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Halt His Words

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I'm falling down into my shadow.Iki wo hisomete.As I await the deadly night.

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Okay. I know I haven’t update for some time but, if you read my latest author note, you will get why. Hope that’s ok with you guys.
PS: I am doing a frerard as well as the other stuff. It was going to be a one-shot but its 4 pages so far and it’s not half-way done yet. Shall I put it as a whole one or put it into chapters?
Hope you enjoy.

The worst time of the day was coming in now, night time. For many people, the night is a more preferable time but after using a Ouija board and seeing one of his friends nearly strangled to death, Ray was feeling very uneasy going down the stairs in the pitch darkness.

The moon’s blue, eerie light was the only thing that was guiding Ray to the kitchen. Scared that something may jump out at him, Ray hurried quickly to the kitchen and switched on the light as quickly as he could. The yellow blaze filled the room and he sighed with relief, not as afraid as he had been.

He grabbed a glass, filled it with cool water and turned to leave. Then, he stopped and looked back to the room. If he left now, if the light went off, he’d be left in nothingness, in the dark, vulnerable, alone.

He counted to three, took a deep breath and he flicked the switch. As the blackness crept up on his, he did a fast walk to the stairs, trying not to spill the water, dashed up the stairs, ran around the landing and went into his room. He then shut the door, not caring how much noise it made and turned the light on. He breathed a big sigh, set the water down and sat on the bed.

Why was he afraid? The pair of ghosts they had seen a few hours before hadn’t laid a finger on him. Yet he felt, strangely and not understanding why, he was next in line for the ghosts, or whatever they were, attack on them. He shook the thought from his disturbed brain, laid down, not bothering to turn the light off and tried to sleep. He felt his body calm down and relax and, for the first time in the last few days, he felt safe.

He suddenly felt his body jolt upright as a sound reached his ears, He looked around, he was feeling the old fear he had felt before and he felt his heart banging against his ribs.

The sound wasn’t coming from his well lit room, it seemed to be coming from outside. Scared like hell, he got up as quietly as he could, hoping it was either a music player which one of the guys forgot to turn off or Gerard singing. But, was it likely for Gerard to be singing as this time of night?

Very gingerly, he opened the door, praying it was his imagination. But, instead of fading like a bad dream, the singing became louder as the invisible singer sang the words:

Now I’m a fat house cat
cursing my sore blunt tongue
watching the warm poison rats
Curl through the wide/white fence cracks
Pissing on magazine photos
those fishing lures thrown in the cold and clean
Blood of Christ mountain stream
Have I found you?
Flightless bird, brown hair bleeding,
or lost you?
American mouth
big bill, stuck going down

Only then, as the song began to end, did it fade into the atmosphere. Ray stood in the doorway, looking down the corridor, frozen to the spot. He recognized the song Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine but, who the hell had been singing it?

Something brushed against his neck and he chuckled a little at the sensation. His blood went cold as he realised no one was around. He raised a hand and felt the area he had felt what seemed like a hand touch him, no, tickle him. He couldn’t help it, he smiled a little, and at least the gesture was not threatening. He was about to say out to the darkness a thank you but another sound, a loud horrible sound, made him halt his words.

A gun shot, a ringing noise in his ears, echoing round the whole house and making his heart beat 10 times quicker, reached him, He cried out as he heard someone coming down the corridor, laughing an evil cackle. He ran back to his room, dived on the bed, screaming and crying, begging for everything to stop, begging for this terrible night to end.
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