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The Widows

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"Isn't it obvious? We crashed."

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Patrick woke to the feel of salt water lapping at his legs. His eyes fluttered open, the sun blinding him as he tried to fully wake. He put his hands under him to push himself up, feeling the powdered sand that was beneath him. With great difficulty he sat up, his head throbbing with what he thought to be the worst headache he had ever had. His hand went up to his head, reaching a bandage that made his head throb even worse. He moved his hand away, looking to see the blood on his fingertips. His stomach churned at the sight, and he had to hold down the bile that he felt rising in him. He let his hand drop back down to his side, looking over at the others.
Spencer was asleep in the sand, his own bandages in place, his left arm put in what looked to be a make-shift splint. On his other side rested Ian and Dallon, the two both facing opposite directions. Ian had his left pant leg ripped up so a bandage could be in place on his ankle, and Dallon had his shirt off, bandages over his ribs where slight red seeped through. Patrick's brows furrowed; Nick was away from them, sprawled out in the sand. There didn't seem to be any bandages on him, though it was obvious that he had multiple wounds.
There was the sound of soft singing and he looked on, seeing Ryan standing in the ocean next to the plane, looking out at the vastness of blue-green saltwater. Patrick stood, calmly going over to the younger boy without him hearing.
"I was always strong as long as we were a team," Ryan was crying, though his voice didn't show it. His chestnut hair flew around in the wind, his beat up body tanning in the sun's warming light. The harsh metal from the plane seemed to reflect his image, if only a vague outline, and the shimmering water danced and lapped at his calves.
"I crawled into somebody's heart, who meant the world to me." Ryan let out a shaky breath, his arms crossing as he watched the colorful fish circle his feet.
"Love made me strong enough to be alone, and set me free." A smile crossed Ryan's lips.
"But with my friends, friends till the end, is where I wanna be.
"With my friends, friends till the end is where I wanna be." Ryan started to walk forward, causing ripples in the water as he moved farther out to sea. The clear water let him see where he was walking, Patrick tilting his head as he tried to understand what he was doing.
"I don't need to, but I want to, sing with you. 'Cause I miss you." Ryan was nearing the front end of the wrecked plane in the water, crossing rocks and schools of fish as he made his way to the end of it, sitting on the bent metal in the front.
"I don't need to, but I want to, sing with you. 'Cause I miss you." Patrick made himself known as he sat next to the younger boy, having no real reaction from him. It took one, simple word to get his complete attention, and to bring back all of the memories that he had been trying to repress.
"Brendon?" Ryan leaned on Patrick, his legs to his chest as he continued to look over the ocean, watching the water with tears in his eyes.
"Isn't it always?" Patrick held the younger boy, giving a soft sigh.
"He was an ass, Ry." Patrick attempted to reassure the crying boy in his arms.
"And I still love him like a fool." Patrick sighed.
"Ryan, you were sick and he didn't even notice." The other boy fell to silence. Patrick hugged him, using his thumb to wipe away Ryan's tears. He hated seeing the younger male like this, but there wasn't much he could do. Ryan had been sick for a while, and there was no sign of him ever getting better. "Where did he go?" Ryan held still, his head dropping to his knees. Patrick looked behind them, knowing that he was off in the woods that surrounded the tiny island. Patrick nodded. "Okay, I'm going to go find some food and water. You just try and get some rest, all right?" Ryan nodded, cringing at the thought of being completely alone with his thoughts.
"Tell Nick where I am." Patrick slid off of the plane, splashing into the cool water.
"Just don't forget to breathe." Ryan watched as Patrick walked through the water, his pants getting soaked as he made his way to shore. He kicked Nick in the stomach once he got there, the other boy being startled awake. He looked around with big brown eyes, worry and fear mixing in the dark orbs. He finally made out Patrick's outline, clearly, calming down slightly at the semi-familiar face.
"Ross wants you." Nick sat up, looking into Patrick's icy eyes.
"Where is he?" He asked as he started to look around once more. Patrick pointed to the front of the plane and Nick nodded.
"Brendon upset him White, so try to make him feel better." Nick nodded and quickly got to his feet, worry etched onto his face. He walked to where Ryan was, sitting next to him so the boy could curl into his arms.
Patrick sighed, dreading the walk to find Brendon.

Jon was sitting in his apartment alone, watching the TV as he chewed his thumb nail. He was worried. There was this fear that something was seriously wrong. And as much as he hoped that there wasn't anything wrong, he still knew that it would be better than the alternative. If there wasn't something wrong, then that meant that Spencer didn't care about him anymore. That Brendon had finally broken him and that he didn't think Jon was good news anymore.
He hastily wiped the tears that were forming in his eyes away, trying to remember that it was unlikely that either were true. Maybe he just had a layover or something. He closed his eyes, listening to the background noise that was the television. His eyes shot open as he finally heard what they were talking about. He scrambled for the remote, turning up the volume as his eyes widened in fear.
"Flight 119, from London to Chicago, lost contact early yesterday morning after going through a storm. It's believed that the flight crashed soon after loosing contact, though nothing can be certain yet. More information later." Jon got off of the couch, going to grab his phone. He scrolled through the different text messages Ryan and Spencer had sent him, his heart pounding as he realized that both of them had been on that flight. And that he probably wouldn't be able to see their faces ever again; along with Nick and Patrick. He closed his eyes, and the tears started to pour out.
Little did he know there was another boy 1,800 miles away dealing with the same thoughts. Jon's phone started to ring, and he looked down at it with a confused expression on his face. He realized that someone was calling him, and he quickly answered.
"Hello?" His brows were furrowed in confusion, wondering who in the hell would be calling him at one in the morning.
"Spencer was on that flight too, wasn't he?" The voice that came through the speaker was strangled, like it had been crying for hours, and yet, it was still oddly familiar.
"What? Pete, is that you?" Jon leaned on his elbows that were resting on the counter, giving a small sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose.
"Yeah. Patrick was on that flight Jon....Do you think they'll make it?" Jon pulled his legs to his chest before he whispered his response.
"They have to."

Patrick found Brendon sprawled out in the woods, the younger boy resting under the shady trees with tears in his eyes. Patrick sighed, collapsing next to the younger boy. "Jeeze B, what did you get yourself into this time?" Brendon opened his eyes, staring at Patrick.
"You know I didn't mean it Trick. I just...Don't know how to behave around him. The best of him brings out the worst in me." Brendon sobbed the words, curling into Patrick, who accepted him in his arms. His hair was messy, the dirt on his torn clothing making him look like he had spent far too long in the woods.
"I know, just go easy on him next time." Brendon sniffled into his dirty sleeve and Patrick sighed. "I bet Dallon is looking for you, what do you say about going back?" Brendon shook his head no. Patrick held him tighter, rubbing his back in a comforting way.
"I don't want to face them Trick, they'll eat me alive." Patrick sighed.
"Please stop calling me that Brendon." He let the younger boy go, standing up. "Look, I'll go get your boy toy, and you won't have to go back. But at least TRY to pull yourself together, okay?" He watched as Brendon nodded and gave a small lopsided grin. "Good." He walked away, wading through the overgrown trees and creepers, grabbing a little fruit along the way. The other boys were awake when he got back, and he tossed fruit at Spencer and Ian, telling Dallon to go talk to Brendon.
"What the fuck happened?" Ian asked once Patrick had sat down next to Spencer.
"Isn't it obvious? We crashed." Patrick said with a sigh, biting into the fruit he had found.
"Oh god, we're all going to die, aren't we?" Spencer looked panicked, pulling his legs up to his chest.
"No. We're not going to die." The other two boys turned to look at Patrick, who examined the ripe and juicy fruit he had found. "Jon and Nick and Andy will start looking for you and Ryan and the other Nick. While Nate Andrew and Jack come looking for you, and Ian, and Dallon, and Brendon." The other two fell silent. Patrick took another bite of his fruit, hating the taste that was all too familiar.
"What about you?" Ian asked as he stared at the other boy. He shook his head.
"There isn't anyone looking for me."


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