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Goodbye, My Love

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Chapter 19: Goodbye, My Love

By: Brynn Parker


Author's Note: Before I start this...I was very disappointed with reviews on the last chapter - it made me very sad.

"Connection" had less reviews than any other chapter in Breaking Ties. Now I don't want to be a review maniac or anything...but I probably won't be updating again until I have AT LEAST 10 REVIEWS. It's extremely upsetting to have so many people reading - and yes, I know that people have been reading - and only get 5 reviews.

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On another note, I'll probably be wrapping this up in the next few chapters. The big finish is on it's way...but you have to find out what it is!



That night was the last time we would ever be together in this world.

It was probably better that I didn't know, because we couldn't have defeated Silvana without Inuyasha.

We met Yori outside of the dorms. Clouds had covered up the stars, and it was already getting chilly outside, giving the night the eerie feeling that we all knew it deserved. All the other students that should have been out partying on Saturday night were all inside or out of town, afraid to meet the same fate that had befallen so many of their classmates.

"I can already smell that demon stench," Inuyasha said, his voice low. He squeezed my hand and I looked over at him. All that I could see was the outline of his golden eyes, those beautiful golden eyes...

If I'd have known what he was planning, I would never have let him go.

"Me too," Yori agreed, looking back at us. "It's just too quiet out here."

"That's one thing that I can sense," I said. Of course, I couldn't smell demons like the could, but my powers were picking up the aura from miles away.

"There are victims that have come back here," Inuyasha muttered, "It's creepy. Why would she let them go?"

"Don't ask me," Yori said, shrugging. I could barely see her in the darkness. "I know next to nothing about this demon. Kagome probably knows the most about her, since she was the one that read her mind."

"I don't know how she works though," I confessed, "I just saw her past."

They both nodded and, like I had so many times in the Feudal Era, I felt like I was the only one who didn't really know anything about what I was doing.

It seemed like I was always the one tagging along; just the group's shard detector, not anything else. And now, here I was, tagging along again, only knowing the history and nothing more. I wasn't a fighter...

What was I doing here?

"Kagome, what's wrong?" Inuyasha asked me. There was that sense again...he could always know what I was feeling now.

"It's nothing," I said quickly, smiling at him. I was sure he could see fine, so I kept the grin plastered on my face for a few minutes before finally letting it drop off.


As we drove down the highway we saw cars crashed in various places on the side of the road. Apparently Silvana had taken more victims tonight.

"This is disgusting," Yori said as we got out, looking at the ground and shining her flashlight around the forest.

It was.

Trails of blood led out of the cars and into the forest. These victims had been injured and had still gone to that fatal dance and Silvana's song. I shuddered, feeling incredibly lucky to have the spell that would keep me from going into that trance.

"The music doesn't have the same effect on me anymore," Inuyasha admitted, "Just sounds like some girl singing now."

I could hear it too, but it was still true that Silvana had a beautiful voice.

"Shh..." Yori whispered, turning around and putting a finger to her lips as she switched off her flashlight. I stifled a gasp when I felt Inuyasha lift me up onto his back and start walking into the forest.

I couldn't see a thing. The trees were thick here, and it was already a cloudy night. Luckily I'd gotten used to being in huge forests at night...but there'd never been eerie singing in the background on those nights in the Feudal Era.

"It's okay," I heard Inuyasha murmur.

"I know," I whispered into his ear, "It's just that I wish it was already over."

"If only we had the jewel..."

That reminded me - not only were we facing a powerful demon, but this powerful demon also had the Shikon Jewel. Oh, great...

"Look," Yori motioned out into the clearing ahead of us and we saw the white light again. Steve - or Alec - was standing on the far edge, and Silvana was in the middle, as usual, singing to her victims. By now, corpses lay all around, but all of the people around her were completely oblivious to that.

It was obvious that she knew we were here.

"You can come out, my dears," she said whimsically, smiling at us, "Not like I don't know you're miko and hanyou, we have a connection, remember?"

I stared over at Yori as inconspicuously as I could and she motioned for us to move into the clearing. So she didn't know Yori was here...?

"What do you mean?" Inuyasha asked, walking out cautiously in front of me. I'd gotten off of his back and now grasped his hand tightly. It was the only outward sign of my anxiety though; otherwise I felt perfectly fine.

"Well, you were the ones who sealed me in that necklace!" Silvana said. I looked over at Alec to see a smirk on his face. "Japan...five hundred years ago?"

I wouldn't have been alive back then...but Kikyo wouldn't have been with Inuyasha five hundred years ago, because that was what time we would be going back to if we

"That's impossible," Inuyasha said shortly, shaking his head, "Five hundred years ago I would've already brought the jewel here..."

"Mm...must have been a different couple that looked like you then," Silvana said, "Although I could've sworn it was you, Inuyasha. The girl though...I wasn't so sure."

I knew that Inuyasha was thinking the exact thing that I was. He looked over at me, shaking his head, and I knew I should've believed him...but he'd always kept feelings for Kikyo...had he lied to me when he told me that we'd be together for the rest of our lives?

"However, I'm not going to let you get to me again, miko," Silvana said, "Not getting close enough...I've decided to let Alec take care of you." She put a hand out towards Alec and we looked towards him as well. But we saw something that she didn't.

Yori had snuck up around him and had a crossbow ready to shoot just a few feet behind him. Maybe this was going to be easier than we thought...?

It all went in slow motion.

Yori shot right through him.

A silver mist developed around him.

Silvana screamed.

"Dmitri!" she sobbed as the silver mist floated towards her, "My love!" I hadn't heard her call him Dmitri since I'd gone into her memories, and it was a bizarre thing to hear the formidable demon so agonized. It reminded me so much of how I would feel losing Inuyasha that it made me not want to fight her anymore.

The silver mist had made it's way all the way to her, and she put out a hand to grab it before it simply soaked into her arm. Her eyes surged with fresh metallic color and she smiled.

In just a few moments, Silvana had thrown out a hand and Yori had gone flying through the trees to where she couldn't be seen by the silver light anymore. The demoness laughed as my eyes widened and Inuyasha stepped in front of me protectively.

What was I supposed to do?

And that's when I figured it out. The jewel was hovering near her, and if I could get it then I could use it to bring back the girl, Nadia.

I told Inuyasha and he immediately moved towards her, diving through the air and seizing the jewel. However, this left me unprotected, and she immediately had her hands around my throat. She turned towards him, holding me up like a shield.

His eyes turned red.

"Inuyasha, no!" I screamed. He had to bring me the jewel... "Inuyasha, give me the jewel!"

He wouldn't move.

"Inuyasha!" I gasped as his hands opened and the jewel simply floated towards me. My palms tingled with power as the pure pink light got closer and powers were all that were propelling that jewel forward.

It seemed like Silvana was just as shocked as I was, and she didn't do anything as I looked at Inuyasha one last time, the jewel in my hands. Reflected in his once again golden eyes, I saw a woman I didn't recognize, hair billowing around her head and blanketed in pink light.

That's when I turned and thrust the jewel towards her. My feet had left the ground, and Silvana had let go of me. At that moment I realized that my priestess powers had really been nothing compared to what I could have been doing, as I watched the jewel turn Silvana's hair pale blonde again, her skin back to normal, her eyes back to blue. She smiled at me. "I should have known I couldn't defeat you here either," she said quietly, "Thank you."

And then she dissolved, and the jewel went with her. I watched as the dust that was Silvana drifted away, a slight glow of pink with it. There was no way we could put it together now.

Staring at my hands, the pink light left me slowly. I felt more powerful than ever before.

But I also felt empty.

And when I turned, I saw that Inuyasha was gone.


"So what do you think happened to him?" Tiva asked me. I was finally back in Japan, and my friends had come with me. Yori had returned to her family in the mountains, where the remnants of the slayer's village lay, including the many graves that I had helped decorate with flowers.

I sighed, massaging the mating mark on my collar bone. It still ached with longing for Inuyasha, even after the week and a half that he had been gone and I had been back in Japan. "Yori said he just disappeared...and I think it had something to do with the jewel. The Shikon no Tama was what brought him here, so I guess the wish just went away and brought him back to Feudal Japan..."

When I'd gotten back to the shrine, I'd thrown myself into the well five times. When I was done, I cried into the dust, imagining Inuyasha doing the same thing in the Feudal Era, unable to get back to me.

I'd also spent a lot of time at the Goshinboku, and climbed up into it's branches as best I could, watching the sunrise and sunset. I'd spent a few nights there, until Tiva figured out what I was doing and made me come back inside. She said it was too cold to stay out.

Tiva put her hand over mine, patting it consolingly, "I'm really sorry Kagome," she said, "I know how much you guys cared about each other."

Faced with the fact that I wouldn't be able to go back to the Feudal Era, I'd also thought of how it could have been Kikyo and Inuyasha that sealed Silvana in that necklace so long ago. That really was painful to imagine them together, when Inuyasha had promised me that he'd always love me.

Guilt was there too; I found out that the necklace that I'd been wearing that Gramps gave me was the one that Silvana had been sealed in, and that it had been at the shrine for years. When the jewel had gotten so close to it and been left in the woods after the fiasco with Inuyasha's demon side, Silvana's soul had been left with the power, and the necklace had been abandoned. I still wore it around my neck though.

That night, Tiva and I sat in my room while she played with my hair a little. I just sat there, like usual, running my fingers over my collar bone and the necklace, when Tiva tapped on my shoulder, frowning.

"Can I take this off?" she asked, gesturing at the necklace.

I shrugged, "Alright, just give it back when you're done."

She was looking at one of the blue beads at the back of the necklace and squinting at something on it. "What does this say?" she asked.

I looked. Whoa...that was strange...a Japanese character I'd seen before. "It means Hana's Jewelry," I said, frowning. What did this...

Yori looked at me, and I realized that she'd thought of something that I hadn't. "Kagome, isn't that that shop we went to just a few days ago?"

My eyes widened, a smile growing on my face. "That means..."


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