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Never Comin' Home

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Never comin' home, Could I? Should I?

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It was as a pleasant day as I described. A endless sea of palest blue stretching above, the sun burning very weakly down on my neck and a cold gentle breezed made the trees sway from side to side, causing a magpie to take off and go up into the air in a ball of white, black and a small touch of blue. It seemed to be the perfect day, no bullies had tortured me, no homework to do, nothing to worry about and everyone was lost in the idea of the Christmas holidays. Of course, the few exams we had done made things a little irksome and nerve- raking, but I was confident that I would get good grades and I hoped my younger brother would meet the same expectations.

I took a path that lead through a nearby park which was full of laughing children on swings and see-saws, of ducks and swans gliding over the glassy water of the lake and oak trees which shaded most of the area, a few letting solitary acorns fall to the earth. Even though it was December, it was warmer than it had been a few weeks ago when there had been a downpour of cold rain and the streets covered in a chilly mist, almost like a London Particular but, thankfully, not as dense or blinding.

(A/N: If you don’t know, a London Particular is a type of mist or fog that is very thick and has a tint of yellow to it which was caused by people burning coal. Fortunately, London doesn’t have any more London Particulars’ since coal has become less popular)

As per usual, I took another path that went through a sea of trees to my house. It was a rather peaceful walk, the golden-red leaves falling to the ground, the trunks and branches casting shadows on the dirt track, the crunching of leaf underfoot and a squirrel, which had just peeked out from behind a willow, looked at me in the eyes and dashed across the leaf-littered ground up a tall chestnut tree. I looked round, taking in my surroundings as I did on many occasions, and strolled on, not too bothered about getting home, but it would be getting dark soon in about an hour.

After a while, it did seem the sun shining down on me was slipping down the sky and I hadn’t made it out of these woods. I didn’t mind walking in the dark; I had done it many times but always with the feeling of someone following you or something watching you from the shadows to pounce you like a nightmare. Naturally, no one was following me and there were no shadows to hide in, so I relaxed a little and walked a step quicker. I wanted to get home, to see Mikey, to see my mother and to be in the warm than out here in the now winterish weather. I looked up; the sky was clouding over, looking as if it would snow soon. I smiled at the thought and the idea of what me and Mikey used to do as little kids when we awoke to find a blanket of snow covering everything in our garden.

I saw the end of the dirt track and I couldn’t help but feel more comfortable out of these woods. Light and the sense that there is civilisation around was a better feeling than being stuck in the dark. Then again, that’s just a rational fear and what could possibly jump out at me? And as that thought slipped through my mind, as though someone had heard what I had been thinking, someone did appear in my field of vision.

This stranger was a tall man of about 35, short, un-kept brown hair and dull grey eyes. He didn’t look to be in the soberest of moods either. He swayed a little where he stood and when he spoke, his words came out in drunken slurs “evening” he said, his voice quavering a little. I didn’t say anything; I was now feeling a little uncertain of this man. “I know who yooooouuu are” he stated, pointing a bony finger in my direction “You’re Gerrrraaarrd Wayyyyy” He staggered closer to me and I backed off, sensing the bad vibrations he gave and felt my back press against a lone tree. “You’re the fucking faggot who hurt my son!” he cried, as though seeing me for the first time in this short meeting, his anger visible in his eyes. “You fucking messed with my son you emo fag!” He yelled, taking a run at me, but this turned unsuccessful as he ended up staggering so much he could barely move. “I didn’t do anything to your son! I said, loudly and a little fearfully. The man looked back at me with uncontrollable rage “Don’t lie to me, boy! “He screamed “You damned, mother fucking pri...”

“Thomas that will do”

The voice was deep, controlling and filled me with more fright than before. Another man came out of the shadows, dressed in jeans, white shirt and black shoes. He held a cigarette between nimble fingers and the scent of whiskey was about him. He moved next to the man who he had called Thomas and them looked at me and grinned, showing yellowing teeth. “My, my, who do we have here?” he said, flicking the cigarette and dropped it to the ground, crushing it into the tarmac. “That is Gerard Way sir” Thomas said darkly, looking at me with a death glare. “Ahhh, I remember you telling me about this Gerard person” he said softly “He be the person who you claim hurt Lucas?” Thomas nodded and then I knew what he was talking about.

Lucas was a kid who was a grade above me. He did bully me like many other in the school and on one occasion a few days ago, he had gone to hurt Mikey. I had never been angrier in my life, seeing the bastard that hurt me hurt my own little brother and seeing poor Mikey curled up into a ball, sobbing loudly and crying for me to save him. And that is what I damned did. I threw a few punches and kicks at him; he was too shocked seeing me fight back. I ended the short battle with a Glaswegian Handshake and he hit the floor, his body leaking blood.

(A/N: A Glaswegian Handshake is basically a head butt)

“Well, in that case” the man said, clicking his fingers “We’ll just have to deal with you”
Out of nowhere, about 5 men jumped out, all wearing black jackets with hoods up, concealing most of their faces. A few wore bandannas but one thing was certain, these people weren’t here just to have a polite conversation. I hadn’t noticed this as the confrontation had began, but it was now very dark, I could see faint yellow glares of street lights in the distance and cast a weird yellow light across houses and settlements. “Good evening boys” said the man. “Evening Mr Darcy” they all replied in unison. “Boys, we have a little issue to deal with” Mr Darcy said, the “issue” obviously meaning me. “Why don’t we teach him a lesson?” they all nodded and began to advance, slowly and tantalisingly. “Goodnight Mr Way”
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