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I Love You, But You Don't Love Me Back [3]

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Taylor notices Mikey's been acting weird lately. She begins to wonder if he likes her..

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Nobody said anything for a couple of minutes, until Lind- I mean, the bitch whispered something in Gee's ear.

''She needs to leave.''

''SHUT UP, NOBODY FUCKING ASKED YOU!'' I screamed at her, I wanted to rip her head off so badly. She was seriously pissing me off.

''Taylor!'' Gerard gave me a little glare, that made me flinch. ''Stop being such a bitch to my girlfriend! Apologize or just fucking leave.''

I looked at him, shocked. He never shouted at me before. I looked at him then at Lindsey, with tears buring in my eyes. Mikey didn't say anything. He just stood there awkwardly, looking back and forth between his brother and me.

Lindsey gave me a smug smile...again. Pissing me off even more. But I didn't say anything. I just continued staring at the two.

''Apologize or leave.'' Gerard said. I didn't say anything.

''Gee,bro-'' Mikey tried saying, but Gee cut him off. ''Mikey, shut up. Taylor, apolgize or leave now.''

I felt a few tears roll down my cheeks as I continued staring at my best-friend, and his bitch of a girlfriend. She was turning him againist me. She didn't want me to be his friend and he was taking her fucking side! He chose her over me, his best-friend for fucking 17 years! His only best-friend, besides Mikey.

''I-I-I'' I stammered out, choking on my tears. Mikey pulled me towards him. glaring at this brother. ''Look, how about Lindsey leave? She's upsetting Tay.''

''Why should I leave?'' Lindsey scoffed. ''I'm not being a drama queen and how the fuck am I upsetting her when she's the one who's upsetting me!''

''Taylor, you need to leave.'' Gerard said,softly.

I looked at him. ''Fine.'' I hissed and stormed out. ''I fucking hate you, Gerard Athur Way.'' I shouted before leaving, I swear I saw him flinch, but I could be seeing things, because my vision was so messed up, because of my crying. I collapsed on their front yard,screaming into the grass.


Mikey's POV.

I watched as Taylor stormed out. She was obviously hurt by Gerard and the tramp. She was crying and Gerard didn't even care, and she was his best-friend for fuck's sake!

''What the hell?'' I shouted at my brother.

''What?'' He dared to asked.

''I can't believe you did that to Taylor! What the fuck's wrong with you?''

''She was being a bitch to Lindsey.''

''Lindsey was also being a bitch to her.'' I glared over at Lindsey, who was fake crying. How pathedic can she get? You could totally tell she was faking it. Gerard, on the otherhand though she was really crying for real.My brother can be a real dumbass at times.

''How was I being a bitch to her?'' Lindsey 'sobbed' ''I was only trying to be nice to her.''

I rolled my eyes. What a fucking lier. I saw the faces and glances she made at Taylor. She was so bullshitting me right now.


''Mikey.'' Gerard snapped.

''I'm going to find Taylor.'' I said. ''You guys can go fuck each other, for all I care. Taylor needs someone right now.'' I snarled as I ran out.


As soon as I walked outside, I spotted Taylor. She was lying in our front yard, crying and screaming into the grass. Remind me to go kill my brother and his slut of a girlfriend later. I ran over to her and pulled her into my arms. Her eyes were closed.

''Gerard, if thats you, fuck off. '' She growled.

''No, It's Mikey.''

She opened her eyes and waterly smiled at me, tears still rolling down her face. ''Oh, thank god. I want to kill Gerard so much! How could he and Lindsey do that to me?'' She whispered

''They're assholes. Gee's an asshole.'' I murmured, stroking her hair.

''I'm an asshole to.'' She mumbled,still crying. ''I was so acting like a total fucking drama queen.''

''No, you're not.'' I argued. How could she think that? Sure she had a little freakout back there, but it was totally understandable. She was the most nicest and sweetest girl in the world. Not to mention, prettiest too... yeah, I had a little crush on her, but I wasn't going to tell.

''Yeah, I am.'' She whispered,closing her eyes again. ''Gerard, thinks so.''

'' Yeah, well, I'm going to kill him for that even though I know,he's protecting his little 'girlfriend.' to be a good boyfriend to her,he probably didn't mean it at all.''

''Well, it still hurt.'' She snapped. ''She needs to go, or I go.''

I didn't say anything, which made her break down again. ''Taylor, don't say that. I give them about a week and they'll break up, and you and Gee will be good again.''

''I hope you're right.'' She sniffed,giving me a little smile, which made my heart skip a beat. She had a beautiful smile. I loved it when she smiled... god, I sound like a lovestruck idiot. I couldn't fall for her to hard, because she likes my brother, not me... God, I wanted to kiss her so bad! I said that in my mind, as I looked down at her lips, I gave her a smile back.


Taylor's POV.

A week past.

Nothing changed.

Gerard was still dating Lindsey.

Mikey was acting a little weird around me lately... he's been looking at me with this weird look in his eyes lately. It was starting to scare me, I don't know why, but I just was.I never seen a boy look at me like Mikey's been looking. Gerard, never looked at me like that before. Does... Mikey l-like me? He's also been staring at my lips lately too... oh my god, what if he does? Wait, who would like me? Like I said before...

I am an ugly dateless freak...
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