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Katari,Andy,Ryan,and Storm are at teh park.

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~Katari's P.O.V~

Me and Andy linked arm all the way to the swings on one side of the park while Storm and Ryan went to the other swings on the other side of the park.

"Hey Katari."said Andy

"Yeash?"I asked swing on the swings high in the air.

"I think you are pretty and cute." Andy said watching me.

"tank q Awdny." I said swinging upside down.

He just kept staring at me.

"Is dewr sumtwing ewls Andwy?"I asked confused and head rushed.

"huh? o there isn't.........Wait there is!" He said taking out a ring.

"Katari, promise me you will wait for me when we are older."He said handing me the ring.

"Ok, but what for?" I said putting it on.

"To be my.......girlfriend."He said smiling like an oompaloompa.

"What if you forget?" I ask staring at it.

"Don't worry, i have the same one." He said sticking his finger in the air with the same ring on.

"Ok. I promise, agaiwn." I said smiling.

Just then I saw Ryan and Storm running to us with the same rings as us but different colors.

"You too?"Storm asked jumping up and down.

"Yep." Me and Andy said at the same time.

"YEAY!" we all said.

Later after the park we had dinner at my house and Andy and Ryan left when we went to bed.
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