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Barbossa's Loreley

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Loreley meets King Elizabeth Turner...and gives herself to Barbossa

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“You have a king?” I asked out of curiosity. Barbossa nodded.
“Now, Cap’n Turner may not look much but trust me, the good Cap’n has what we sea dogs call the Kiss o’ Death,” he told me. I was about to ask what the hell the ‘Kiss of Death’ was, when a petite, tan, blonde woman stepped on board the deck of the Black Pearl. All of Barbossa’s crew (and himself), bowed.
“Loreley,” he hissed. I sunk into a quick curtsey.
“Yer Majesty,” he said, straightening himself up, greeting the Pirate King (or should it be Queen?) with a familiarity between them.
“Captain Barbossa,” she replied with a warm smile on her face. It was only then I noticed she was pregnant. Judging by the size of her swollen abdomen, she must have been nearly eight months pregnant.
“Ye received my message which I left in Port Royal.”
“You could have waited for a few more hours. That way, my crew could have stayed at Port Royal whilst you took me to Shipwreck Cove.” I had no idea what they were talking about. Barbossa took her by the arm and led her to his cabin. I noticed the other ship had left. Barbossa’s First Mate was at the helm. Was I the only one who did not know what was happening?

“Who is she?” I asked Pintel, as we watched Ragetti chase after the Capuchin Monkey that Barbossa kept as his pet. There was a look of shock on the crewmember’s face but he explained anyway.
“The Pirate King...or Queen...whatever; her name be Elizabeth Turner; she and Barbossa are quite close. He was the one who gave her a taste of what it was like to be a pirate. Her name was Elizabeth Swann, but she married a blacksmith, who is now Cap’n of the Flying Dutchman. She’s heavily pregnant with her husband’s child- they can only spend one day every ten years on shore together, and Barbossa promised to look after her and the child.”
“He’s in love with her?”
“What makes ye think that, eh?”
I smiled, “I am a woman, Pintel. By how gentle and polite he was.”

Barbossa looked at the heavily pregnant Elizabeth, who was sitting down, her hand on her stomach.
“I cannot thank you enough, Captain,” she was saying, looking up at her old friend.
“With Turner gone, and only God seems to know what Sparrow be up would be me, wouldn’t it? The redhead, by the way, is Princess Loreley of Isla Donoussa.”
“A Donoussan? To tend to my needs? My, my, Barbossa, you have outdone yourself.”
“Put it this way, Mrs. Turner, it was lucky I bought her, otherwise, she would have been bought by some lusty aristocrat who would only want her fer sex.”
“I am surprised you have not actually lain with her yet.”
“I be tryin’ to be a gentleman about it.”
Elizabeth laughed, “you, Hector, a gentleman?!” Barbossa cringed when Elizabeth called him that. She rarely did. So his intention for buying Loreley was for her to help the Pirate King during the late months of her pregnancy and the early days of motherhood, but he did think the princess was beautiful anyway. She would make him decide whether he deemed her worthy of his love. He also wanted to know if she had abundance in natural ‘talent’. But nevertheless, she was a Princess...even if she was the last one of her kind.

Barbossa asked me to join him in his cabin that evening. Elizabeth, that blonde woman, had already retired for the night, and he seemed rather...calm. Too calm for my liking, but to be honest, I did not mind. He handed me a glass of wine.
“Thank you,” I said, taking a sip of it. He smiled.
“Loreley,” he told me softly, taking the glass from me.
“Yes?” He kissed me firmly on the mouth and I let out a little gasp. This was not what I expected! A man would never do this to a woman back home. But I did not want to let go of him; unfortunately, he pulled away, and I examined him. His breathing was rapider than before, his pupils dilated. He wanted me. And I wanted him. Her Majesty, and Nalahia, would have found him acceptable for the third daughter, who did not really matter; and for that, I was glad.
“Hector,” I whispered. He kissed me again, but this time more frantically, and he begun tugging at his belt. My hands of their own accord were helping him. He picked me up and made my legs part around his waist. We fell onto his bunk, and his hands were busy trying to get my dress off my back. I closed my eyes and then I felt a tear. I let out a startled cry, a couple of tears springing to my eyes. Barbossa looked down at me, thrusting into me. I was finding this painful, but as his thrusts became less...determined, and he was clasping my body to his, it was becoming more and more pleasurable. I looked up at him, but he seemed too involved in whatever he was doing.
“Oh thank ye Calypso...” he mumbled into my shoulder.
What? I thought, wondering what on earth he was on about. A feeling of intense pleasure washed over to me and I cried out, not sure whether it was a scream or not. Barbossa was getting faster and harder, and I realised he too was near the point of ecstasy. I let him ride me until he collapsed beside me, a sweat clinging to him. His shirt was transparent and I traced the lines of his chest. He had not succeeded in getting me out of my dress. But as I moved I saw there was blood on the bed linen and I panicked.
“Captain,” I said. He sat up and saw my paling face. He cupped my face and kissed me softly on the lips.
“I’m bleeding...”
“It be because ye were a virgin, Princess; but ye gave yerself to me. All lasses bleed the first time. It be only natural.” I nodded, and I felt tiredness crash over me like a rogue wave, and I fell asleep against Barbossa’s chest.
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