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I Love You, But You Don't Love Me Back [4]

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Mikey & Taylor hook up! Gerard's still an ass..

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Taylor's POV::

Lindsey was ruining my life. She took my freaking best-friend away from her. I hate her. She need-, no wait, had to go.

For the past week, Gerard has been ignoring me. He doesn't even come home that much anymore. He's always at her house. He barely even talks to Mikey anymore, and he's his brother, for crying out loud. He doesn't sit with me at lunch anymore either. He's at 'her' table now, so I now sat alone.

Mikey was a sophmore, while Gerard I were seniors, so we had different lunch periods. It sucks and speaking of Mikey,I'm really starting to think he likes me. If he does, I wonder why though. I'm a freak.

Right now, I was sitting on the bleachers on the football field, behind the school. I usually meet up with Gee back here, but ever since Lindsey came into the picture, I meet up with Mikey.

I was doodiling something on my arm, when I felt someone sit next to me. I looked up and smiled. ''Hey.''

''Hey.'' Mikey grinned. ''So, what's the agenda for today?''

''Umm, I don't know.'' I looked down at my little doodle.

''What's that?''

''Oh nothing really, just some random doodle I did in last period English, because I was bored out of my mind. I just finished it.''

''Oh cool. I like it. It's funny.'' He chuckled.


''Why don't we go to my place?''

''Is Gerard and the thing going to be there?'' I asked, scrunching up the nose. I now addressed Lindsey as the thing by the way.

He laughed. '''No. They're hanging out with her friends or something. Gee told me.''

''Gerard,actually talked to you?'' I asked in fake awe.

''Yeah, but only for a few minutes though.'' He frowned. ''He had to go meet Lindsey at her locker.''

I shook my head and sighed. ''I swear, he's like her little love sick puppy or something.''

'''Yeah.'' Mikey agreed. ''So, want to go to my place?'' He asked again.

''Yeah sure. I gotta ask mom first though.''

''We're right next door! You don't always need to ask her, when you come over!''

I blushed. ''Fine. I won't ask her then, but if she gets mad at me, I'm blaming you.''

He laughed. ''She won't, c'mon let's go.''


Mikey's POV.

Why couldn't I just ask her,already? Ugh. I had to keep reminding myself that she likes Gee, my brother, and not me. But Gerard's been such a asshole to her lately, maybe she didn't like him anymore! I had to tell her. And I was. When we get back to my house.

''Mikey?'' Taylor asked. ''Yeah?'' I looked over at her and smiled.

''Umm, I have to ask you something.'' She asked quietly, while blushing like a mad woman. I chuckled. She had a cute blush.

''What is it?''

''Umm, well... ahh. I can't believe I'm asking you this, but d-do you like me?'' I froze. How did she know? Was I that obvious????

''Umm... I-I''

She cut me off. ''Forget it. Forget I even asked.'' She bit her lip and then let out a laugh, that didn;t have any humor in it at all. ''What was I thinking? Of course, you don't like me. Nobody likes me. I'm a freak. An ugly dateless-''

I cut off her off, by place my lips on hers. They were soft. She pulled away shocked, blushing. ''What was that?''

I stared into her amazingly, beautiful eyes and smiled. ''I do like you,Tay.'' She stared at me in disbelief. She didn't believe me. ''Really?''

In od and smiled. ''Yeah.'' But then I remembered that she likes Gerard. I frowned. ''You still like-'' She cut me off ths time, with a kiss. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I wrapped my around her tiny frame. She pulled away, grinning. ''I like you too, Mikey.''

''Really? I though you like-''

''I do like Gerard.''

My face and heart fell. ''But... he's been a complete asshole to you lately.''

She frowned.

''So, I'm just a rebound then?'' I asked, hurt. ''Forget it then.'' I turned away, about to leave, but she pulled me back.

''What? Oh no, Mikey! You're not!''

''Oh,really?'' I smiled again. I got a smile and nod in return. My heart soared and I kissed her again. she giggled in the kiss, and I smiled. We eventually pulled away, breathless, grinning.

''Wow.'' We both giggled.

''Umm.. so, do you want to be my girlfriend then?'' I asked,casually. Making sure I hid my fear from her.

She didn't respond.

My heart sunk again. She was going to say no. I turned back around to leave, but she flung herself at me. '' Of course, I'll be your girlfriend!''

I smiled and kissed her again. But this kiss was our first kiss as a couple, so it was special. Taylor was my actually MY first girlfriend, and not Gee's! I couldn't believe it. I don';t think she has any idea, how happy she has made me. fuck my brother and his girlfriend! Who needs them!


We walked the rest of the way to my house, holding hands. We walked in and were immedatiely disguisted by what was in front of us...

Gerard and Lindsey were heavily making out on the couch. Both of them were shirtless. Well, we better stop them, before they became pantless to. I squeezed my girlfriend's hand and looked at her. She was glaring at the couple.

''Umm hey guys, it's called get a fucking room!'' She snarled,coldly.

The two immediately pulled away, embarrased at us walking in on them. Lindsey glared at Taylor as Taylor was glaring at my brother.

''Gerard, please for the love of god, tell your bimbo of a girlfriend, to get her fucking shirt back on. I don't wanna see that.'' She hissed and continued on, not letting my brother speak. ''I don't want to see you two go at it like fucking animals, on the freaking couch.''

''Watch who you're calling bimbo, slut.'' Lindsey dared to say to her.

Taylor looked a little taken back, so I squeezed her hand again. Gee didn't say anything, but I knew he was on Lindsey's side. Taylor now looked like she was going to rip off Lindsey AND Gerard's head, but mainly, Lindsey's. I wouldn't mind that at all.

''How am I a slut?''

''First you like Gee and everything, and now you're all over his brother. That says slut to me.'' Lindsey smirked, knowing she was pissing Tay off.

''Gerard, Lindsey and you should leave. Go do it at her house.'' I snarled. ''And please learn how to control the bimbo. She is upsetting my girlfriend.''

Gerard looked at Taylor and me shocked. ''W-what? Since when?'' He demanded, I looked over at Taylor and she looked back at me.


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