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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

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Authors Note:
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Gerard's Perspective

After a fairly awkward departure from Mikey, I made my way to my first class, keeping to myself and trying my very best to camouflage into the walls. The hushed whispers and stares weren't as avoidable or unnoticeable as I hoped they would be and they seemed to burn into me, eat me away like the darkness and I was left for the vultures called classmates like dead meat, just waiting to be eaten alive.

On numerous occasions that morning I considered just ditching school, Mom would understand hell she might of even enjoyed the company, but I convinced myself that I was stronger than that; that I could show them that I didn't give a fuck. I was wrong.

The constant battle with my mind and peers left me defeated. I was tired, so fucking tired and I didn't think I would last the day. My lack of sleep was really getting to me and by third period Math, my eyes were burning and my head sunk to the desk against my will. I considered just falling asleep, knowing that the loud shrill of the bell would wake me from my slumber but I didn't want to chance having another nightmare here; school, of all places.

Reluctantly, I pulled my heavy head from the desk, picked up my chewed pen and kept my eyes peeled open. I focused on the most important task at hand; staying awake.

Still, the whispers and stares were ever present; burning into me like always.

When the period was eventually over, I scrambled out of my chair, pushing it back against the lino floor and I flinched at the horrific screeching noise it made. I decided to hang back and wait for the halls to clear before making my way to my next class. I double checked my timetable to make sure that it was indeed French and I sighed as I left the classroom into the clear hallways and made my way to the Modern Language department.

French was... bearable. The classroom was small and filled with way too many people, something I didn't approve of that entire well. I reluctantly made my way to the far back left of the classroom, failing miserably to ignore the other students constant whispers and stares. I sunk down into the cheap plastic chair, dropping my bag to the floor and just wishing that somehow maybe the wall would swallow me whole. Instead, French passed in a blur of confusing words, boring voices and snide comments and I was all too glad to leave the dreary classroom behind me for the day.

I saw Mikey once or twice throughout the rest of the day; we would share a smile and go our separate ways. I spent my lunchtime in the Art department that I had quickly grew very fond of. The teachers seemed to be the nicest teachers there could be despite my lack of conversation with them. I spent my time in one of the classrooms, sketching in my sketch pad and just generally distancing myself from other people to avoid unnecessary human contact. I was reluctant to leave at the end of lunch but knowing I had to, I made my way to fifth period Biology with a determined scowl on my face and my head down.

Fifth period Biology and last period English passed in a blur. One minute I was sitting on a lab stool labelling a picture of the human lungs and the next minute I was stumbling through the wooden school doors, breathing in fresh air and shrinking away into the sidewalk. There were just too many people for my comfort zone, the constant whispers and stares were ever present and my paranoia had tripled since the morning, something I really didn't need under the circumstances.

Deciding I was too tired to waste any more time thinking, I trudged through the cold bitter air towards the school parking lot to wait for my younger sibling.

The ride home with Mikey was endurable. He was still his overly bubbly self and I was still trying to disappear in the car seat. I listened to Mikey babble on about his school day as I let my head fall against the cold window, watching the trees blur by.

Soon enough Mikey's voice was nothing but a background noise as my eyes drooped and I yawned intensely. My muscles tightened as I stretched into the seat, rubbing my eyes furiously to keep myself awake.

"You okay, Gee? You look a little pale..." Mikey asked frowning slightly as he looked me over.

"Mmm? I'm fine Mikes." I rasped out and I gave him a small smile. I got another disapproving look from my younger brother and I swear I felt as though he was the older sibling sometimes. I brushed myself off as I ducked out of the car after Mikey. I slung my bag over my right shoulder and followed him into the house, heading straight for the kitchen as Mikey wandered off to his room.

"Hi Mom." I said as I made my way to the kettle, dropping my bag beside the table before flicking the switch on to boil. I got myself and Mikey each a mug from the cupboard before spooning the coffee beans and sugar into them. I turned and leaned my back against the counter tapping my fingers on the edge.
"Hello Gerard, how was school?" My mother asked before taking a sip of her milky coffee. Her blonde hair was pulled into a messy bun and she seemed tired. I began to worry but didn't let it show too much.

"It was good, you know just the same old. How was your day?" I asked crossing my arms over my chest waiting for her response.

"Oh, it was fine!" she ushered with a wave of her hands, "Dinner should be ready soon, okay?"

"Mhmm," I hummed as I poured boiling water into each mug before stirring them. "I'm not hungry but I'll go check if Mikey's okay with it." I said before running off to Mikey's room, coffees in hand.

When nine o'clock tolled around Mom and Mikey departed to their rooms, insisting that they were just too tired to watch another film, both yawning as they closed their bedroom doors behind them.

I slumped lower into the hardwood of the kitchen chair, my fingers twitching against the table top and I looked around the kitchen for a distraction.

It was going to be another long night and I wasn't sure I could hold out much longer.

Even if it's just hateful criticism.. I think there's gonna be a chapter in Franks perspective soon so that should be good aye? Thoughts/comments?....
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