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Chapter Twenty - Somethings Are Just Bound To Go Wrong

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"Where's Acid Bullets?" The Draculoid had a gun pressed to Poison's head.

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A/N Last update for today. I'm pretty pleased with this chapter, there's more stuff going on this time x) Anyways, thanks to mychemicalbitchbot for reviewing last chapter! Sorry if there's any typos or mistakes. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Twenty - Somethings Are Just Bound To Go Wrong

When Poison, Kobra, Ghoul, Jet and Grace got to where they were going to camp, Poison and Ghoul started setting it up.
By the time they'd set up camp, it was pitch black outside and they'd just started a fire. They were all wearing their goggles and bandanas around the bottem half of their faces.
"Dad, did you hear something?" Grace asked, worried.
"What did you hear, Grace?"
"Something . . . moved in the bushes. I'm scared." She sat next to her father and he wrapped an arm around her.
"It's okay, we'll go see what it was, okay?"
He unraveled his arm around her and he grabbed a wooden plank he saw on the floor. He lit it on fire so he could see what was going on. Poison carefully walked towards the area where his daughter said the noise was coming from.
The rest of the Killjoys were walking behind him with their lazer guns ready to shoot.
It all happened too quickly for them to see it all. Four Draculoids jumped onto Poison. Kobra started shooting at them and Grace started crying.
In a couple of seconds, they thought that all Draculoid's were dead, when another one pounced onto Poison.
"Where's Acid Bullets?" The Draculoid had a gun pressed to Poison's head.
"Why do you want to know?"
"Just answer the question. Where is she?"
"I'm not telling you anything about her. Go to fucking hell." Poison spat in it's face.
The Draculoid knew that it was going to be difficult trying to get information out of him since he knew that Korse didn't want any of them dead, so it wasn't like the Draculoid could kill one of them to show that he was seirious. But then he remembered, he didn't say anything about hurting them, he just couldn't kill them.
A smile landed on the Draculoid's face behind it's mask, he was going to have some fun with them.

Static stroked her belly. She wondered what her baby would look like when they were born. A part of her wanted them to look like Kobra when they were born, but the other part hoped that they looked nothing like him. She wanted them to be as georgous as Kobra, but she didn't know if she'd be able to handle looking at them everyday and only seeing their father.
She didn't really care what they looked like, as long as they were healthy, nothing really mattered other than that.
Static wondered what Kobra was doing right now, she wondered if he thought about her a lot or if she just crossed his mind ever now and then. She thought that the second option was more likey than the first.
Cherri gave her sister a can of refried beens. Static groaned, not wanting to eat something she hated so much.
"Static, you've got to eat, you're eating for two now, not just for yourself."
"Me and the baby hate refried beans, they're fucking gross." Static complained.
"Static, think of the baby. They've got to be fucking starving in there, you've barely eaten the past couple of days. Is something wrong?"
"I just hate the fuckin' food. I love my baby, but I can't eat that shit anymore."
Cherri sighed. "Fine."
Suddenly, Rose came bursting though the door with a bleeding chest.
"Rose? What the fuck happened?"
"Dracs." She said.
Rose's breathing was uneven and she was gasping for air.
"Korse was with them . . . I had my mask on . . . he didn't know who I was."
Static tried to stop the bleading with a cloth, but the blood was still rushing out. They left all the medication with Dr. Death, they didn't have anything to help Rose.
"I'll go back to Dr. Death's. I'll get the medication." Static said.
"What about Kobra? You'll see him again." Cherri said.
"I don't care, saving Rose is more important." Cherri smiled at her sister. "You stay here with her, you know more about the human body than me." Static ran out into the dark desert and she started driving to Dr. Death's. Little did she know that Dr. Death's place was flooded with Draculoids. Why else would Korse have come out to the Zones? Static was unknowingly putting her and her baby in danger.

"Fuck!" Poison screamed as the Draculoid cut into his arm.
"Where's Acid Bullets?"
"Away from here." Fun Ghoul said. The Draculoid had more Dracs come so they could hold down the other Killjoys. They put up a fight, but the Draculoud was Korse's personal favourite Drac and he'd had them specially trained so they could fight Killjoys.
The Draculoid pressed a knife to Ghoul's neck.
"Talk one more time I promise you will regret it, Killjoy."
Ghoul rolled his eyes at the Draculoid's poor atempt to threaten him.
"Where is Acid Bullets? Or do you prefer for us to call her Alexandria?"
Poison spat in it's face for a second time.

Acid was worried sick, she'd been trying to get through to Poison, Kobra, Ghoul, Jet and Grace for a while, but there was never a reply.
"Ace, stop worring, I'm sure they're fine."
"But what if they're not, Show? What if . . . I don't know, what if Korse's trying to fucking kill them or some shit like that?"
"You need to stop worryin' 'bout your boyfriend, Ace. They're big boys, I'm sure they can look after 'em selves for a night or two. They're mature guys, Ace."
"Have you met Fun Ghoul? 'Cause he sure as hell ain't mature!" Death said, giggling while she was still slightly hyper.
"I'm just worried about them. I know that they'll probably be okay, but it's been a few hours and I want to make sure they're all okay. Particularly Grace, I miss her a lot."
"Gracie'll be fine, she'll be lookin' after 'em all. I miss Gracie, too, but we gotta stay strong if we wanna make it through the night, Ace. Think 'bout how glad you'll be to see Gracie 'n Poison. I remember how happy I was when I saw Layla, Claudia, Iris and Lynda when they went on a girl's weekend."
"Who's Lynda?" Death asked. They knew that Layla was his daughter and that Claudia and Iris were his step daughters, but he'd never spoken of a Lynda before.
"Lynda was ma wife. Lynda was Claudia and Iris's momma."
"What happened to Lynda?"
Dr. Death was quite, Death thought that she's struck a nerve.
"Sorry, if you don't want to say-"
"'S not that, kid. Lynda's in Battery City. She became one of 'em."
"What was Lynda like?"
A small, sad smile placed it's self on Dr. Death's face. "She was my Lynda. She was a great mom, she was a great wife and she . . . she was just Lynda. She was incredible."
Acid could tell by the look on his face that he missed his wife.
"When me and Kristina, Layla's mom, got devorced, Lynda helped me through it. Me n Lynds had been friend for a real long time. Lynda and her husband got devorced the prievious year, so she knew what I was goin' through. Lynda's ex husband, Ricky, he was nothin' but an asshole." Death giggled when she heard Dr. Death say asshole. Death couldn't remember hearing him say it before. "Claudia and Iris never liked their popa, they only loved him because they felt like they had to and they were over the moon when they found out they were gettin' devorced. Iris 'n Claudia had called me dad since they were kids so they loved the fact that me and Lynds ended up gettin' married. Layla found it hard, she loved her momma and she didn't like Lynds to begin with, but she loved her after time. I just hated that I didn't see that my little girl was bein' abused by her step dad. That was when she found out she was havin' Gracie, she left 'n I didn't see her again for a real long time."
"I'm sorry about Layla and Lynda. That must've been hard." Acid said. Just the thought of her losing Poison and Grace scared her.
"I think 'bout 'em every day, but I remember the good times. I just wish that my little girl had time to live before she died young. She was only twenty four."
"Do you miss her?" Death asked, she thought it was a stupid question to ask, but it slipped out of her mouth before she could think about it.
"Not a day goes by where I don't think 'bout her. Gracie looks like her momma a lot. The only thing that keep me goin' is knowin' that she's in a better place. We'll get Lynda back, we gotta get her back one day and I can't wait til I get to see her again."
Acid was thinking about Poison and Grace for the rest of the night. She was thinking about how much she loved Poison, how much she loved Grace and what she'd been through. She promised herself that if they didn't get intouch soon, she'd try and find them. She needed to know that they were okay, especially after she talked to Dr. Death about his family.

A/N Sorry for the cliffhanger, but I couldn't resist x)
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