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Chapter six

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The final chapter, a fair bit of J/T and A/A

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Oh my last chapter, can Theresa clean up the mess she made? And there might e some coarse language in this, but it is rated PG-13. Please read on and hopefully enjoy. I DO NOT OWN CLASS OF THE TITANS(but if i did author slips into dream land for a few hours)
Jay stormed into the living room. He had left Odie and Herry at the movies; he was way to angry watch a movie. 'How could Neil do that, he knew that he liked Theresa, and how could Theresa be such a bitch, apparently she liked him back.' He thought to himself. He began to pace the living room.

"Capi come back!" Atlanta yelled as she raced down the hallway connected to the living room. The little beige dog was racing towards Jay. "When did you get home?" Atlanta asked as she almost ran into Jay as she scooped up the little dog.

"Well I was going to see a movie with Odie and Herry, but I saw something that I did not want to." Jay explained. "Why do you have a dog, Athena is going to flip when she finds out."

"What did you see that you did not want to see?" Atlanta asked with more interest than normal as she tried to change the subject.

"I asked you first." Jay said, his foul mood showing in his tone of voice.

"He jumped out of an ally when Archie and I were out for a walk. He seemed lost so we brought him here. His name is Capi, Archie read his tags but they did not have his addressee Now what did you see that you did not want to?"

"Neil with his arm around Theresa. And we are going to have to take this little one to the pound, someone is probably looking for him." Jay said sadly as he started to pet Capi. Capi began to bark and wag his tail. Jay scratched behind the little dog's ears, Capi tried jumping out of Atlanta's arms to see Jay.

"Do we have to?" Atlanta said as she began to puppy dog pout and held Capi up to her face.

"Well, we could put up some posters and keep him here. But he has to stay in either your or Archie's rooms and you two are in charge of him." Jay said.

"I'm telling you Atlanta, you could get away with murder if you used that stupid puppy dog pout." Archie said as he entered the room. Jay smiled and Atlanta set Capi down to punch her friend for his comment.


Theresa lay down on her bed, thinking about the weekend's events. She knew that she had hurt Jay and Atlanta. She also knew that she had done her best to apologize to Atlanta. Now it was time to apologize to Jay.

She left her room and walked towards their leaders room. She knocked softly on his door, she could hear soft crying on the other side, had she hurt him that bad? He did not answer the door, so she let herself in.

"Jay we need to talk." She said as she entered his room, sailing papers were on the wall and it was surprisingly neat. The chocolate brown-eyed boy was on the bed, his head in his bandaged hands and he was crying softly. "Jay I am so sorry, I have been a real bitch to you lately."

Jay looked up, his eyes glazed with tears. "You are right you have been."

"And I am so sorry. I don't know what has been wrong with me. It is like when you almost died part of me almost died. I was angry with Cronos for almost taking you from me, from all of us. I guess I just pointed my anger in the wrong direction. I just figured this out in the last four hours." Theresa said as tears filled her emerald green eyes.

"Don't cry, please I hate seeing you sad." Jay said, his heart melting at the sight of his friend's tears. He got up and wrapped his arms around her. "I will forgive you if you promise me that you had a rotten time with Neil tonight."

"You are not jealous are you Jay? But yea I did have a rotten time." Theresa said as she backed out of her friend's friendly embrace to look into his deep chocolate brown eyes. She found passion in his eyes instead of the familiar determination.

Jay took Theresa's hands in his and said: "I forgive you." Minutes passed in silence as they looked into each other's hands and eyes.

"Jay what did you do to your hands?" Theresa asked concern flooding her voice.

"Oh, that I got mad at a punching bag." Jay mumbled. Theresa raised both of his hands and softly kissed them. Jay grimiest at the slight touch of Theresa's lips, his hands were in a lot of pain. At the same time his stomach was doing back flips. "Theresa I love you." Jay said minutes after Theresa's soft lips had touched his bandaged hands.

"You don't know hoe long I have waited to hear you say those words Jay. I love you to." Theresa said a huge smile spreading across her face and her emerald green eyes glowing with sheer joy.

"You are the reason I get up in the morning. You are the reason that I want to beat Cronos so bad, so that the world is a safer place for you." Jay said his voice filled with passion. Theresa smiled and kissed his lips. Jay wrapped his hands around her small waist and they stayed in soft slow kisses for what felt like eternity to the both of them, nether of them wanting it to come to an end.


Atlanta carefully opened the note that Theresa had handed her earlier that day. Capi was sleeping soundly on newspapers in the corner and Archie was running off found posters on her computer. It read:

Dear Atlanta,

I am SO sorry that I treated you the way that I did. I had no right to, you did nothing wrong.

_____(Line that was made when she dropped her pen)

I was angry with Jay for a stupid reason. The reason being that he did not say thank-you personally to me after having him from death. See, what did I tell you it's a stupid reason. I don't know why I was mad at him for that; I guess I was because I like him.

I came back from my walk and Neil said that you and Archie were out on a date, which now that I think about it is unbelievable. I reacted badly to this for the first time in my life; he calls you two going for a run a date. I'm really sorry, please forgive me. Please.


She read the note over a few times before she wandered over to her desk and grabbed a pencil and a piece of paper to write Theresa back. She wrote the note by her printer in a position that allowed her to see everything being run off.

"What do you not trust me?" Archie teased. He typed something on the computer and clicked the print button, Atlanta did not notice what he was typing until he printed it. She saw it slide off the printer out of the corner of her eye as she watched Archie leave the room. It read:

I love you.

She finished her note to Theresa before she left the room, so Archie would not think she was following him. She folded the note in half and walked across the hall to Theresa's room and slid it under her door.

It would be morning before Theresa would read Atlanta's note. The note read:

I forgive you

She placed another note under Archie's door, he would find it later that night, and it read:
I love you to

* Two weeks later*

Atlanta and Archie stood in the living room; Atlanta was holding Capi in her arms. The whole gang had grown to love Capi, but Archie and Atlanta were his favorites. He had even managed to get Athena to like him.

But yesterday they had gotten a call; his owner had seen one of their posters. Archie and Atlanta were waiting for the owner to come and pick him up. They heard a knock on the door to the brownstone house. Archie got up and answered the door.

They were shocked to find Athena standing in the doorway, with Herry behind her, Herry was holding all the posters Archie and Atlanta had put up.

"I am here to pick up my dog." Athena said with a smile, Atlanta held Capi closer to her and began to baby the little dog. Archie looked at her strangely.

"What he will make a good hunting dog!" Atlanta retorted at her defense.


Ok, Archie and Atlanta seem a little OOC to me, but I can't figure out a way to fix that and not have to get rid of Capi all together. Please rate and review.
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