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My poor baby.

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Frank POV - woops, I have to for this part. BUT IT WILL BE MIKEY AFTER THIS. Promise.

"Dad, Mom?" I walked into the kitchen where my father and mother were sitting.
"Yes, son?" My dad looked up from his news paper. We hadn't been doing too well since he said I spent too much time with Mikey, and that I needed other friends. It had been a big fight.
"I, um, I need to tell you guys something." I stepped forward and sat in the chair parallel of them. I felt it was time to tell them about Mikey. Without waiting for them to respond I started talking. "I'm dating Mikey. I know you don't like that, and I'm sorry. But I love him." I stood up and started walking out the door at my fathers disgusted look. Before I could get out of the kitchen he grabbed me by my elbow.
"What did you say, boy?" he growled.
"I said I'm dating Mikey. Let go." I tried to jerk out of his grip, but it didn't work.
"Not until you say you were lying." He stepped closer.
"Well I wasn't." I wanted to hit him. Make him let go. Anything. But I can't. I can't hit my dad, not even if he was being a total jackass.
He let go on my shoulder and swung forward hitting me in the face. Not prepared for what happened I fell against the wall and slid down. My dad took that to his advantage. He started kicking me. He had no mercy.
My mom came in the room and tried to stop him.
He pushed her away and told her if she didn't leave she'd get it next.
I can't hit him. He's my dad.
I'd like to, though.

He bent down and grabbed me by the neck of my shirt, willing me to get up. He started to hit me across the face continually. My back was against the wall.
He hit me again. This time, hitting my nose. I felt it crack.
The next he hit me in the mouth. I'm pretty sure he busted my lip.
But I can't hit back. I have to take it, he's my dad.
The next blow was to my eye. Instead of being quiet like before, he was shouting vulgar things at me. He called me a faggot, useless. He said I deserved to die.
I still can't hit back.

He continued to hit me, and hit me. In the same spot, in a different spot. The pain started to numb. It all started to blur.
At that moment I heard the door open. I looked up to see Amelia and Gerard.
"DAD! Get off of him!" Amelia ran towards him and grabbed his arm. She pulled him back. "Dad, stop. Calm down." She still had her arms wrapped around his arms.
Gerard came forward and helped me up.
"C'mon, Frank. Lets go get some of your stuff." He smiled slightly, and started up the steps towards my room. I followed him, trying anything to get my "father" out of my site of view.

"Which ones your room?" Gerard looked at me. I stepped in front of him and opened the door to his right. He walked in right after me and started taking all the clothes out of my dresser and putting them on my bed. He saw my backpack and dumped everything out. He stuffed as many clothes as he could in it. He looked up and smiled "Amelia or I will come back for the rest. Grab your guitar and other stuff you think he could sell." He smiled again and walked out of my room. Without thinking I picked up Pansy and put her in her case and put it on my back. I grabbed my iPod and iPod charger, along with my phone and phone charger. Though my phone would be turned off after this, I still didn't want to lose any of the messages between Mikey and I. I stuffed my iPod and phone in opposite jean pockets and then the chargers in the extra space in my guitar case. I didn't want to go back down stairs. But, I had to.

When I got there my dad was no where in sit.
Amelia was waiting by the door. When she saw me she smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes. "C'mon Frank, let's go." She spoke when I was only a few feet away from her. She opened the door and willed me to go out. The snow of early January coating everything.

I walked out a little and waited for her to close the door and come along.
She hugged me as best as she could with my guitar strapped around my back. "It's gonna be okay." she whispered in my ear.
I smiled at her and we walked to Gerards car.
She slid in the front and I got in back. I placed my guitar by me.

When we pulled out Amelia started to talk.
"What the hell happened?" she looked back at me.
"I.. I told dad I was gay. Told him I was dating Mikey. He told me to tell him I was lying, and when I said I wasn't he just started beating me." I looked out the window. It was dark outside.
"He reacted worse than my dad did towards Mikey." Gerards voice sounded distant. "I'm sorry, man. You can stay with Mikey and me as long as you want. I'm sure he'd like that." He smiled in the mirror at me.

"Thanks Gerard. Means a lot to me, it really does." I smiled back as much as possible. With that unexpected movement the pain came back.

Mikey POV - see I told you.

I was sitting in the living room, watching tv, when the door opened. First Amelia walked in, and then Frank, then Gerard. I jumped up when I saw Frank because I wanted to hug him. But.. When I got closer I could see he was beat and bruised.
"Frank! What happened?" I took his guitar and set it against the sofa and hugged him.
"It's.. nothing. Don't worry about it." He smiled a bit.
I casted a worried glance from Gerard to Milly.
"Is he alright?" I questioned.
Amelia answered first. "We just got back from the hospital, he's fine. He's got a few broken ribs, broken nose, and a concussion. He's not supposed to sleep for twelve hours. No coffee, either." she raised her eyebrow.
I wrapped my arm around his waist. "I'll keep him up. I'll be back down in a bit for his stuff." I turned towards the stairs and took Franks hand, pulling him gently. He came with me.
I really wanted to know what happened. It killed me.

When we got to my room I pushed him down on my bed gently. He sat against my headboard. He started messing with his jeans.
"What's wrong?" I asked, trying to not let the worry slip through my words. I sat next to him on my bed. Our bed.
I placed a kiss on his cheek, not wanting to hurt his injured lip.
He seemed to think about what he was going to say for a moment.
"I told my dad." He finally spoke.
First it was shock that washed over me, then anger. Complete, raging anger. I wanted to hurt his dad.
"Frank I'm sorry. I.. I'm sorry. He did this to you?" I hugged him. He pulled me close.
"Yeah, but I'm fine. I'll be fine."
"It's not fine though. You didn't deserve this." I wanted to squeeze him.
I wish I could. But I didn't want to hurt him.
"It's fine, Mikey. I'm okay now. Besides, you're here." he smiled and kissed my nose.
I couldn't help but smile. I rested my head in his shoulder.
"I love you, Frank." I whispered, barely loud enough for him to hear.
"I love you, too." He whispered back.

There was a steady knock on the door. "Are you guys wearing clothes?" It was Gerard.
"No." I shouted back, laughing a little.
Gerard walked in anyway with Milly behind him. They smiled at us.

Milly paused awkardly before talking. "Mom called, Frank. She asked if you were okay, I said yeah. Dad's gone. She made him leave. She said you can come over tomorrow and get the rest of your stuff." she paused and looked around. "She said she's sorry she didn't stop him."
Frank just nodded. "Thanks, Mil."

"And Mikey, don't cuddle him to death. He's in pain." Gerard added, raising an eyebrow.
We all laughed.
I looked at Frank and then to Gerard. "I'll try not to." I smiled wide.

I'm glad Frank is here, with me.
But I'm still mad at his dad. He had no right.

Milly and Gerard walked out, leaving Frank and I alone once again.
He turned around and kissed me with determination.
He pulled away slightly and placed his forehead against mine.

"Never leave me." hes breathed across my face.
"I never will."

Short, I know.
But yeah I'll add more on to this soon, promise.

I haven't been on a lot lately due to after school detention and Saturday school.
and stuff with my band. BUT I'M TRYING :D
you guys rock.
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