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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

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Authors Note:
Yeah so, here you go. This is pretty much a filler, you know, introducing Frank into it and all that. I promise this will get better and not seem so slow. I still have to edit this so just ignore all typos and mistakes for now please. For now just enjoy my lovelies.

Frank's Perspective

"Fucking hell," I breathed into the ice cold night air, shoving my left hand deeper into my hoodie pocket as my other trembling hand brought my cigarette up to my dry lips. I inhaled the cancer stick greedily, the nicotine rushing through my blood and I sighed, breathing the smoke out through my mouth. 

It was dark outside, almost three in the morning. The cold October air nipped my cheeks and turned my fingertips numb. Like every other night I couldn't fucking sleep and I was subdued to spend another night out in the wretched cold, shivering and consuming an alarming amount of cancer sticks. 

I had been standing under an old oak tree in my backyard for almost over half an hour clad in thick pyjama bottoms and a thin hoodie. I cursed myself for wearing such a lack of clothing on a night like this. 

Three cigarettes later and I decided that the coldness of the night was just too much to handle and I crushed the cancer stick on the ground under my converse clad foot. With an aggravated sigh I headed back to my small house, closing the back door behind me softly. I trudged through to the kitchen flicking the overhead light and kettle on, my teeth knocking against each other as I shivered. 

I made myself a cup of milky coffee and rubbed my face with the palms of my hands. "Fucking insomnia," I muttered to myself before bringing the warm coffee mug to my lips and sipping it slowly. I was still fucking cold and just generally pissed off; I just wanted to go to sleep or at least for more than an hour each night. 

An hour later and still severely pissed off I made my way back outside only this time, with another hoodie and thick jacket on as well. I also had a few more ciggies with me and a hot mug of coffee and I sat outside on the back door step, sipping my coffee and smoking my cancer stick. It was still cold out but I found it easier to bear with my two extra jackets on. I placed with now empty mug beside me on the step before resting my hand in between my legs to keep them warm as I took greedy drags on my cigarette. I was so fucking hooked to these things and I found it hard to give a shit considering all the dangers they brought with them. "Fuck it," I breathed out in an unhumorous laugh. 

I scanned the streets of New Jersey realising they were so dark this late at night, or morning
considering how you look at it. The only light coming from the shabby streetlights, other than that it was pretty much just dark, endless streets and I shivered at how silent and eerie it actually was. Who knows what or who could be lurking in the bushes, waiting to pounce? I then laughed at myself; I was seventeen, not fucking six. I had to man the fuck up I thought as I shook my head at my own stupidity. 

I was quite content sitting there on the small step, I had always loved night time and I grew fonder of it as I found it more difficult to sleep and I had been spending most nights out here for the past three years. Three years, three fucking years was a long time to have such horrible sleeping patterns and difficulties but I was used to it and just accepted it like the man I was. 

I trailed my eyes back out across my backyard and the streets behind it again and for the first time that night, I realised that there was one single light glowing from a house opposite mine, three doors down to the left and I was fucking shocked that someone was up at such a strange hour.

And then I noticed that it was the Way's household; Mikey and Donna way, mother and son. They were a nice family, despite it only being them; they were nice all the same. I had spoken to Mikey often during school, I mean we were in the same year and we would sit together in classes but we weren't considered best friends. He was a good kid though, better than half the stupid fucks that bombarded the hallways of the school. "Fucking twats," I breathed into the air. 
I was baffled and somewhat curios as to why Mikey or Donna were up at such an hour, there was still an hour left until I had to get ready for school and I was certain Donna worked as a writer at home. My confused thoughts as I trudged back into my house and I was certain they would stay with me the whole day.

A few hours later and I were driving myself to school, I knew it how dangerous it was to drive having no sleep but I found it hard to give a genuine fuck. The drive was silent and felt as though it was hours long and I was glad when I saw Ray standing outside the school entrance waiting for me, surely Bob would be making an appearance soon too. 

I slid from the car, locking it behind me and walked up to Ray, my hands deep inside my pockets and my head low. I fucking hated this place, it was so shit and was filled with complete arse holes but Ray and Bob made it that little more bearable, even though we skipped more than often. 

Ray greeted me with a faint punch to the shoulder muttering something unintelligible about my height and I scowled at him, he was so childish but I knew he was joking. The fucker. 
We made our way into school through the large wooden doors while Ray muttered on about his cat or something like that; I wasn't even fucking listening to him. I was too preoccupied with keeping my head low, and making myself look invisible and unnoticeable. I was no bully victim; don't get me wrong, I just fucking hated this wretched place and all the fuckers in it. I'd rather be unnoticed in the background than have to interact with them. Still, Ray babbled on about his undying love for his ginger cat and I "mmm'd" and snickered whenever was necessary. I wouldn't be surprised if he confessed making out with the god damn thing, he sure loved it enough. 

Ray trailed off once he realised I wasn't really up for a conversation so we trudged through the hallways in silence, meeting Bob outside his first class on the way. I had a different first class from Ray and Bob so when the bell rang loudly, echoing through the deserted hallways, I departed from my friends, planning to meet with them for lunch.
I walked through the cold hallways, dreading the long day that was to come. 

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