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'W' for Whore or for Way?

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We have some more fun with Emily. :D *Edited!*

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Frank’s P.O.V

I watched the colour drain from Gerard’s face. I could tell we all looked the same right then.
“Don’t tell me he’s dead Toro, don’t tell me!” Gerard’s voice held a number of emotions; anger, pain, and heart stopping terror that the day he had been dreading all his life had finally come.
“Mikey is alive Gerard, the shot pierced his side. He’ll be okay once he gets to the hospital”
Gerard breathed out a sigh, leaning on me for support, I helped hold him up.
“Go help him Toro, get him to the hospital. We’ll meet you there later. Right now I got stripper’s to save”. Two of us down, two to go.

Gerard walked just behind me slightly up the main staircase, guns out and ready. My heart was beating in my ears. I hoped that nothing had happened to either girl. We reached the top of the stairs relatively quietly. I could hear the voices coming from mine and Pandora’s room. I could hear the intruder’s voices and Scarlette’s muffled most likely insults but I couldn’t hear Pandora. I looked at Gerard and he pointed me forward with his gun. I took a shaky breath and took another few steps forward towards the door frame. Emily was here! Out of the corner of my eye I saw Gerard’s gun trained on her. I almost made a noise as saw a mass of long dark purple hair on the floor. I didn’t even have to go any further in to know who it was. I couldn’t even tell if she was dead or not. We crept forward, Gerard placed the tip of his gun on the back of Emily’s head.
“Games up sugar”, her eyes went wide and her two accomplices spun around to face us. One was holding Scarlette and kept their hand over her mouth so she couldn’t say anything but boy did she look mad.
“Let them go”, I growled. I was so fucking mad right now. I wanted to shoot the 3 of them and be done with it!
“My my Frankie, haven’t we grown up”.
“Shut the hell up Emily! Tell your douche bags to let the girl’s go and we might just let you live”
“What makes you think I want to let them go?” Gerard pushed the gun a little further.
“My little metal friend here is telling me you’re gonna let them go” I could see the sneer on his face. It was good that Emily wasn’t having the same effect on him as she used to but I couldn’t think about that now. I stole another glance at Pandora, she hadn’t moved an inch.
“Plan B”, Gerard said out of the corner of his mouth. I grinned a little before shooting the guy that was holding Scarlette and at the same time Gerard quickly flicked his gun around Emily’s head and shot the other guy. Pandora flinched at the noise of the guns but still didn’t move from her spot on the floor. Emily sighed as though bored before dropping her gun and raising her hands. Gerard slid his gun back into the holster and grabbed her wrists, twisting them behind her back.
“Ouch! Watch it wide load!” She sneered. Gerard’s eyes narrowed in anger.
“Ha fucking ha! Just because I used to be a little chubby! I can’t wait to throw your skank ass outta here. Frankie, go get me a marker pen”
“What the hell do you want a pen for?!”
“Wait and see” Gerard smirked. Emily tried to wrestle free from his grip only for Gerard to grip tighter.

I walked over to my bedside table and got out a thick black marker pen. Emily’s eyes widened a little as I walked over and uncapped the pen. She tried to wiggle away but Scarlette took great delight in holding her head still by her hair. Gerard took the pen off me drew a great big ‘W’ in the middle of her forehead adorned by a crown on one corner.
“What the hell did you draw?!” she screamed, her face turning an angry shade of red.
"You'll have to wait and see babe" Gerard said, admiring his work.
“Does it stand for whore or for Way?” Scarlette asked in pretend innocence.
“Both!” Gerard smirked. “Now let’s throw out the trash” Emily screamed in rage but Scarlette stuffed a sock in her mouth to shut her up.
"What?", she said with the same pretend innocence. Gerard just smirked and said nothing. I could see he was beginning to think about Mikey again.

I watched as Gerard dragged her out the door, her screaming still muffled. I followed after them making sure that she was definitely gone. Mikey got taken to the hospital really quickly and Ray called in a few favours to make sure that we got a brand new, very secure, front door straight away. Once the front door was in place we did a sweep of the building, making sure there was no-one left hiding. Gerard helped me drag out the bodies to the front door where the local undertaker was waiting. He happened to work for us, can’t just leave bodies lying about all over the house after all.

I stood outside my room door which incidentally had a new door too. I could hear Scarlette trying to get Pandora to wake up. Gerard walked past on the way to his study, I had turned around, thinking about leaving them for just now. He rolled his eyes and pushed me backwards through the door. The door flew open and I fell straight onto my ass. I could hear him laugh a little and then the study room door snapped shut. Scarlette looked at me with wide eyes.
“What do you want?” she asked slightly angrily. I knew she’d be like this, without a doubt.
“I want...her” I said, looking down at Pandora.
“You had her Frankie! And then you went and kissed that other girl...Ugh!” she shook her head, deliberately not looking at me.
“Just trust me that it wasn’t how it looked al all. Now if you'll excuse me, I want you to leave”. Scarlette opened her mouth to argue and shut it again before leaving. I bent down and picked up Pandora before gently setting her down on my bed. Now I just had to wait for her to wake up and hope she would believe me. Or at least listen to my explanation.
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