.''

''Okay... umm, can we just stop talking about this?'' I asked.


''So, what do you want to-'' Something or well someone cut me off.

''Hey guys!''

I looked up and my heart dropped... again. Mikey rolled his eyes at Lindsey who was all over Gee. Gerard smiled at me. ''Lindsey, this is Taylor, my best-friend.''

Lindsey smiled at me. I knew it was a fake one. ''Hi! I love your outfit!''

I looked at her weirdly. ''Umm, thanks, I guess?'' I saw her roll her eyes, when she thought I wasn't looking. ''Bitch.'' I mumbled.

''What's that on your arm,TayTay?'' Gerard noticed the heart on my palm. Lindsey saw it and narrowed her eyes at me. Shit. ''N-nothing.'' I quickly hid it.


I cut him off. ''It's nothing Gerard. Drop it.'' I growled. ''So how was the d-date?''

''It was great.'' Lindsey smiled smugly at me and wrapped her arm around Gerard's waist. I rolled my eyes at her. ''Can you be more specifc with your answee and could you not be a bitch about it? Thank you''

''Taylor, what is your problem? No need to be so rude!''

''Our date is none any of your buisness anyways.''

I stood up abruptly. ''Maybe I should leave.''

Mikey stood up with me. He looked at the couple and shook his head.

''Tay, what's wrong?'' Gerard asked me,worriedly.

''You wouldn't care.'' I growled,turning my back to them.

''I do care!'' He protested.I shook my head.

Why was I acting like this? I was acting like this damn drama queen, who didn't get what or who she wanted. It wasn't me at all. I wasn't like that at all.

~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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