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More strange sounds and blood will flow from an innocent body.

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So, I havent updated in ages, im sorry. But I had a funeral on Friday and I cried a waterfall. Satuday and Sunday I spent with family and today...Well lets say it wasnt fun. Anyway, I will try and update more this week. Also, I watched Paranormal Activity for the first time on Thursday and I loved it! Its amazing! I wanna see 2 and 3 now :) I have so many new ideas!

“Ray! Ray! RAY!”

Ray whipped his head up, tears streaks running down his face and he was shaking. The whole band was above him, Bob was shaking him.
“Jesus Ray! What happened?” Bob asked. Ray sat up, still shivering and he wiped the tears from his eyes.

“” he asked through gasps of air.

“Heard what?” Frank asked “I didn’t hear anything” The others agreed with Frank.

“There...were...Shots from a gun...and singing...and...and”. Ray couldn’t finish.

“Ray, I think you were having some sort of nightmare dude” Gerard said, patting his back “For a start, I’m sure we all would have heard gun shots if there were any”

Ray was about to reply, when Mikey whispered “Shh!” Ray was about to protest and say “I’ll tell you to shush Mikey Way!” but then, he heard something too. The sound was something like footsteps, like they were pacing back and forth, quiet but audible.

“Where is it coming from?” Frank whispered, looking at Mikey who glanced up at the ceiling and, sure enough, the sounds seemed to be coming from there.
“Something’s in the attic” Mikey whispered, his body wrapped into Gerard arms. Bob looked around at them all.
“We should see what it is” Bob muttered, heading to the door and everyone following cautiously.

The ladder to the attic was standing against the hatch to the attic as usual but something was different this time.
“Fuck! The hatch is open” Gerard cried quietly, pointing at it. The little door to the room was not there; the roof of the house could be seen.

“I’ll go up there” Frank said, got the torch which was always on the shelf by the attic, grabbing the ladder, adjusted it a bit and put his foot on the first step.
“Be careful Frankie” Ray said, putting a hand on Frank shoulder.
“I will Ray” Frank replied, nodding and moved up the ladder, reached the top and glanced back at them all before his body disappeared into the darkness.

Silence followed as every member of the band listened out for Frank. “Guys!” Frank’s voice came through the hole.
“What’s up Frankie?” Gerard asked.
“I can’t see anyone up here. There’s nothi...hang on a second”

Frank’s voice halted and they heard him move more across the ceiling “What the hell is this doing here?” They all heard Frank mutter in a shocked tone.

“What is it Frank?” asked Mikey, coming closer to the ladder.
“Its...I’ll show you, I’m coming out of here” They heard quick footsteps above but then another sound joined it, a clicking sound. “Guys, it’s...”

Suddenly a loud bang echoed out of the attic. Mikey, Ray, Bob and Gerard screamed and they heard Frank cry out in pain.

“Frank!” Bob cried, almost flying up the ladder followed by Ray. “Oh my god!” Bob almost screamed the words, as his head went into the darkness.
He then went completely up and then came back to the hatch with something in his arms.

Frank was lying still in Bob’s grip, blood flowing from his side and blood running down his lip.
“FUCK, FRANKIE!” Gerard and Mikey yelled at the same time, helping Bob get the unconscious Frank down the ladder.

“He is still breathing” Mikey said, breathing in and out heavily, checking Frank’s pulse. “Go get a bandage, quick!” he said this to Ray.

He nodded and ran out of the room. Mikey then noticed something was clutched in Frank’s hand and Mikey realised it was a photo frame. Curious, he gently removed it from Frank’s grip, turned it over and gasped.

It was a photo of them when they were children.
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