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The Vanity I’m Faking Lets Me Live My Life Like This

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Chapter 21: The Vanity I’m Faking Lets Me Live My Life Like This
Frank’s POV:

Fuck I had no idea what I was going to do, I had to go back out there and pass Rachel, and I could not say anything. I bought my cigarettes from the strange Indian man, who knew I wasn’t 18 yet, but didn’t really care. I quickly pulled my black hoodie over my head, started packing my cigarettes and walked out the door. Okay there she is, just go over and talk to her. Frank you’re walking past here, turn around and go to talk to her, no Frank turn the fuck around… I hate my brain. I had arrived back at my car, and Rachel was filling up her gas and looking at me every few seconds.

Okay Frank you can do this, just go over and say hi. Come on, she’s just a person. I pulled off my hoodie and took a deep breath in and walked over to Rachel. Her back was turned to me; I softly tapped her on the shoulder.

“Uhm, hey.” I said awkwardly, as I put my hand down.

She stared at me blankly. It was the same look she gave me when I kissed her.

“Uhm hi.” she smiled softly.

“So uh whatchu doing.” I said trying to make some kind of conversation.

“Getting gas…” she said awkwardly.

“Oh cool.”

“What exactly are you trying to do. Incase you forgot we just had an extreme awkward moment between each other a couple of days ago.” she finally blurted out.

I wasn’t sure what to say, so I just opened my mouth and hoped the right thing would come out.

“I know that’s why I came over here. I realized I shouldn’t have done that it was so in the moment, I know you don’t feel that way about me. But I just wanted you to see that I care for you, and I would never hurt you like Gerard did.” I stopped realizing, I had just spilled my guts out in a gas station.

It was silent for a minute between us, I kept hearing the cars move in and out of the gas station.

“Frank its not that I don’t feel that way about you.” she stopped and closed her gas tank, and put the hose back. Then she looked back at me.

“It’s that I do. I know I like you, I’m just realizing that I have for a long time now. But I just with through a lot of shit with Gerard, and you kissing me didn’t help my mind set. Right now I just need to be by myself and think.” she replied calmly.

I wanted to jump for fucking joy when she said she liked me. It’s all I have been waiting to hear from her. But I couldn’t do that right now.

“I get that, so I just wanna be here for you, as a friend. Just like before, and if you ever want to move forward from there, then you let me know.” I smiled warmly.

“Thanks Frank, that means a lot. I gotta get to Laura’s. But I’ll see ya soon.” she gave me a hug and drove off.

Suddenly I didn’t feel like driving for miles and miles anymore.

Rachel’s POV:

That had to be the weirdest trip to the gas station I had ever had. I left feeling completely relieved though that Frank and I were on a good page again. Yeah, I did like him, but I wasn’t lying when I said I needed time to myself because I did. Plus I wasn’t about to be one of those girls that jumped around relationships. I felt mentally exhausted and I really didn’t feel like going to Laura’s now. I reached for my phone out of my cardigan pocket as I waited at a stoplight.

Ring Ring Ring

“Hey! You on your way yet?” Laura’s voice echoed through the phone.

“Actually, I think I am coming down with something, so I am just gonna go home.” I said.

I knew I was lying but I really did need to be alone. I knew she would understand either way.

“Ah okay, well we can eat till we puke another time.” she sounded a little disappointed. But I knew she’d go hang out with Mikey or something, plus we’d probably go party tonight anyway. Lord knows I needed to. I threw my phone into my purse and kept driving.

When I got home I just went straight up to my room and sat on my red couch, I looked up at the sky again as I had done earlier this morning. The sky was filled with snow clouds, and the sun was hidden deep beneath all of the clouds. But as I looked a little closer I could see small bursts of light wanting to burst through all the clouds. I sighed in relief knowing I had one point of stress gone, and that made me happy.

I went over to the boxes of my room that were still not unpacked and figured that since I had nothing else better to do, I would finally finish unpacking.

I threw most of my clothes in my drawer and on my closet floor, I wasn’t the neatest person alive, but I wasn’t like a hoarder. I made do. I called it organized chaos, everything was a huge mess, but I knew where everything was. After I unpacked all my clothes I moved onto the pictures and shit like that. I reached into a small brown box on my dresser and pulled out a picture. I glanced at it and it was my old boyfriend Chase, this is the second picture I’ve found of him, I thought I got rid of them all when we moved. Oh Chase, I had loved him so, he was the only boy I had ever let in, but then he cheated on me. He said he wanted to stay friends, but I never wanted to speak to him again Gee sounds familiar…just like Gerard.

Looking at the picture of Chase and me together happy made me sick of my stomach. Bleh, I just threw it away like all the others.

Ring Ring Ring

I could hear my phone going off. Uh great it’s probably Laura calling about some party later.

“Listen Laura, just call me about what ever party we are go to later, kay.” I said a little agitated.

“Who’s Laura? And a party? I’m so down.” I heard a deep voice say on the other line.

“Chase?” this was too fucking weird.

“Hey toots, what’s been going on?” he asked, sounding like the complete douche bag he was.

“What the fuck do you want?” I replied even more agitated.

“Damn, you’re still as harsh as ever. I was actually calling to give you a heads up.” he said.

“A heads up on what exactly?” I said eager to get off the phone.

“I’m moving to Belleville, well actually we’ve already moved but you get the gist.” he said so relaxed.

I felt my mouth drop to floor; I really needed to start checking my caller id.

“Wh-a-at” I stuttered.

“Yup, and I wanna talk to you sometime, really work things out between us.” he said trying to be sincere.

“Chase, there is no us, okay. Bye, and don’t call me again.” I hung up the phone.

Later that Night

“Whoooo baby I am ready to go!” I screamed out of Laura’s sun roof as she drove down the suburban streets of Belleville. I could feel the cold air whip me in the face but I didn’t give a fuck I was ready to get fucked up. We were going to one of Bob’s friend’s house, he knew so many fucking people it blew me away.

Mikey and Frank were in the back. Since Frank and I were good now I really didn’t care that he was here, I was actually glad he was here and things weren’t awkward. I didn’t know where Gerard was, but I was glad he wasn’t here. He was probably off fucking some whore of his.

“Rachel, get down from there, if the cops pull us over we’re fucked. Because Frank is packing a bowl in the back.” Laura grabbed my hand and pulled me back down into the car and locked the sun roof.

“So uh Franklin, I get to hit that right.” I turned around and winked at him.

“If you call me Franklin, fuck no.” Frank said as he finished packing the bowl and took the first hit.

He inhaled the smoke and blew it out smoothly, and he coughed slightly after. Mikey coughed as soon as the smoke reached his lungs, and we all laughed at him for it. Then Laura and I just hit it smoothly.

By the time we reached the party we were all pretty baked, I pushed myself out of the car and strolled into the house and was searching for the alcohol. As soon as I found the kitchen I opened the fridge and grabbed a beer and cracked it open. Then another, and another, then things started to get fuzzy.

“Rachel, I think you’ve had enough. “ I heard Frank say, his voice sounded like it had been put into slow motion

Suddenly everything went black.
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