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Chapter Nineteen - Camping

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He could only just tell that instead of having blood and guts, it was all tiny wires and electrical sparks.

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A/N This is where the drama begins, it might not seem like it, but because of this chapter, LOTS of things will happen. I'll probably update again tonight, I've written quite a lot of chapters today . . . anyways thankies to Lenorebear for reviewing the last chapter and please review if you can, I love knowing what you think of the story so far! There is a point in the chapter where there is a video and I'll give you link if you want to watch it, but if you don't then the story will still make sense, so bassicly, the video's optional. This chapter included, the next couple of chapters are very loosely based on the Na Na Na music video, but I've changed parts of it for fanfiction purposes. Sorry for any mistakes or typos. I'll shut up know 'cause I've just realised this is quite a long Author's Note. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Nineteen - Camping

Jet woke up at five in the morning because of the heat when he noticed something odd. It was a noise coming from the diner it sounded like a . . . buzzing noise? No, that couldn't be right, things like flies were rarely in the desert, it was mainly Battery City.
With out thinking, Jet crushed the fly with the first thing he found, but when he looked at it, the fly didn't look like a normal fly. He could only just tell that instead of having blood and guts, it was all tiny wires and electrical sparks.
Kobra walked into the room wearing a pair of skinny jeans and no shirt, he saw Jet studdying something closely and he walked over to him, courious as to what his friend had found.
"What is it?" Kobra asked.
"A fly, but it's got wires and shit like that. I might be tired, but even I can tell that is not a normal fly."
Kobra knew that it had BL/ind written all over it already.
"BL/ind." Kobra said.
"What?" Jet was confused.
"I'm betting BL/ind has something to do with it. What else could it fuckin' be?"
"Should I wake up Poison and Ghoul?"
"Yeah." Kobra agreed.
Jet knocked on Poison and Acid's door, he entered the room only to be horrified by what he saw.
Acid was naked, her breasts were on display and he could see her legs, but, luckily, the sheet covered the area around her hips. Jet could see all the hickies on her neck and legs. Poison had an arm wrapped around her waist and he could clearly see the scratches on his back. They'd fucked last night. Hard.
"My fucking eyes!" Jet shouted covering his eyes with both his hands.
Acid and Poison jumped in bed. Acid almost screamed when she realized that Jet had seen her almost completely naked. She covered her breasts with the sheet and Poison sat up.
"Fuck, Jet, why the fuck didn't you knock?" Acid asked, her face had gone bright red and she was embaressed beyond words.
"I did knock! Fuck, are you both covered up yet?"
Jet took his hands away from his eyes and looked at the embaressed couple.
"What's all the screaming about?" Death yawned, but when she saw her sister in bed with Poison, she knew why Jet'd screamed.
"I don't even wanna begin to know what you saw, so I'm not even gonna ask." Death said to Jet.
Ghoul and Kobra were now standing behind Jet and Death.
Ghoul grinned widely at them. "So, what'd you two do last night?"
Acid groaned. "What do you fuckin' think? Jet how much did you see and be honest."
Death put her hands over her ears, not wanting to know what Jet had seen. "Um . . . a lot."
Acid blushed an even deeper red than before. She knew that her breasts had been on show.
When none of them moved, Acid snapped.
"Do you just wonna take a fuckin' picture?"
They all took the hint and they walked away from their bedroom. Death closed the door behind her to give her sister and her boyfriend some privacy after the embarassing incident that'd just happened.
Acid burried her face in her pillow, mortified.
"I can't believe that just happened."
"C'mon, worse things could happen."
"One of your best friends, and one of my best friends, just saw my tits and hickies. It's not like your best friend just saw your tits and hickies. You have pretty bad scratches, but compared to me that's kinda fucking nothing."
"Don't worry about it, it's not the first time something like this has happened. I walked in on Ghoul and his ex girlfriend while they were having sex. Atleast we weren't doing it while they walked in."
"It's the first time it's happened to us. A couple months ago I'd never had sex and I just got caught in bed with my boyfriend."
"At least it wasn't my perants or something like that."
"I think they'd hate me if they found me in bed with their son."
"They'd love you, maybe not if they found us in bed, but they'd love you once they got to know you."
"I think my perants would be over protective to begin with, but I think they'd like you. My dad always said that when I got a boyfriend that he'd have to like them before I kissed them. I was only a kid, but that's why I never kissed a guy because of what my dad said." She smiled sadly at the memory.
He hugged her, knowing that she missed her perants. When Acid lost her mother and father, it'd cut her deeply and Poison knew how she felt about it.
"I love you." He said, he knew that she needed to hear those words right now.
"I love you, too." He kissed her quickly then they got up out of bed and got dressed.

Once they were dressed, Poison and Acid walked into the diner and they were all still observing the fly.
"What's the big fucking deal? There was a fly in here, so what?" Death said.
"It's got wires in it, whatever it is, it's deffinately not a fly, not a normal one, anyways." Ghoul told his friend.
Dr. Death walked in with an old beat-up t.v., it was no bigger than fifteen inches and it looked like it was from the 1970's.
"I think this should explain it, Acid could you help me plug it in?"
Acid took the t.v. off of Dr. Death's lap and she pluged it into one of the sockets.
To begin with, the screan was blank, but then Fact News came on. Fact News was the only news channel in Battery City. (A/N Here's the link if you wanna watch it: It explained that they were realesing flies into the city and in the Zones for 'their own protection' because they had cameras inside them and they could detect where people were, but they knew it was so BL/ind could find Killjoys.
"So it was BL/ind?"
"What if that means Korse's found us? I mean, it did find us here, and I know that Jet killed it, but what if it already alerted BL/ind or some shit like that?" Death said, worried.
"Fuck, it's possible." Poison said.
"What should we do?" Acid wondered.
"We could wait, but they could show up with a million different Dracs and kill us."
"What if we go camping in the desert?" Grace asked. "That way, if they do show up, they'll see that we weren't there and they'll think that we left."
Poison thought about it.
"That doesn't sound bad."
"Dr. Death could you send out a transmission telling everyone about the flies?" Death said.
"Sure, kid." Dr. Death did the transmission while they all planned out what they were gonna do with the camping trip.

"Look alive, sunshine. One o'nine in the skies, but the pigs won't quit. You're here with me, Dr. Death Defying. I'll be your surgeon, your procter, your helicopter. Pumping out the slaughtermatic sounds to keep you alive, system failure for the masses, anit-matter for the master plan! Louder than God's revolver and twice as shiny. This one's for all you rock 'n' rollers, all you crashqueens and motorbabies. Listen up! The future is bulletproof, the aftermath is secondary, it's time to do it now and do it loud. Killjoys, make some noise!"
"Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na . . ." The music sang.
When Dr. Death finished the transmission, he left the record on. He knew that it would continue playing until it stopped, he hoped that if the Draculoids or Korse was listening, then they would think that they were all still at the diner and come after them.
That was the last transmission he did before he left with Death, Acid and Show Pony.

"I don't wonna leave you." Poison wrapped his arms around his girlfriend.
"I know, but we've already agreed. You, Jet, Ghoul, Kobra and Grace are staying in one part of the Zones and me, Death, Show Pony and Dr. Death are staying in a different part. It's better if we're spread out, it was your idea that we were spread out."
"I know, but I didn't think that you'd be separated from me."
"It's only for the night, don't worry about it. Everything'll be fine. I promise." Acid promised her boyfriend.
"I'm gonna miss you."
Acid smiled. "It's better if we're apart for a night, we can't be distracted and, trust me, if I was there I'd be a huge distraction. It'd be the same if you were with me, you'd be a big distraction."
"I need a distraction." He said with a smile.
"Not tonight we don't. I love you."
"I love you, too."
He kissed her, not hesitating to put his tongue in her mouth. She happily accepted his tongue and she started to fight back against it with her own tongue.
"Ahem." Death pretended to cough.
Poison and Acid took the hint and parted their lips.
"We'd better get going. Look after Ghoul for me, he tends to get hyper around midnight, 'kay?" Death teased.
Poison chuckled. "We'll look after him."
"I heard that." Ghoul walked into the room and picked Death up.
"I don't need looking after."
"Yeah, and I'm a fuzzy pink unicorn called Daryl." Death said with sarcasm.
Ghoul started tickling her. Ghoul didn't care that she was fourteen, to him, you were never too young or old to be tickled.
"Ghoul! Stop!" Death said through fits of laughter.
"Can I look after myself?"
"If I say yes will you stop?"
Death sighed. "You can look after yourself."
"Yay!" Ghoul hugged Death, he quickly let go, exited about camping.
"I'll see you soon, okay?"
"Okay. I love you."
"I love you, too." Acid said for the last time before they left to go camping in the Zones.
Acid, Death, Show Pony and Dr. Death were going into the Zones first, then Poison, Jet, Ghoul, Kobra and Grace were going into the Zones.
Poison and Grace watched the car drive away. Poison wanted to say that everything was going to work out, that everything was going to be okay, but he couldn't help but feel that something was going to go wrong.

Korse carried on watching the fly travel from Battery City to the Fabulous Killjoys' hide out. He smiled when he saw it'd reached the hide out. But anger filled him when he saw Jet Star kill the fly.
He knew that ment they'd probably figured out by that point what the fly was doing there.
"Draculoid." Korse shouted.
Automacticly, a Draculoid was at his side.
"Find the Fabulous Killjoys and the child."
"And then what, sir?"
"Don not kill them, simply . . . injur the Fabulous Killjoys, leave them in the desert, then bring me the child. She is important and a vital part of this mission, do you understand?"
"Afermative." It's robotic voice replied.
"Good. Take this," he gave it a memory stick so they could watch the fly and where it'd traveled to."it will show you were they are. Send out our finest Draculoids and lots of them. I want you to bring me Acid Bullets, too. Send my regards to her when you see her. I want her alive, do not harm her, inject her with this to make her unconcious," He gave it a seringe and a liquid in a small container. "then bring her to me. Do not fail me, Draculoid."
"You have my word, sir, I will not fail you."
He smiled. "Good. Now, find them."

A few hours later, when Acid and the rest of then found a good place to camp, they set up their tents. Acid and Death had to share a tent because the Fabulous Killjoys needed more because there were more of them. The sisters didn't mind sharing a tent, they used to go camping a lot when they lived in Arizona with their mom and dad.
It was only two in the afternoon, so they didn't see the need to start the fire yet.
"Acid? You there?" The radio was on and it was clearly Poison's voice who was on the other end.
"Yeah, I'm here. Are you even in the car yet?"
"Yeah, we're just driving there now. Is everything set up?"
"Yeah. I swear, Death has become the girl version of Fun Ghoul. It's kinda funny watching her."
"Hey! I'm not the girl version of Ghoul, I'm waaaaayy too pretty to be compared to Ghoul." Death said with a mischievous grin on her face.
"Hey, I heard that!" Ghoul said from the other end of the radio.
"What are you gonna do about it? We're in completely different Zones, bitch. You can't tickle me anymore." Death giggled.
"Don't tempt me to make Poison turn this car around, Deathie."
"Deathie?" Acid asked her sister.
"It's an annoying nickname Ghoully's trying to piss me off with."
"She really is the girl version of Ghoul." Poison said.
"Party, I maybe thirteen, but I can still kick your ass. Acid trained me from a young age. I'm thinking of becoming a super secrate ninja who fights crime."
"Is she drunk?" Ghoul asked.
"I'm drunk on life, Ghoully."
"No, I think the desert air just went to her head." Acid said.
"Nu-uh, I'm drunk on life, Acie."
"Acie? Okay, maybe she is drunk."
"Fuck! Acid, we've got Dracs on our tail, we'll talk later, 'kay?"
"'Kay. Kick some ass. Love you."
"Love you." He said back then they stopped talking.

"Hey, Grace?" Ghoul asked her.
"You wonna help me fire this?" He held up a huge blaster so they could kill the Dracs who thought it was skillfull to hide in the dead bushes.
Grace was beaming with exitement, she nodded franticly.
"Grace, be careful." Poison warned her.
Ghoul held the blaster with her, they carefully aimed it at a Drac, then he let Grace pull the trigger.
She started laughing when she fired it. Ghoul smiled at Grace's laughter.
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