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For The Horror That I Feel

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I'm bad at writing this shit...

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Gerard's P.O.V. (die in the unexpected expected-ness, bitch)

"Are you Gerard way?" A pale woman asks me, her long curly black hair swinging as she stands up from behind the reception desk. I slowly nod. "Follow me." She smiles, sliding out from behind her white desk.

Her clothes are strange, not ones I've really ever seen before. They're white, of course, but she's got a long sleeved button up shirt, and a puny thin skirt that hides nothing at all. (IT"S A PENCIL SKIRT! A/N, BTW)

I follow her as she leads me to a brown door with interesting patterns. Wood. That's what Frank calls it.

The woman knocks on the door, a bit impatiently. Not the perfect receptionist, I see.

"Come in." I hear the gruff voice of the inspector say from within. The woman opens the door slowly, revealing a purple carpeted room with bright red walls. red is for passion. That's what Frank says, anyway. I step into the room, the receptionist locking it behind me.

There's a wooden table, and a matching chair in which he's sitting on. On the table is a metal like string, a needle and a bottle labeled 'Vodka'.

"Get over here." He growls.

I comply, involuntarily.( A/N That's not an oximoron or anything)

"Take your shirt off." He commands, and I slowly do. Not that I want to. He whistles. He picks up the string, and ties my hands together in front of me. The string is cold, thick and sharp, it hurts, cutting into my wrists.

He hums while he works, then turns around and preps the needle. He turns back to me, and patiently injects me with what ever is in the barrel of the needle, pushing on the plunger until all the liquid is released.

"This," He says, grinning evilly, "Will cancel out The Drug. You see, I want you to feel it when I'm in you."

"W-what ?!" I gasp, as the anti-drug starts to take effect, making me feel a slight buzz.

"The anti-drug. Now, take my shirt off." He commands.

"I-What?" I ask, though I had been expecting this.

"Take it off." He says, impatiently.

"Why?" i ask, pretending I don't know what he wants.

"So I can have sex with you." He says, nonchalant to the point of irritation.

"But I don't want to have sex."

"Then I'll take it off, and rape you." He says, shrugging as he removes his shirt, his pants and finally his underwear. How peculiar that he still has his socks on, and his thing is smaller than mine. Are they supposed to be small? Would Frank think I'm a freak if he knew?

"You just had to make things difficult." He says, punching me to the floor. He crouches down next to me, quickly pulling off the rest of my clothes before I can stop him. "You're big." He comments happily, and I can see his...thing start to move.

"Please don't!" I beg, tears forming in my eyes.

"How many times do you think I've heard that line?" He asks, shaking his head. He stands up, grabbing my hair and pulling my mouth over his...manhood. Nan never did tell me what it was called.

"Bite and I will kill you." He hisses, pulling my hair so my mouth is going up and down on his hard manhood. Tears fall freely from my eyes, as he moans, and pants. Why does this have to happen?

He pulls me off suddenly, turning me over, still firmly grasping my hair, and he...He starts to do the unthinkable.

~~~~~(A/N: I wrote it out, but it sucks, so) time lapse.~~~~~

I stand outside the door of Frank's and my room, contemplating what to do. I've barely just gotten the tears to stop falling. Maybe he'll be asleep. Yeah, it's late, no doubt. He should be asleep. How will I explain the cuts on my wrists, the fresh bruises all over my body, the dried tears and crumpled clothes other than saying 'you were right'? I don't want him to know. But I can't stay out here all night, not after the inspector re-administered The Drug.

I slowly open the door. Frank's sitting on the bottom bunk, fully dressed, no doubt waiting for my return.

"Are you okay?" He asks, rushing over once the door closes.

"Yeah.." I lie. My body aches all over, I'm going to collapse if I don't lay down, and I'm fighting off an incredibly strong urge to cry. yes Frank, I'm okay.

He looks me over. "No, you're not." He decides. I strip to my underwear. He gasps at the state of my body, but I ignore him, and climb to the top bunk, even though it hurts, and we've been sleeping on the bottom together as of late. He, of course, being Frank, follows me up, laying next to me. I turn away, wishing he'd just leave for a while.

"I just want to be alone, Frank." I say, turning to him.

"No such luck." He says.

There's silence for a few moments.

He reaches out for my hand, squeezing it.

"Are we going to talk about it?" He asks. There's a deep concern in his eyes, and he wants to know about the Hell I've been through, wants to help.

"There's nothing to talk about." I say quietly. "You were right." The tears are back, falling off my face. I try to turn away from him, but he pulls me into a sideways-laying-down hug. He still wraps his arms around me the best he can, and kisses my forehead. That puts around half of the cells in my multi-cellular heart at ease.

I start sobbing uncontrollably, telling him the gory details between sobs, soaking his shirt. He doesn't interrupt, doesn't ask me any questions. He just squeezes me closer to him, and soon I'm clinging to him like my life depends on it.

"He'll never do it again." He says, once my sobbing has become less destructive.

"How do you know?" I ask, another tear finding its way down my cheek.

"Because I won't let it. " He promises, hugging me tighter.

"Thank you, Frank." I say, hugging him tighter. I hope I never have to let go. And that's how we fall asleep, in each others arms, still merely friends.

DUN DUN DUN. Yup. I have to change the story's rating...Fuck it. I was inspired to write two chapters in one day after in a review, someone told me they loved me. I'm already married, so sorry . I had to wait to be alone for this one, because people come and talk to me, and look at what I'm doing and I didn't want my dad to see this chapter, at all. So yes, I got my report card today. DUN DUN DUN. My mum opened it. She was like "Honey...You need to do better." and I was like 'shit, is it that bad?' She laughed at my face. "You got a B in math, and A's in everything else!' I was relieved at her joke. And guess what? I'm going to FUCKING CANADA IN FUCKING JANUARY!!!!! I learned that incest is illegal in the US, but isn't in France and some parts of S america. Interesting what you can learn, isn't it? So yeah, this chapter. It got written. I think I have no idea as to what's going to happen next (Or do I? Hee hee hee). You ask ' whenR G and F gunna get together?' I happily respond 'No fucking idea (Grins)' YAY! GO LIFE. So the next chapter should be out within the next month...JK. I WROTE A DRAPPLE!!!!(Harry Potter= DracoxApple) My friends said I couldn't. They can go die, yeah? Yeah. R&R for me, signing off like the bitch I am. CX
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