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Captain Barbossa

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Loreley is sold as a slave to Captain Hector Barbossa. Contains one use of strong language

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Port Royal was a British colonial port town on the isle of Jamaica. I was thrown in front of what Her Majesty would have called ‘dirty old men’. And the bidding began.
“From the island of Donoussa...the Princess Loreley herself...” the auctioneer said. I closed my eyes and listened to the bidding. It was higher and higher by the second. Then finally it seemed a ridiculous amount, to me anyway.
“100 pounds!” a voice said. There was silence.
“Going once, going twice, sold!”

The man, a tall man with a feathered hat, roughly grabbed me and dragged me away from the crowd. It was only until we reached the docks, his grip loosened.
“Don’t try to run, yer Majesty,” he said in a calm, respectable tone.
“Why do you address me like that?” I asked, “I am your slave.” The man laughed and I examined him closely. He must have been almost six foot tall and had greying auburn hair. I knew it was auburn by the colour of his beard. He had icy grey eyes which seemed to pierce into my soul. I was assessing him like he was my Queen’s Consort. He was certainly worthy of being so; he had the body of a warrior, and a Donoussan woman, despite being a warrior herself, liked to have a man with a warrior’s body by her side.
“Princess, I merely rescued you from being another man’s whore,” he told me, “I be Captain Hector Barbossa.”
I nodded, “why pay so much money?”
“No man is prepared to pay more than ninety pounds fer a Donoussan; they have to make a profit ye see. I was told to rescue you.”
“By whom?” He looked around anxiously. People were looking at us. He led me to a boat docked at the port. It was a black ship with black sails...I recognised was the Black Pearl. He must have been one of the pirate captains her Majesty must have traded with.

On board the Pearl I was given comfortable quarters and some dresses to wear. One of the dresses was a deep red colour and I thought it was a quite beautiful piece of clothing. When I tried it on, I realised I did not look like a Donoussan at all. I looked like a...lady of the main islands, I was asked by two men, Pintel and Ragetti to see Captain Barbossa in his cabin, and took me to see him.

He looked somewhat different without that large feathered hat. His coat was draped across the bunk in one corner of the room and his vest was on the bunk too. His feathered hat was on the desk at which he was sitting.
“You wished to see me?” I asked him. He looked up from what he was doing.
“Aye...come here, Princess Loreley,” he told me. I walked over to him and he gestured for me to sit.
“I couldn’t believe my eyes really. Ian Mercer, Admiral Norrington and Lord Beckett alive ‘n’ well!” he murmured softly, as if he was talking to himself instead of me. I sat down opposite him.
“What do you mean, Captain?” I asked.
“Somethin’ is bringin’ all our enemies back to life! And that is bad news fer me.”
“Why you?”
He raised his eyebrow, “Loreley, I bought ye fer a reason. I be a dyin’ man and I have been told- by many a person- that I need to sire a child before I die.” I gave him a strange look. He had not answered my question.
“You want you can...procreate?” I asked. I was a little sketchy on these details of procreation, but I knew there was a rather physical union between a man and a woman.
“I gather ye be not sure on the details, so I won’t be takin’ more from ye than ye want.” I nodded.

From that day on, he did not mention it again, but he took the time to tutor me in the ways that pirates used their swords and their handheld cannons, which I learnt to be called guns; the specific kind of gun Barbossa and his crew, seem to use was called a flintlock pistol. He handed me a light looking sword, something similar to what my sister, Princess Ida, had used.
“It’s the perfect choice for a lass such as yerself,” he told me, “light but sharp.” I nodded and tested its weight. I then looked down at my dress.
“Am I really in the proper attire, Captain?” I asked him.
He smiled, “I wouldn’t be complainin’ if ye decided to take it off.” I took off my shoe and threw it at him, but he missed. I dropped the sword.
“Fine then!” I said, and without dignity, begun to unfasten the dress. My actions triggered the wolf whistles and cat calls of the crew, but they died down when a strange looking ship, called the Empress was coming close. Barbossa spun round and barked out some orders. He looked slightly panicked.
“What is it?” I asked, fastening the ties on my dress, whilst trying to get the shoe I threw at him back on my foot.
“It be the Pirate King,” he told me.
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