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The Way Things Should Be

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Chapter 20: The Way Things Should Be

By: Katryn Parker (I'll explain the name change at the end of the chapter.)


Short Recap:

"Can I take this off?" she asked, gesturing at the necklace.

I shrugged, "Alright, just give it back when you're done."

She was looking at one of the blue beads at the back of the necklace and squinting at something on it. "What does this say?" she asked.

I looked. Whoa...that was strange...a Japanese character I'd seen before. "It means Hana's Jewelry," I said, frowning. What did this...

Tiva looked at me, and I realized that she'd thought of something that I hadn't. "Kagome, isn't that that shop we went to just a few days ago?"


My eyes widened, a smile growing on my face as I realized what Tiva had already figured out. "That means that I can go back to the Feudal Era!"

Tiva and I quickly stood up and left the house, my mom trying to ask what I was so happy about. I hastily told her that I'd talk to her later.

"Kagome, this necklace is from your time!" Tiva squeaked out in excitement, grinning at me, "That means you've got to bring it back to the Feudal Era at some point, and it means that you can get back to Inuyasha!"

I nodded and then walked into the jewelry, making my way to the front desk and holding up the necklace. "This is one of yours?" I asked.

The shopkeeper nodded, frowning. "'s in terrible condition. You want us to clean-?"

"No, thanks!" I said, smiling and walking back out.

The sooner I got to the well, the better.


Of course, I should have known that it still didn't work.

Tiva put her hand on my shoulder as I climbed out of the well for the second time, already a little sore. "It's alright least you know that you can get back. Now we just have to figure out how."

"That's the problem!" I said, "I already didn't know long am I going to be trying? And what if I left a necklace like this in the Feudal Era anyway? I'm so confused..."

"It's alright! I'm sure you'll think of something!"

I looked around at the shrine, trying to figure out what could bring me back. Everything here was sacred...there was probably something...but there was just so much to look through.

"Crap," I said suddenly. Oh no...

"What?" Tiva asked.

I looked up at her, frowning. "Silvana has to be sealed in this necklace...and if I don't get back in time, she'll never be stopped. Everything could get screwed up here!"

"Ouch," Tiva said, "That's not good."

I told her that was an understatement.


I slept in the Goshinboku again that night, and I had a very strange dream.

There was a beautiful woman standing under this very tree, her back to me, wearing a long blue kimono. Her long, black hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she had her hand on the patch of raw bark that Inuyasha had been stuck to for so long.

A flash of light distracted me and I was suddenly in her body.

But there was no need to refer to her in third person, because this woman was me.

Knowledge seeped through my skull and into my mind, memories of a happy life and the dream that I was having now. Memories of Inuyasha...of hundreds of years gone by and friends aged and lost...but he and I just continued on, like Sesshoumaru and all the other demons that still lived as other nations filtered in to Japan.

The Kagome of now was so far from my mind; just a fraction of the long life that I continued to live with my hanyou.

A hand on my shoulder distracted me and I turned around to see his face.

He only appeared a little older, and my reflection in his eyes told me that I was the same. He smiled at me. "Visiting the past again?"

"Inuyasha..." I murmured.

"Use the tree to get back to me," he said quietly, and my future self told me the same thing.


My eyes snapped open and I gripped the branch I was on, trying to feel the age that was here in this tree. I briefly wondered if an older me also lived in this world, but the task before me was going to take a lot of my energy, and I needed to think about that instead.

I was going to get back to the Feudal Era and immediately go to the village. Silvana would sense my power and mistake it for the sacred jewel, coming after me.

The thing is, the future me had realized something that I hadn't - not only had the jewel been dissolved into Silvana, but it had also become a part of me when I purified it. It seemed crazy, but for some reason it made perfect sense.

"Kagome?" a voice said from under the tree. Tiva...

"What is it?" I asked, distracted.

"You figured it out, didn't you?"

I looked down to see her smiling at me and I slid off of my branch, letting my feet hit the ground with a dull thud. I wasn't too far up...didn't want to fall and hurt myself.

"Yeah, I did," I said, smiling, "And I'll be back. Tell Sota and my mom and Gramps where I am, and that I should get back for a while in about two weeks...I have a few things to take care of."

"Go kick some demon ass," Tiva said, smirking at me before going back inside, "And should I tell them to stop paying for the university too?"

I bit my lip before nodding. "Yeah. I won't be here much anymore."

"See ya."


The minute I touched the bark with travel in mind, I felt a spark on my fingertips. This was definitely going to work.

Closing my eyes, I thought of Feudal Japan: the green, unpolluted land, Sango, Miroku, Shippo...and, most important, Inuyasha. I knew that all the other priestesses of my family were guiding me in this, and it felt good to have them behind me.

The last view I got of my own time was the sunrise.


When I opened my eyes again, it was morning. Birds chirped outside and the peace that surrounded the village soaked into my skin, relaxing me more than anything else ever could.

This was where I belonged.

Of course, I also realized that something was wrong. More graves had popped up on the hilltop graveyard, blocking the view of Kikyo's memorial. Silvana's aura littered the area, and a disgusting metallic smell cut through the morning air.

I immediately walked to the village, walking down the familiar path to the now useless well. Why it had ever stopped was still unfathomable. Maybe it was because my mission here had been completed, and I didn't truly need it anymore.

Voices were coming from inside Kaede's hut when I walked up. It was all like a dream...I couldn't seem to get myself to believe that this was real. It had been months since I'd last been in the Feudal Era, and here I was again, ready to fight a demon, but unable to face my friends.

I finally opened the door.

"Dear Buddha," Miroku muttered.

Shippo was immediately clinging to me, and Sango ran up and threw her arms around me, forcing me backwards. Miroku was the last to join in, grinning happily.

"Kagome!" Shippo squealed, his small hands clinging to my white tanktop. Oh yeah, I was still in my pajamas...this was going to scare Silvana.

There was something missing from the scene. "Where's Inuyasha?" I asked.

Miroku immediately backed up and Sango followed, looking down at the floor. Kaede cleared her throat from the corner, while Shippo stayed silent.

"He's joined the demon's dance," Kaede said, "We haven't found the body yet, Kagome...but it's sure to turn up soon."

I shook my head. "No..." The dream had said...

"He was so weak with grief that he didn't have the will to fight the man that took him," Miroku chimed in gravely, "They said that he had the scent of the Sacred Jewel on him..." He looked up at me, frowning. "And you're soaked in it. You've gotten stronger, Kagome."

"I know," I said quietly, "I had a dream about my future...and I came here using the Goshinboku."

Both the monk and the aged priestess's eyes widened, and Sango looked at them questioningly. "What...?"

"I believe that you've become even more powerful than my sister Kikyo," Kaede said finally, "And I feel that you should know where the demon is."

"I already do," I said quietly. Then I looked around for my bow. "Where's my stuff...?"

"There, in that box," Sango told me, motioning to a corner. I walked over to it and opened the lock, picking up my bow and arrows out of the wooden chest. They felt like old friends.

I turned back to them, smiling and slinging the quiver over my shoulder. "I'll be back," I said, "And I'll bring Inuyasha with me."


Silvana wasn't nearly as powerful as she'd been with the Sacred Jewel, and I could sense it. Now the only person with the Sacred Jewel's power was me...and I was going to use my powers to seal the powerful demon in the necklace I wore around my neck.

I was extremely relieved when I felt Inuyasha's familiar aura in the area, and I let it envelop me and make me stronger. I wondered how much my power would grow in between now and the time I'd seen in my dream, and decided I'd just have to find was my life, anyway.

I found them in the forest, Silvana's white light radiating out around them. Alec stood near her, the usual bloodthirsty smirk on his face, and a few people and animals danced around her, aging as I watched. Inuyasha was chained to a tree, his eyes teal. The seal that Yori had given us had worked, and he hadn't been put under Silvana's spell, luckily.

Unafraid, I stepped out towards her.

"Well,'s a pleasure to finally meet you," Silvana said, "I could sense your aura from far away...I plan to use it as my own. Now where is the jewel?"

"Kagome!" Inuyasha's voice screamed, followed by a rough growl. His demon side was eating away at him again.

I looked at Inuyasha, trying to give him all of the love that I could from so far away, before I glared at Silvana, a violence running through me like I'd never felt before, even with Naraku.

"I am the jewel."

Silvana's eyes widened; she wasn't as cool as she'd been after being sealed. ", it can't be...Alec, get her!"

But he was frozen to the spot where he stood. I picked up an arrow from my quiver and put it in my bow quickly, hanging the beads from the tip and aiming at Silvana. "You will not hurt me or Inuyasha again," I said angrily.

Then I let it fly.

Silvana screamed as the necklace glowed with a pale blue light, and Alec sank into the ground. I was satisfied...though I knew that they would come back one day and some other Kagome would have to go through all the pain I had.

"Kagome..." Inuyasha growled out. I walked towards him, unbinding the chains and gripping him tightly, using just enough of my power to calm him down. His arms went around me immediately, and I let out a sigh, kissing his neck in relief.

Just briefly, a few thoughts flew through my head: I must not have been the original Kagome, because I gained the knowledge from a future who had been the original Kagome...and who had originally bought those beads?

However, I was content enough not knowing. As I melted into Inuyasha's embrace, one thing that I did know was that I was where I belonged.




Author's Note: Alright, it's DONE!

I hope that was a good last chapter for you...not very much fluff, but they were reunited. I figured I could've delved into the topic of time travel more, but also realized that it probably would've confused me eventually.

About the change of's Katryn now because a lot of people were mistaking me for a guy, and it was annoying me...sorry, lol. It'll be the last name change, I promise.

If you want, you can go and read my AU fic, ELove. It's on my profile page...go find it. It's got a lot of InuxKag and MirxSan, and is just getting started.

Any suggestions you have for something else I could do with Breaking Ties would be welcome; I might just use them someday.

On another note...I'm sorry if I offended anyone with my review thing last time. I was approaching the end of the story and I wanted to make the most of it.

Thanks for reading, I've appreciated all your reviews!

--Katryn :P

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