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Never had sex... yet.

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I re-wrote it you fucking pervs. lol I love you tho.

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Are you and your partner having sexual intercourse? If not, now might be the time for couples counseling! What's a relationship without sex? That's right, boring!"
I sighed and changed the channel. Everything was about sex. Every fucking thing.

"Jack rabbit vibrator for men! Buy now at 1-800-FEELGOOD."
Are you serious?

Amelia had been giving me enough shit about Mikey and I not having sex yet. Apparently "dating for a year and not having sex is boring." I had never thought of Mikey and my relationship as boring. Not in the slightest.
She had even started asking me if I even wanted to have sex with him.. Of course I did! He's my boyfriend, for god sake. But it's not just something we have time for.. or a place to actually do it at. We can't plan it, that's not romantic. But every time we were making out we'd either get interrupted but Gerard or Amelia or both. We had given up even trying. The farthest that we've even gotten at this point was a hand job. Not a very long one, might I add.

Gerard had walked in on me with my hand down Mikey's pants. He chuckled and walked out, pretty much ruining the mood. I think maybe eventually Mikey and I will get farther than my hand down his pants.
At least I hope.

As if Mikey was reading my mind, he texted me.
The text read
"Hey. Gerard is gonna be out for awhile, wanna come over?"
Was this my chance?
I hurried and texted back "Fuck yeah."

In the past year I had acquired my own car, so I could go see Mikey any time. Or pick him up, any time.

He texted me again and said "Cool, come over anytime :)"
Before texting back I put some jeans on and slipped my shoes on and went out to my car.
Before I started the car I texted him "On my way! I love you"
I threw my phone to the passenger seat and turned my key in the ignition.
When I started to drive all the possibilities of things we could do entered my mind.
I loved Mikey, and I was ready to show him through physical activities.
I wonder if he wanted what I wanted? If he didn't, that was okay too.
After all, he had been openly gay when we started dating and I hadn't.
I'm still not, really. Not with my parents.

When I arrived at Mikey's house (it was new - He had just bought it. And a trampoline. Apparently, his parents gave him a credit card to spend on anything Mikey wanted because they felt bad for disowning him) Speaking of the trampoline, Mikey was laying on it staring at the sky.

When he saw my car pull in he lifted his head and smiled. His hair sticking to his forehead, in that cute way it aways was. He sat up and placed his hands between his legs. His smile not yet faded.
I parked my car in the garage and got out while walking over to the trampoline. I sat down by him and squeezed him tight, kissing his cheek.
"I missed you." He whispered into my neck. We were laying down now and his arms were wrapped around my waist.
"I missed you, too." I smiled down at him.

"Wanna go inside?" He whispered. His lips brushing against my ear, ever so slightly. It sent goosebumps across my skin.
I answered by pressing my body against Mikey's and kissing him, sloppily.

He started scooting off the trampoline, pulling me with him.
His hand in mine we walked into his house.

When we got in he closed the door, and we walked to his new room, now located in the basement.
There was a lamp on his nightstand, flooding his room in a yellow-ish color.
His bed made and a cat sleeping atop it.
There weren't any dirty clothes on the floor like their had been, the first time I'd seen his room. He had a desk where his laptop was sitting open, but turned off. His phone was sitting by it, along with a pile of text books. On the other side of the laptop there was a picture framed of us, sleeping on the sofa, from our third date last year. If you could consider it a date. We stayed at his apartment and watched movies and cuddled all night. I enjoyed in more than I would have enjoyed going out and not being able to cover up with him. We had fallen asleep, and when Gerard got home he said it was the cutest thing ever so he had to take a picture.
It made me smile that Mikey still had it.

Mikey walked over and picked the cat up, putting her in his arms and petting her before walking to the stairs and putting her as far as he could reach without falling. He turned to me and smiled.
"Wanna watch a movie?" he sweeped some hair out of his eyes.
I smiled. "Sure. What're we gonna watch?"
"Hm.. I don't know." he looked around a bit.
"Wanna go to Blockbuster and see if they have any good ones?" I offered with a smile.
"Totally. Hold on let me get a jacket." he smiled, and walked towards his closet.
When he walked out he pulled his boots on and tied them tightly. He stood up and smiled.
"You really?"I smiled.
"Yeah, let's go." He smiled back.
I walked over to wear he was standing and kissed his cheek. "You first!" I laughed.
He giggled. He didn't turn towards the steps, but to me.
He came closer and hugged me. Although I was surprised I hugged back. I quite loved getting hugs from him. Especially like this.
I stood on my tippy toes and kissed a little big above his forehead.
Since I'd met him I'd gotten nearly as tall as him.

His arm was still around my arm when we started walking towards the steps. To walk up he let go of my waist and took my hand. When we got up the stairs again, he opened the door to go outside said "You first." I laughed and responded with a simple "thank you, kind sir." I smiled and he followed me to the car.

I unlocked the passenger side door and let him in. I walked over to my side of the car and slid in beside him.

"So, when is Gerard gonna be back?" I liked being with Mikey alone. Because when Gerard was there he'd snicker and interrupt whatever we were doing.
"Uhh.. Tomorrow afternoon, I think." He smiled. I looked at the clock and it said 5:15. No wonder it was starting to get dark.
"Ah, we have plenty of time to watch movies then." I smiled at him. I swear I heard him say "and other things" but I don't know.

I reached my hand over and grabbed his. He looked up and smiled.
I started tracing my thumb against his hand. He shivered a bit.

"Cold?" i asked.
"No.. That just felt nice." he started blushing.
I smiled back, not bothering to say anything.

About 10 minutes later we pulled into Blockbuster. We both got out of the car without saying anything. When he was by me again, I grabbed his hand. I'd grown used to holding his hand in public and not caring about the stares we got.

When we got in I whispered to Mikey.
"Go look for some movies, I'm gonna talk to the girl for a second." I smiled.
"Alright." He smiled back, kissing my cheek.

I walked over to the movie rental girl who was smiling at us. She wasn't homophobic, thank God.

"Um, excuse me miss?" I smiled.
"Yes?" She smiled back.
"Do you have any really scary movie suggestions? Like, ones that'll make a certain person want to hide next to someone and possibly cuddle?" I blushed a little that I had to ask her.
"1409, for sure. Bag of Bones is pretty good, but I don't know it's particularly scary. IT if you're afraid of clowns. The Exorcist. That shit is freaky." She smiled.
"Thanks." I smiled and nodded before walking to find Mikey.

When I found him he was looking in the scary movie section. Perfect.
I snuck up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist and placed my chin on his shoulder.
He jumped and realized it was me.

"Any good movies?" I whispered into his ear.
"No, not yet." He smiled. "What did you talk to her about?"
"I was asking for movie suggestions." I laughed lightly, still talking into his ear.
"Did she make any?" He looked towards me a bit.
"Yeah, she said like 1409, The Exorcist, IT, and Bag Of Bones. Any of those sound good for you?"
"They all sound good." He laughed.
"let's get them all then." I smiled, letting go to look for the movies.

When we found the movies I handed the lady my card and smiled. She smiled and handed us the movies in a bag. She said have a goodnight and nodded.
We walked back to the car and started back to his house. Neither of us said much. We both seem preoccupied with something else.

When we got to his house we walked down to the basement, movies in hand.
"Which movie first?" He looked up from the DVD player to me.
"Hm.. How about Bag Of Bones?"
"Sure. Sounds good." He put it in and plopped down on his bed, next to me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head on my chest.
"I love you." he whispered.
"I love you, too." I smiled down. He lifted his head up and kissed me.

This kiss had more passion than any others. He pushed his body up and held himself up with his forearms and continued to kiss me more. Before I knew it he had his tongue in my mouth and continued to swish around in a gentle motion. He dropped his body and pressed it against mine as hard as he could. The only way we could get closer is to be in each others skin.
He started unzipping my jacket and tugging it off and throwing it on the floor. His left hand intertwining itself in my hair he continued to kiss me more passionately. More.. faster. He worked my shirt off without a problem.
Before I knew it he had parted himself from me again and wiggled down to my pants, where a bulge had emerged. he unbuckled my belt and threw it to the floor, concentrating on just getting my pants off. When he had it unbuttoned and unzipped he wiggled it off leaving me in my boxers.
He didn't bother taking my boxers off. He just stuck his hand in and wrapped his hand around my member. He proceeded to go back and forth with his hand.
My hands milling across the bed, looking for something to grab onto, but not finding much of anything.
I felt Mikey's hand release. I looked up to see what he was doing.
He was scooting down the bed. Before I knew it I he was lowering his face down to my fully erected cock. I felt the wetness of his mouth.
My head went back and I arched up again. Pushing myself more into Mikey then I had ever thought of doing. I put my hands in his hair and pushed him down. My hands were tugging at his hair now.

I hadn't realized that I was on the edge of coming in Mikey's mouth.
I let out a breathing "Stop." But he didn't.
I tried again.
"Really, Mikey. Stop. I-I'm about to cum."
Mikey didn't seem to care. Actually he seemed to be inviting it.
He started tracing his tongue gently on the head of my dick.
It felt so amazing.

Within seconds I had came.
I had came in Mikey's mouth.

He pulled off and swallowed. He started crawling up the bed and kissed my lips gently.
He didn't seem to be asking for anything in return but a kiss. But I wanted to give him what he gave me.

I pushed Mikey under me and started taking off his shirt, then is pants, then his underwear. He was still fully hard. I smiled down slightly.
I had always found the idea of this disgusting. But now.. It felt right.

I lowered myself down and opened my mouth around his dick.
Trying to mimic his actions I started to trace around with my tongue a little.
I gently bit down. Mikey moaned and arched up, pushing himself in my mouth further.
I started moving my tongue back and forth, causing Mikey to arch up again.
I pulled his dick out of my mouth and started tracing around the head with my finger. A ball of precum was at the top.
Without thinking twice I licked it off, pushing him back in my mouth.
He came in my mouth. I pulled off and swallowed.
I came back up to lay by him. He turned and kissed me again.
Pulling himself on top of my he slipped his tongue in my mouth swished around.

When he pulled away it had felt like we had been doing it for forever. I still wanted more, though. He laid by my side and pulled a cover over us.

He looked at me and smiled.
"That was.. amazing." he breathed out in a silent whisper.
"It was."
"You know. I'd never thought about doing that in my whole being gay time.. I just never understood why anyone would. But now I do.. I feel so much closer to you, now." he looked up to his ceiling, with a smile.
"I feel closer to you, too." I smiled down.

skipping some woot

Mikey was laying beside me, his head on my bare chest. His hand was placed on my stomach. We had been talking for about an hour or so before he fell asleep. About what we had just done, and what we wanted to do in the future. I had found out that Mikey was a virgin before tonight.
He was asleep, cuddled up next to
I'd never felt so great. I knew I loved Mikey before we'd done this.
But doing this felt like it brought us closer.
I looked down and played his his hair gently. I loved him.

At that moment I knew I'd spend the rest of my life with him, and I was glad.

the next morning

When I woke up Mikey was on his computer. He was on youtube. He had his headphones in. He was listening to Smother Me by The Used.
I couldn't help but smile. I watched him silently. He didn't know I had awaken.
I slipped off the bed quietly and put my boxers and my jeans back on. I snuck over and kissed Mikey's cheek. He looked up and smiled in delight.
He look his headphones out. "You're still not wearing a shirt." He laughed.
"Psh, am I so fat that you don't want to see me shirtless?" I smirked.
"No, no. I like it. He stood up and hugged me. Kissing me gently again.
When we finally broke apart I noticed his glasses were at the tip of his nose. Like usual. I giggled and pushed them up a bit for him.
"You're so cute." I smiled at him.
"Not as cute as you though." He smiled back.

Trying to concentrate on the question I wanted to ask Mikey was harder than I thought.
"What time is it?" I finally managed to spit out.
He walked over to his computer, to, I assume, look at the time.
"Fuck." He mumbled. "It's 11:50. Gerard should be home soon." After he stopped talking he looked from the bed to the mess of clothes on the floor.
"I'll help clean up." I smiled, walking over to the bed. I took all the sheets off and took them to the washer. "Throw me the clothes!" As I had asked, he did. I through them in and turned the washing machine to the right time. I hadn't realized until the water had started filling the machine that I had put my shirt in there. My only shirt.

"Uh, Mikey?" I asked, awkwardly.
He looked up from his computer chair. "Yeah?" He smiled.
"Do you have an extra shirt? Mine's in the wash."
He laughed. "Yeah, sure." He stood up and walked to his closet.
He came out a few seconds later with a black "Joy Division" shirt. He threw it at me.

"Thanks." I smiled.
"No problem." He smiled. "Do I get anything in return?" He winked.
I knew he was kidding but the hair and my arms raised. I walked forward and kissing him. "You get me." I whispered. "Forever."
"Good, that's all I want." He smiled into my lips.

About an hour later the wash was done. Mikey and I made his bed together, and put in a movie - this time actually watching it.
In the movie we were watching - IT - the clown was luring a kid into the gutter when the door upstairs opened. Mikey jumped then he realized it was Gerard.

I heard a few footsteps, then Gerard shouted.
"Mikey? Frank?" He sounded tired.
"Down here!" Mikey shouted back.

I heard footsteps going to the stares and then coming down them.

When Gerard came down he noted Mikey and I laying extremely close. He smirked.
"What have you two been up to while I was gone, huh?" He raised an eyebrow.

Mikey looked to me and laughed.
"Nothing." He smiled sweetly.

Gerard laughed. "Hey what are you guys watching?" he looked at the TV.
"IT." Mikey answered.
"Oh, hate this movie." He sighed and stood up. "Don't get too dirty down here." He walked to the stairs and left.

Mikey giggled and kissed me again.

I was absolutely sure I loved him.

Is that pervy enough?
So sorry it's so.. awkward. seriously.
You would not believe the conversation I had to have with my gay friend to learn how to DO that.
you better like it
even though it fails
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