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Let's call them ours.

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Frank POV

"Are you sure you're going to be okay going to see your mom.. and dad?" Mikey paused, looking around.
"I'm positive, MikeyWay." I smiled at him.
"Why can't I come, then?" He sighed.
"Because if my dad does what he did to me to you.. I'd kill him. Do you want me to go to jail?" I smirked at him.
"I'll stay in the car!" He pleaded longer. When I didn't answer he started to scoot closer until he was sitting on my lap with his arms around my waist and his head on my shoulder. "Please?" he whispered in my ear. He was so close that his lips were brushing against my ear.
"Mikey, you know I.." I sighed. "You can come, but stay in the car. Don't come in at all, alright?"
He smiled like a little kid. He kissed me for a passionate second and then rested his head against my shoulder once again.
I didn't want to move, I wanted to stay like this forever. But I had to get this done, I had to get the rest of my stuff.

I sighed, "I guess we should get this over with.." I looked down at Mikey, looking more fragile than usual. He looked up and fake smiled.
"I guess we should, huh." He scooted off and sat up bending down to grab his jacket off the floor. I stood up too and walked towards his door, standing there waiting for him to walk forward. He grabbed my hand and we walked down the steps. Our fingers lased together.

Amelia and Gerard were asleep on the sofa. Which I was partly glad for. I didn't need them asking me questions about this, or wanting to come with me and not taking no for an answer.
Mikey understood that, and closed the door lightly when he came out.

"I want to drive!" he had a cheeky grin on his face.
"Mikey you haven't had your drivers licence that long." I sighed. He was so cute.
"I don't care, I want to drive!" Even if he hadn't been driving long,he was a good driver. Better than I was, at times. I through the keys at him. He smiled and pranced over to the car.
I slid into the passenger seat and Mikey was fumbling to find the right key. He he got it she let out a victory "ah."

He turned the key in the ignition and it fired to life. The first thing he did after that was turn the radio on. "First date" by Blink182 came on.
Mikey started laughing.
"What are you laughing at?" I eyed Mikey slightly.
"Promise not to judge me?" He spoke through laughter.
"I promise, now tell me!" I poked his arm.
"When I first found out that I liked you, this song started playing. Seriously right after. My first thought was what the hell, why now? But.. yeah." He looked at me from the side of his eyes. He started to blush slightly.
I smiled so wide I thought my cheeks were going to rip.
"Aw, Mikey." I put my hand on his knee. "That's so cute." I giggled.

Before anything else was said Mikey pulled onto the street where my old house was.
"Be careful in there, Frank. Don't let him hit you,right?" He was creasing his forehead.
"I won't." I smiled. Sitting up a little to kiss Mikey before going in. "I love you, Mikey Way." I smiled.
At this time we'd been parked outfront of my house. The windows were tinted so I didn't worry about my father seeing me kiss him.

I walked towards the house and knocked. My mothers voice came in a sing-song-voice "Come in." she said.
I walked in and my dad was sitting watching TV while my mom was reading a magazine on the love seat beside the sofa.
My dads fierce eyes looked up at me.
"What do you want, boy?" He looked absolutely disgusted.
"I'm coming to get my stuff." I said,without casting another glance at him and walking up the steps.
"Hurry up. I don't want your kind in my house." He said in a cold tone.
When I got up the steps I heard my moms voice "Be nice to him." she whispered. "It's not fault he's such a disgrace to our family." Whoa. That hit low.

I hurried and grabbed as much as I could and shoved it in the trash bag. I had all my clothes, all my electronics, all my comics, and all my posters. My room was empty except for a bed and two dressers on each wall. I looked at the room for a minute, remembering the years I'd spent in here. The memories I had with my "happy" little family. I hastily grabbed the trash bag and walked back down, straight to the door. Not saying a word.
My mom called out. "Are you staying for dinner, Frankie?"
"No. Mikey's in the car. Obviously "our kind" isn't welcome here." I spat out, venom leaking through each word.
"Frank you know that's not true." My mom was standing now, somehow much closer to me than before. Her hand was resting on my shoulder.
"Obviously it is. When you accept me, and my /boy/friend, I'll come home. Until then.. bye." I shook her hand off my shoulder and walked out.
I can't believe I heard my mother say that about me. She'd always been the one there for me when my dad wasn't. It was hard to deal.

I opened the back door of the car and threw my bag in. I closed the door and slid in the front seat to a worried looking Mikey.
"What's wrong?" He was frowning a little bit.
"Nothing.. It's just.. nothing." I whispered, not quite able to get my voice much above that.

He didn't say anything else, he just drove.
We didn't say anything until I had realized we were on an unfamiliar road.
"Where are we going?" I looked at Mikey in surprise.
"You'll see." He smiled mischievously.
I trusted Mikey so I didn't ask any further questions.
We didn't really say much.. I didn't feel like talking. I felt like laying down and dying.

"So.. You've been talking about getting pet mice lately.." Mikey smiled. What was he planning?
I looked at him like he was nuts. "...yeah? What about it?" I laughed, slightly nervous.
"We're gonna get two!" he smiled wide.
I was completely shocked.
"We are?" I couldn't help but let my excitement seep through.
My question was answered by the sudden illuminating "PetCo" light.
Mikey parked in the spot right by the door. He smiled and unbuckled. He got out of the car so fast and walked over and opened the door for me. I smiled at him. When I stood up I gave him a hug.

We walked into the abnormally chilly store and looked for the mice. There were two 20 tanks full. I saw two that caught my eye.
"Mikey, do you see that one?" I pointed to a completely black one. The only one in there.
"Yes, it's so cute. Do you want it?" he smiled. I nodded at him and he continued, "I want it too."
"I'll go get the lady. You pick another one out while I'm gone, alright?" I smiled.

I walked towards a plump red headed woman who was over by the fish tanks. She looked up.
"May I help you?" she raised an eyebrow.
"Um.. yeah, I was hoping to get some mice." I pointed towards the section they were at.
"Alright." she stepped in front of me and went towards the aquariums. "Which ones do you want?" She pulled them out and opened the top.
"The black one." I smiled at Mikey. "Which other, Mikeyway?"
"Hmm.. The spotted one!" He pointed to a calico mice.(can they even have calico mice?) It was white with brown spots all over.
"Alright."The lady said again, walking over to get a box. She reached down to get the black mouse first but had some trouble. "Ow, you little shit." she dropped it. She picked it up again, but this time by it's tail. She closed the top of that aquarium and opened the other, having an easier time getting the calico mouse.

"Do they bite?" Mikey asked as she was marking the box.
"Yes. I've had mice draw blood on me." she had finished writing. "I'll take this up to the counter while you guys get the rest of the stuff you need, alright?" Mikey nodded. "alright" seemed to be her word. She walked towards the front. Mikey and I started to look at the food.
"Wanna get the vegan kind?" Mikey smiled.
"Sure." I laughed.
He grabbed a bag of the food and then went over to the stuff you put at the bottom of the cage. They had multi-colored kind. Without saying anything we both knew that's what we wanted. Mikey grabbed some "abc" blocks that were labeled chew blocks.

"We should.. probably get a cage." I laughed. "And let me carry some of that you food." I took the big bag of colored chips from him and the "chew blocks" and we went towards the cage area.
"Which one should we get?" Mikey was gawking at all the cages.
"Hmm.. I like that one." I pointed to the tall, blue cage.
"I like it, too." he bent down and grabbed it. "Ready?" he smiled.
"As ready as I'll ever be."

We walked to the counter and put all the stuff up. The lady check us out quietly. She smiled at us and after bagging all the stuff she handed me a paper.
"This is.. kind of like life insurance on the animal. If it dies in the next month, you can bring it back and get a new one."
Well that was a weird way of putting it.
"Thanks Mikey smiled and grabbed a bag. I grabbed one, too. Mikey had already grabbed the box.

"Have a nice night!" The red headed lady called from by the ferret cage.
I smiled and waved.

Mikey and I got to the car and set the stuff in the back of his car, and the mice up front with us.

Mikey smiled. "What are we gonna name them?"
"I think we should name the black one.."
"Smokey!" we both shouted at the same time.

"What about the Calico one?" Mikey asked.
"..Hm, how about Dali? After your favorite artist." I smiled.
"Alright." he smiled back.

We started to drive back to his place.
My mood had been 100% uplifted.

Mikey and I had two mice.
Something that was ours.
Both of ours.

It felt really amazing.
I loved Mikey, and he loved me.

In a cheesy sense, these mice were like our children.
Yeah I don't get it much either.

The mouse part was totally based off true events !XD
I got two mice yesterday. Their names are Oreo and Bandit c:

And, does anyone want to be my beta for my next story? I hate my spelling and I think it's time I ask for help.

I hope you guys like it.
Please comment :3
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