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Chapter five

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Theresa works on apologizing to Atlanta, though she may have screwed up her chances of apologizing to Jay.

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A small dog jumped out from the dark space between the two buildings. It's light brown coat looked like it had been dirty for some time. It landed at Atlanta's feet and immediately began to bark and rub against her leg. Atlanta and Archie began to laugh. Atlanta bent down a rubbed his belly.

"We have so been working to hard." Archie said as he looked at the dog's tags.

"Oh ya, you should have seen how high you jumped."

"Me! You could have touched the moon if you reached your hand out!" Archie said in his own defense. "The dog's name is Capi, and it is a boy. The tags don't say where he lives tough. We should check with the pound."

"Do we have to? He is so cute, and he seems nice."

" I want to keep him to but I just keep seeing Athena's face when he pees on the floor or does not stop barking. He looks like one of those annoying yappy dogs."

"Please can we just take him home?" Atlanta asked, pulling a puppy dog pout.

"Fine."' Archie said as he made the mistake of looking into Atlanta's face.


Theresa laid on her large bed face down in her many pillows. Tears where softly falling from her face. 'Great Theresa this has to be the millionth time you have cried today.' Over and over in her head she went over what Jay had said, and what she had said in return. She regretted telling Jay to get out, now that she thought about it he was only trying to make her feel better. But then again he did have to think about if saving Cronos was the only thing that mattered to him.

She got up and wandered over to her stereo and turned it on full blast in an attempt to drown out her thoughts. She sat down at her desk and picked up the note she had been writing to Atlanta before she had her row with Jay. She started where she had dropped her pen.

Dear Atlanta,

I am SO sorry that I treated you the way that I did. I had no right to, you did nothing wrong.

_____(Line that was made when she dropped her pen)

I was angry with Jay for a stupid reason. The reason being that he did not say thank-you personally to me after having him from death. See, what did I tell you it's a stupid reason. I don't know why I was mad at him for that; I guess I was because I like him.

I came back from my walk and Neil said that you and Archie were out on a date, which now that I think about it is unbelievable. I reacted badly to this for the first time in my life; he calls you two going for a run a date. I'm really sorry, please forgive me. Please.


Jay stood in the gym, punching the stuffing out of a red punching bag. He was so confused Theresa was acting really weird. Maybe it was just girls, but if it was why did they have to be so damn complicated.

He replayed their argument over and over in his head. By the fifteenth time he replayed it he found the problem. It was where he waited to answer when Theresa asked him if fighting Cronos was the only thing that mattered to him. He had paused, not sure how she would react if he said: "No, Theresa you have it all wrong, you are my world. YOU are the reason I focus so much on fighting Cronos, so that you will be safe." In his head he saw her blowing up at him because she was part of the team, and that was the reason he treated her like fine china.

His knuckles were starting to bleed when he finished replaying his and Theresa's argument. He was shocked to find the punching bag in tatters and that for the past five minutes he had been punching the chain. He sighed heavily and went to the change room to wash up, get changed and bandage his bleeding hands. Nothing was going his way today.


Theresa sat in the living room, the position she sat in allowed her to see everyone who came into the house. She had a novel open in her lap so she looked like she was doing something. She read none of the words though; in her head she was rehearsing her apology to Jay and had her apology note for Atlanta in her hand.

She heard a key in the lock and looked up curiously. Atlanta and Archie walked through the door, something was squirming in Archie's hoodie, but Theresa paid no notice. She walked over to Atlanta and handed her the note.

"What is this for?" Atlanta asked coolly.

"Because you will not talk to me." Theresa said as calmly as she could and walked back to the chair she had been sitting in. Archie and Atlanta headed in the direction of Atlanta's bedroom, whispering excitedly.


"Where are we going to keep Capi?" Atlanta asked as she played with the little dog.

"I think the more important questions are what are we going to feed it, how is Athena going to act, and will the others like Capi." Archie said, Capi started to wag his tail rapidly and ran over to Archie at the sound of his name. Archie sat down on Atlanta's dark green carpet and began to rub the dog's belly.

"I think the others will like him just fine." Atlanta said as she laughed at Archie's face when Capi jumped into his lap and began to lick his face.


Neil turned his silver key in the lock to the brownstone house. He was shocked to find it unlocked. Archie and Atlanta were out for a run, Herry and Odie were at the library, Jay was with Hera and Theresa was with Persephone. He had just come from a session with Aphrodite.

He took off his designer shoes and looked up to see Theresa's emerald eyes peeking at him from behind a novel and Archie and Atlanta's voices coming from Atlanta's room. He smiled at Theresa and came and sat on the couch and turned on the TV. He put his feet up on the coffee table; Jay was not there to yell at him, and this put him in a very relaxed and comfortable position. Like a typical guy he grabbed the clicker and began to flip through every channel.

Out of the corner of his eye he watched Theresa. After a half hour he noticed that she had not turned the page once. "You want to catch a movie?" He asked.

"Sure, I can't wait for Jay anymore."

"Cool, I am bored." Neil replied happily as Theresa set down her novel with a sigh. As they put on their shoes Neil asked "Will you hurt me if I ask why you were waiting for Jay?"

"No. I just have to apologize for something. I have made quite a mess of things this weekend, with him and Atlanta. You are about the only person still talking to me. Atlanta is mad at me and thus Archie will not talk to me, Jays mad at me, Odie is helping Herry study for him chemistry test and neither of them would want anything to do with because I am fighting with Atlanta, they hate getting involved. " Theresa explained as they left the house and towards her red sports car.

"Dose this mean I get to drive?" Neil asked hopefully.

"Sure." Theresa said as she tossed him the keys, she did not trust herself to drive with so much swirling around her head. When they pulled into the movie theater she realized that it was the first time that someone other than her had driven her red sports car, she had never let Jay or Herry.


"What do you want to see?" Theresa asked as she and Neil stood in line for tickets.

"How about that new action movie?"

"Or, we could see the new comedy." Theresa said, as they got closer to the front of the line.

"Sure, we are living an action movie." Neil said, lightening the mood. Theresa giggled softly. "Well its true." Neil retorted.

""I know." Theresa said smiling as she playfully punched Neil's arm.

"Hey, hey watch the shirt. It was expensive."

"Two for the comedy." Theresa said as they reached the ticket stand.

"You lucky, these are the last tickets" The casher said in a monotone voice. Neil and Theresa shared a knowing look. "Have a nice date." The cashier continued. Neil put his arm around Theresa's shoulders as a response to the cashier's statement. Theresa started to shrug it off, but ditched her attempt when she saw Herry, Odie and Jay in line for the concession.

"Feeling a little catty?" Neil asked, whispering in Theresa's ear.

"Yes" She replied. They wandered into the dark theater and with Neil's luck they found to seats together. Half way through the movie Neil leaned into kiss Theresa's soft lips. She put a finger up to bock his kiss.

"No, I said I was feeling catty, but that's going to far." Theresa whispered. They watched the rest of the movie with out saying anything. They were far from silent it was a comedy.


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