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Chapter Sixteen - Heartbreak's One Hell Of A Bitch

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Poison was shocked. He'd no idea that they'd gone through that.

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A/N Hey! As you can tell, I ended up having time to write a chapter, it's a little more on the filler side, but in a couple chapters, A LOT of shit will be happening! Thankies to Lenorebear and mychemicalbitchbot for reviewing the last chapter! Sorry if there's any typos or mistakes. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Sixteen - Heartbreak's One Hell Of A Bitch

When Kobra woke up, he expected to see Static lying next to him, but he was the only one in the bed. He spotted a note that was on her pillow with his name on it. He opened it and started reading the words she'd written on the page.

As you read this, I'll be miles away from here. Me, Cherri and Rose felt like it was time to move on from the diner since we don't have a purpose here anymore. The time we spent together was amazing, and I can gaurentee you that I'll never forget it. I've loved every second we've shared together.
I hope that one day I'll see you again, I know that I will. I'm sorry I didn't tell you about it, but we didn't want to risk Grace finding out because we knew that she'd try and convince us to stay.
I know that the letter I'm writing to you is short, but I just don't know what to say anymore. Good luck with everything, Kobra. You're an amazing Killjoy.
All my love
- Static Angel, Iris Ramone

A stray tear ran down Kobra's face. She'd left and he hadn't even told her that he loved her yet. He'd let her runaway from him and he'd screwed up at his chance at being with her.

Poison felt a little worn out after he'd slept with Acid the night before. He smiled at the memory. He thought that she'd be in bed with him, but when she wasn't, he just figured that she'd probably gone to get some breakfast.
He left the room and looked around in the living room. He was wearing some old sweat pants and nothing else. He looked in the kitchen, but again, she wasn't there.
"Acid?" He shouted.
There was no reply.
When he walked back into the living room, Ghoul and Jet were sitting on the couch.
"Hey, Poison. Did you and Acid have fun last night? It sounded like it." Ghoul said with a smirk on his face.
"Whatever. Have you seen Acid? She wasn't here when I woke up."
"Nope, haven't seen her."
Death walked in drinking a bottle of water.
"Death, have you seen your sister?"
Death shook her head. "No, why? Is something wrong?"
"No one's seen her and she's not in our room."
"How long have we been staying here now?" Death asked, thinking she knew what was going on.
"A few months, why?" Poison asked.
"I know where she is and why she left."
"First, you have to promise not to get mad at me or Acid."
"I promise."
"A couple years ago, Acid was caught BL/ind, but she . . . she wasn't herself at the time. A lot of shit had been going on she was suffering from really bad schizophrenia. She heard voices in her head and they eventually became people with names and faces, she started to see them. They were telling her that she had to kill herself, that the world would be a better place without her in it. She tried to kill herself a couple of times, but I caught her before she did it."
Poison was shocked. He'd no idea that they'd gone through that.
"Anyway, eventually, she had enough and she wrote me a letter saying that she was going to Battery City to let Korse finish her off. She was taken by them, but they tried to make her a Battery City citizen. They gave her some meds to stop her seeing the halusinations, and when they finally went away, she stole all the meds she could carry and she escaped. She found me again and she had to take her pills daily, but after a year or so, I suffered from it, too. It wasn't as bad as Lexia- I mean Acid's but, I still had voices in my head. We had to take small boxes of the pills every couple of months. That was why we were in Battery City the day we came here, that was why I got shot."
"You're schizophrenic?" Ghoul asked.
"Yeah, I am. The voices don't tell me to kill myself or hurt myself, they just talk to me."
"How long have you not had your pills?" Poison asked her.
"We ran out yesterday. I haven't heard the voices yet, but if Acid doesn't come back by tomorrow, then I'll probably start hearing them."
"I swear to God if something happens to her . . ." Poison trailed off.
Kobra walked through the door with a sad look of his face.
"What's wrong?" Jet asked him.
"Nothing. I'm fine." He almost growled.
"You're clearly not, what's wrong?" Jet asked again.
"You want to know what's wrong? Okay, I lost the girl I love because I didn't fucking tell her that I loved her and she got up and left."
"What? Who are you in love with?"
He paused. "Static Angel."
"You're in love with Static? Since when?"
"Since Acid was shot and you, me and Static got drunk. I kissed her and we . . . y'know . . . had sex."
"What?" Ghoul giggled.
"I really liked her, I liked her the first time I saw her and I wanted to be with her, but she wanted to be friends with benefits, so I agreed."
"Hold on, you've been fucking her all this time and we haven't even noticed?" Ghoul asked.
"We were just good at hiding our relationship."
"Fuck, nice." Ghoul tried to compliment.
"I should've told her that I loved her. If I did she might not've left."
"Don't beat yourself up, besides, she'll have to come back at one point because of Grace." Jet tried to comfort him, but he obviously failed.

"Cherri, Rose, I need to talk to you both."
"Um . . . okay, what about?" Rose asked.
"I found out some news the other day and it's pretty fuckin' life changing."
"Is it good or bad?" Cherri asked, worried about her sister.
"It depends on how you look at it. You just have to promise not to be mad at me, okay?"
"Okay, we promise."
"I-I'm having a kid."
"Wait . . . you're pregnant?" Cherri asked.
"Who's the fuckin' father?" Cherri shouted.
"You promised you wouldn't get mad."
"That was before I found out that my sister was pregnant! Who's the father, Static? Oh fuck, you don't know, do you? You don't know who the father is. Or is there more than one possible father? Fuck, Static, why the fuck did you even get pregnant?"
"Of course I know who the father is! How could you even ask that? And no, there aren't possible fathers, I know who it is and he doesn't love me so there's no point in even telling him."
"Holy fuck, Static. You're fuckin' pregnant?" Rose said.
"I wouldn't be saying that I'm pregnant if I wasn't knocked up, Rosie."
"Then who's the father?" Cherri asked, she was determind to know who'd gotten her sister pregnant so she could kick their ass.
"I don't want to say."
"It's not like we're near them, it's just you, me and Rose."
"I don't want to say, Cherri."
"Static just tell me!" She shouted again.
"Fine you want to know who the father is? The father's Kobra Kid, okay!" Static was now crying, but her hormoans were all over the place, so that was partly the reason why she was crying. Cherri felt guilty about making her sister cry, but Static wasn't crying because of her sister.
"How far along are you?" Cherri asked, calmly.
Static sniffed. "I'm four weeks pregnant."
"Does Kobra know?"
Static shook her head. "That's why I wanted to leave, I couldn't tell him. Besides, it's not like he's in love with me or anything."
"Do you love him?"
Static nodded.
"Did he say that he didn't love you?"
"No, but I can tell. If he loved me then he would've said by now."
"So you're being Static and jumping to conclusions again? For all you know he could be head over heels in love with you and you've just left him."
"He doesn't love me, Cherri."
"You should tell him that you're pregnant. It's not just your baby, Static, it's Kobra's too and he has a right to know about the baby you're carrying."
"Cherri, please just respect the fact that I can't tell him. I don't want to tell him and I won't. I've already messed up my life as a Killjoy by getting pregnant. I can't ruin his life, too."
"Is it was you really want?" Cherri said.
"Yeah, it is."
Cherri sighed. "Then I guess we're gonna have a little Killjoy running around here soon."
Static smiled through her tears and hugged her sister. She knew Kobra would find out about his and Static's baby eventually. She just begged that he'd take it okay for her sister's sake.
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