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I Love You, But You Don't Love Me Back [5]

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Gerard apologizes and tells Mikey and Taylor he's going to break up with Lindsey...

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Mikey's POV

''Like 10 minutes ago.'' I smiled over at Taylor, and leant in to kiss her, but Gerard had walked over and pulled us apart. We both glared at him.

''What the hell Gerard?''

''Like you said... It's called get a fucking room.'' He mocked. Taylor rolled her eyes and gave him the finger. He ignored it and turned to me.

''Since when did you like,Taylor, Mikey?''

''Since forever.'' I smiled,looking at my girlfriend. She looked at me in shock, but she smiled back and squeezed my hand.

Gerard looked over at Taylor. She gave him a nasty look. He sighed and turned back to Lindsey. ''Linds, you should go. I'll be over tonight,alright babe?'' He leant in,and gave her a kiss.

''Ugh,fine. See you tonight then.'' She pushed by Taylor and walked out. Taylor shook her her in disguist. I looked at my brother.

''I think we need to talk.'' He mumbled, as he sat on the couch.

''Yeah, I think we do.'' I whispered, as Tay and I walked to the couch, still hand in hand and took a seat. I put my arm around her shoulder. She leaned her head againist my shoulder.

''First off, I want to apolgize for my behavior lately.'' Gerard looked at us. I nod my head, and I looked down at Taylor. She rolled her eyes. ''Don't think, I'm going to accept it right away. I mean, you've been pretty much been a complete asshole to me.''

''I know.'' Gee looked down at his lap.

''And how could you take Lindsey's side, when she was harrasing me? Yeah, she's your fucking girlfriend and all, but I'm your bestfriend and I've been for almost 17 years!''

''I don't know.''

''Of course you don't.'' Taylor muttered.

''Gee, I forgive you, but you really need to control Lindsey. If you can't, you have to break up with her. We really can't stand her at all.''

''I know.''


Taylor's POV.

''Is that all you can say? 'I know?'' I snapped, getting annoyed. He looked up and me and frowned.


''Gerard, it's going to take a while for me to forgive you. Mikey might forgive you right away, because you're his brother and all, but I'm not. You just stood there and let your bimbo harrase me, and didn't do anything. It's like you're on her side or something. It hurts even more, knowing you chose her over me. Not to be selfish or anything, but c'mon, I've known you for 17 freaking years!''

I took a few deep breaths, after finishing my little rant. Wow, that was tiring!

He opened his mouth to speak, but I interupted him. ''If you say 'I know.' I am going to slap you.''

He closed his mouth, and sat there thinking. I looked up at my boyfriend and smiled. He smiled back at me and kissed me.

I kissed him back. I couldn't even believe that Mikey had a crush on me, though the years and now he's my first boyfriend!

Gerard looked over at us, and I swear I saw him shoot a glare at Mikey. But I could be seeing things, I shook it off and looked back at Mikey.

''I will break up with Lindsey.''

''What?'' Mikey and I looked at him. We were both relieved. It was about damn time he's going to be break up with the thing.

''Yes.'' Gerard looked down. ''Tonight.''

''Really?'' I couldn't help but smile. Lindsey was finally going to go!

''Yeah.'' Gee picked at his fingers. ''I never liked the way she's been treating you... plus, I don't really like her.....''

''Why are you even dating her, if you don't like her?'' Mikey frowned. ''Were you just dating for sex?''

''I guess you could say that...''

''So you were just using her?''

''Ye-no, you knowwhat?, I don't know!'' He sighed. ''I did like her. But now...not really...''

''It's wrong to use girls.''

I stared at Mikey. ''Lindsey isn't a girl. Lindsey is a thing. And she deserves to get used. She needs to learn her lesson.''

I heard Gerard chuckle a little bit. I smiled slightly.

''A thing? Really,Tay?''

I giggled. ''Yes. And I'm still mad at you.''

''I know.''

I shot him a playful glare. ''What did I say I'll do, if you said 'I know' one more time?'' He frowned. ''Aww, shit.''

''Relax, I'm not.''

''Okay, good.''

''It's nice to see you two,acting like friends again.'' Mikey smiled.

Gerard and I looked at each. I smiled. '''I guess .... I think I forgive you,Gee.''

He smiled at me. ''Really,you do?''

I nod. ''Yeah...just as long as you break up with Lindsey, like you said.''

He jumped up and ran to the door. ''I'm going to break up with her now,then. I'll be back in a little while!'' He ran out, leaving Mikey and I laughing.

''I think he missed you.''

''Obviously'' I giggled and leant up to kiss Mikey.
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