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Hello Angel

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Tell me where we go from here?

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The blades of dark green ripped against my legs as I walked quickly and quietly towards my destination. The light of the moon guiding my way there and the wind was so much stronger than before, whipping my hair up and making it stick out all over the place. Mixed with the mud, I must have looked like a drowned rat. I kept my head low, watching the grass get crushed by every step I took. When I looked up again, I saw the doors which the paint was peeling off, the hinges weak and the handle rusted. Then I caught the scent of something, a smell that reminded me of the times my little brother and I went camping together with a friend. I could picture the burning logs, the crackling and the orange flames licking upwards. I gave a little gulp, wondering what was behind these doors and wondering where the smoke smell came from. I gripped the handle tightly, pulled the heavy door open quietly, slipped inside and closed it silently.

As i entered, I took in my surroundings. The barn did look sturdier in here than it did outside, the wood cracking a little but looked quite strong. All up the length of the floor was piles and piles of hay, yellow and dry - looking. The wind didn’t make a sound when it brushed past the building outside. I saw gray smoke rise up gently to fill the room and I was curious, who was out here in the middle of nowhere in a deserted barn? Even though I was a little afraid, I took a step forward.

Suddenly, someone jumped up from behind one of the hay stacks, looking angry and menacing; I could see it in the hidden firelight which had lit up the entire barn. I jumped back, almost crying out from shock. Then, seemingly less malevolent, his faced relaxed a little and gave me a rather quizzical look. The man, or should I say young adult, was short, he barely came up to my chin from the looks of him, had scruffy brown hair and chocolate-brown eyes in which I could seem my shocked face. He wore blue faded jeans, a short denim jacket and, after looking at me for a few seconds, placed a crushed Stetson hat on top of his head.

“Who are you?” he asked his voice quite soft but stern “You ain’t got no right to come in here”. I shifted a little under the glare “I’m hiding from...” I looked around to find the right word to describe. “A gang” I finished. “Hidin’ from a gang huh?” he asked, shaking his head in disbelief “If ya want to stay outta trouble, ya should ‘a kept yaself to yaself. Should ‘a kept ya flapper shut and rolled ya hoop if ya wanted no trouble” He then looked me up and down, as if he was sizing me up. “Ya look like hell” “Thanks” I mumbled sarcastically, tilted my head to the ground “No really” he said, a grin spreading over his face “Ya look like ya belon’ in a booby hatch”. I continued to stare at the hay – littered floor, and then I said “I ran away from them, the men who were after me. I was walking home from school and they jumped on me. I ran here and hid in a ditch till they went ahead. Then I saw this barn and, well, here I am”.

A few moments silence followed, the boy looking at me with what seemed like a little sympathy but still smirking. Finally he said “Ya don’t know where ya goin’?” he said, flicking his hat up. I shook my head. “Awright then, ya can jungle-up ‘ere” he sighed then said “Just don’t go complainin’ about the grey-backs, they drive me insane enough without ya remindin’ me there ‘ere” I looked up and smiled up at him. He smiled back, stepped forward and took my hand “Name’s Frank Iero” I shook it and said “Gerard Way”. Up close, the boy, Frank, looked so innocent, I just wanted to embrace him, keep him warm, feel his lips on mine...HEAD, SHUT UP!
I let go of his hand and we stood looking at each other for a moment, staring into each others faces. My mind going crazy as I realised he may be the one. The one for me.

Okay, I made Frank sound like a character out of Of Mice and Men, but there ya go :) If you dont know what any of the words he says are, leave a review and I can tell you :D
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