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Chapter 8

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Why was she asleep in Ryan's bed? With Ryan? She didn't remember a thing...

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I am so so sorry for how long this took, but we are writing it again! :D hopefully some of you are still reading it :s

Ryan just sat there quietly as Kayley slept, she looked so beautiful, even after crying for over an hour, she was gorgeous. He had stopped playing his guitar a few minutes after she fell asleep in his bed. All he wanted was to be in that bed with her, not doing anything, no, just wrapping his arms around her, telling her that everything would be fine, that he would always be there for her, no, he wouldn’t try anything else, he wouldn’t take advantage of her like that, he wouldn’t try anything while she was like this, well, he probably wouldn’t try anything even if she was completely fine, but that was beside the point.

Ryan was snapped out of his thoughts by Kayley letting out a soft sigh and rolling onto her back as her eyes fluttered open.
“Ryan?” she asked softly, her eyes searching the room for him.
“Yeah Kayley?” replied Ryan.
“I need a drink.” said Kayley.
“Do you want me to go get you some water?” he asked, not quite getting what she meant.
“No, I need a distraction, can we just bring some beers up here and drink for a bit?” she asked softly, looking up at the roof.
“That might not be the best idea,” said Ryan, concern filling his voice, drinking when you were already upset was never a good thing, “You can’t just run away from your problems Kayley.”
“I don’t want to run away, I just want to forget for a little bit… please Ryan?” she pleaded, looking up at him with large sad eyes, she usually would hate herself for being this weak, but right now she couldn’t help it.
“Fine, but only as long as this is a one off thing, you can’t make a habit of it,” said Ryan as he stood up, “just wait here for a minute, I’ll go get the beers.”
“Thank you Ry,” said Kayley as he walked out the door.

Ryan returned a few minutes later with the alcohol, he tossed one to Kayley who was now sitting up on the bed, before opening his own and taking a small sip, Kayley on the other hand, opened it and skulled it down until it was done, then went to grab another.
“Hey! Hold on! Maybe you should slow down a bit Kayley,” warned Ryan as he placed a gentle hand on the arm which was reaching out for her next beer.
“Whatever,” she said, still taking the beer, but this time taking a smaller mouthful.
“Good girl,” said Ryan approvingly, he still thought it was a bad idea for her to be drinking whilst she was like this, but there was no point in even trying to argue with that girl when she wanted something, one way or another, she would get what she wanted, and it was probably better that she was drinking here with him, rather than in some pub with a whole heap of drunk seedy old men.
“So, do you want to talk now?” asked Ryan.
“About what? I don’t want to talk about what happened,” she replied.
“Anything you want, I don’t mind, I’m here for you,” said Ryan, he mentally slapped himself when he realized how corny that sounded, he sounded like he should be on some bad T.V. show, or worse, in some weird fan fiction!
“Do you realize how corny that sounded, she giggled.
“Yeah… but at least it made you smile?” he replied with a nervous smile.
“Yeah, it did,” she said softly, that little smile still on her face as she took a large mouthful of her beer.

Many pointless conversations and even more beers later, Kayley and Ryan were lying next to each other on his bed with their legs hanging over the edge, just staring up at the roof and giggling, neither of them could remember what they were laughing about, they just knew that it was extremely funny. Kayley thought it was something about how weird it would be if Jon walked in there wearing a fairy outfit, but she had drunk so much by then that she couldn’t remember if that was even it.
“Owh nnooo!” she slurred, “we has no more beers!”
“We sshhould get us some more then!” giggled Ryan.
“We don’t have any,” said Kayley.
“Owh well, I can’t be bothered to get up anyways!” laughed Ryan, collapsing into another fit of giggles, which Kayley joined in on.

“Ryrroooooo!” she giggled, as she sat up and looked at him, “sit up sit up I have to tell you something!”
“Ohtay!” said Ryan as he sat up, they ended up closer that Ryan had meant to be, but neither of them were objecting, so they did not move apart.
“You! You are amazing!” she gushed, but because of the amount of alcohol she had consumed, it sounded more like ‘amashing.’
“Noooo! No I’m not!” said Ryan, as he shook his head vigorously.
“Yes you are! You are so nice to me! And you are talented, and funny and beautiful!” she said quickly.
“You think I’m beautiful?” asked Ryan, not believing her, he had not drank nearly as much as her and was still thinking semi-clearly.
“Uh, well, I-uh, yeah?” she mumbled as she looked down at her shoes.
“Kayley?” asked Ryan in a soft voice.
“Yeah?” she said, looking up at him under heavy lashes. She looks so beautiful, he thought.
“I think you are gorgeous,” he admitted.
“Really?” asked Kayley, she thought he had no interest in her!
“Yeah…” he answered, now it was his turn to look down at his shoes.
Kayley, not thinking very clearly, acted on impulse and placed her hand lightly on Ryan’s cheek, leaning in slightly, she didn’t have to lean in very far because of how close they already were, and placed her lips on his in a feather light kiss.

Ryan was shocked, so shocked that he couldn’t even move. When Kayley pulled away after a few short moments, she fell back onto the bed and pulled the covers over her shoulders.
“I’m shleepy,” she mumbled as her eyes slid closed, “goodnight Ryro.”
What just happened? thought Ryan before lying down and falling asleep next to her. He would just have to ask her in the morning.

The next morning, all Kayley could think about was how much her head hurt, what had happened last night? Why was she asleep in Ryan's bed? With Ryan? She didn't remember a thing...
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