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Chapter 7

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Ryan didn't stop, he didn't stare... He just let her cry.

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"Hello?" Jon answered his phone sounding distracted.

"Hey..." Ryan responded uneasily, "I was wondering if you could give me Kayley's number."

"Isn't she there with you?" Jon asked, confused.

"Yeah well no. I mean I ran to the store and I forget what she wanted me to grab for her." Ryan lied.

"Oh, can't you call Brendon?" He didn't exactly want his bandmates with his sisters cell phone number. He felt uneasy about her being around so many males.

Ryan winced at his name, "He's with me." He lied.

"Oh well sure then." Jon responded, spouting off Kayley's number quickly.

Ryan shakily dialed the number, knowing Kayley was well within walking distance. He didn't want to invade her space once again though, she seemed upset. He couldn't get her off of his mind though. He had to know that she was okay. He had to know that Brendon hadn't crossed the line.

"Hello?" Her voice was so sleepy yet so alluring.

"Hey." Ryan responded, biting the inside of his cheek as silence invaded his ears.

"Ryan?" Kayley asked after a few silent seconds in which confusion yet happiness had settled in to the pit of her stomach.

"Yep." Ryan said, smiling at the fact that she had registered his voice. It was so small yet it meant so much to him.

"Whats up?" Kayley asked, yawning.

"I- I wanted to check on you. You seemed upset." Ryan responded, hoping for a better reaction than what he had endured earlier.

Thankfully over the phone she seemed tame, "Oh, yeah. I'm sorry. I was rude." Kayley apologized half heartedly. She wasn't really in the mood to deal with men at the moment. Brendon had pissed her off.

"No, it's no problem. I didn't call for an apology." Ryan assured her, surprising her. "I was actually calling to see if you needed to talk..."

Kayley's lips curved in to a smile as she thought of how sweet Ryan was. He was unlike a lot of guys she had dealt with. "Actually I really wouldn't mind talking to you." She admitted after a few seconds.

Ryan sighed in relief, "So, what happened?" he asked, finding that he sounded extremely nosy.

"Oh, I don't really want to talk about that..." Kayley said, trailing off.

"Oh." Ryan responded, disappointed. What had happened between her and Brendon? "Well that's fine. Um, what do you want to talk about?"

"Well... do we have to talk?" Kayley finally asked, suddenly not in the mood to be talkative. "I mean, I'm sorry... I appreciate your efforts and I'd love company but I just don't know what to say right now and I don't want to struggle through a conversation..." Holy shit, was she rambling? Kayley shook her head in annoyance as if trying to shake off the sudden attitude. She never rambled.

Ryan thought for a few seconds, not quite wanting to hang up. "I could play the guitar for you again." he whispered, shyly. She had seemed to like it before but he didn't want to press his luck with her.

Kayley felt a tiny jolt that she couldn't explain. "I'd like that." She said, getting out of the comfort of her bed, "I'll be over there in a few minutes?"

"Sounds good." Ryan responded, listening to her soft breathing before the line went dead and he was left waiting for her.

Thankfully Ryan didn't have to wait long. Soon enough he heard a soft knock on his bedroom door and then some shouting. Completely confused he rushed to his door, opening it to find Kayley and Brendon in a heated argument.

Brendon's hand was around Kayley's wrist and she looked as if she were about to hit him. Ryan had missed the entire argument but didn't care. He was on Kayley's side. Brendon was one of his best friends but... he was on Kayley's side.

"Brendon let go of her." Ryan snapped, instantly irritated with the small physical touch between them.

Kayley seemed relieved as she pulled away from Brendon, Brendon's grip loosening. Brendon rolled his eyes, "Are you on your fucking period? You're being a bitch suddenly." He snapped.

Ryan made a fist, wanting so badly to hit Brendon once again. "Don't talk to her like that."

"Trying to be a man for her Ry?" Brendon asked, looking annoyed. "I think she already got enough man from me earlier. Now she has to go talk about it. Don't you see what part you're playing?" Brendon grinned, "The girl part."

Kayley spun around quickly, smacking Brendon in the face. Brendon blinked in surprise before speaking, seeming to realize that he had been being a jackass. "Shit." Second person to hit him that day, "I'm sorry Kayley." He really wasn't a mean guy. He just loved competition and as much as he loved Ryan ... he completely planned on getting the girl. He refused to lose a girl to Ryan Ross.

Ryan was silent, taking in Brendon's words. He could see the truth behind him. Did Kayley see him as a 'girlfriend'? He tried to fight how sick that made him feel, how lonely... but he couldn't. He tried to settle on thoughts of how that was good. He didn't want to ruin his friendship with Jon anyway.

He spaced out, not even realizing that Brendon had left. Kayley snapped him from his thoughts, "Still gonna play for me?" She asked softly.

Ryan nodded numbly, allowing her past him.

Kayley walked in and sat on Ryan's bed, staring at him as he grabbed his guitar and sat next to her on the bed, "Make yourself comfortable." Ryan mumbled.

Kayley nodded and scooted back, crawling under his blankets. Ryan paused before playing, "What did Brendon do?" He asked, wondering just how mad he should be with his friend.

Kayley shook her head, "Nothing. He didn't deserve that. I freaked out on him in the hallway but he didn't do anything. It was all me." She admitted, feeling somewhat bad about it. She didn't want Ryan to see her as overly dramatic which she sometimes was. "I don't know what's wrong with me tonight..."

Ryan shook his head, fighting the urge to reach out and touch her. He wanted to comfort her. He hoped his words could do that because physically he was frozen in place, "There is nothing wrong with you. You're perfect just the way you are Kayley."

Kayley smiled as knots tightened in her stomach. She laid down on Ryan's bed, under his blankets and Ryan started playing his guitar. As she listened to the music she found herself crying silently. Everything she had been holding back during her parents divorce came out and she couldn't stop herself. Ryan didn't stop, he didn't stare... He just let her cry.

And with that Kayley wanted him more than ever but she didn't know if she could ever get him. Ryan was beyond any other guy she had been with, he was amazing. She found that with him she didn't have to try at all yet at the same time she was trying so hard.
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