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Chapter Twenty One - Oh F*ck, We're In Deep Sh*t

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"You, my dear, are the very person we've been looking for." Her heart stopped. "Why?"

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Chapter Twenty One - Oh Fuck, We're In Deep Shit

"Poison?" Acid said into the Radio. "Poison, it's Acid Bullets, I need to know that you're okay. I've been trying to get through for fucking hours now."
The Draculoid grabbed the radio and brought it towards Party Poison.
"Tell her to come here."
"And if I don't?"
"That little girl of yours is going to suffer the consoquences. So, what will it be, Party Poison? Your girlfriend or your daughter?"
Fuck, he thought. He was being forced to chose between the two people he loved the most.
He looked at Grace. Her eyes were filled with tears and she was gagged so she couldn't talk. She was trying to say something, but he didn't know what. Grace was trying to say Save Acid, but she knew that he couldn't tell what she was saying. Grace's hands were tied behind her back and a Drac was holding her shoulders.
He couldn't let his daughter suffer, but then he started to think about what they'd do to Acid. Would they kill her? What if it was Korse who wanted her? What if he raped her again? He hated the thought of her going through that again because of him. He knew how much she'd been traumatized by her expirience.
"Are you chosing your girlfriend over your daughter with silence, Party Poison?"
"You're asking me to chose between my daughter and the love of my fucking life." He knew that there was no way he could chose.
"Poison, please. If you don't answer me, I'm coming down there."
Behind his mask, the Draculoid smiled. "Looks like we don't need you to talk after all."

When Static got to Dr. Death's, she was confused when she saw a ton of cars around it. Then she realized that they weren't just any cars, they were Draculoid cars. Her thoughts immidiately went to Kobra. Had they killed him? Was he dead? Had they killed Grace? Was Dr. Death dead?
She could feel her heart beating rapidly in her chest, she wanted to scream at the top of her lungs. Static was about to turn around when she saw that a Drac had spotted her. Her eyes widened in fear when the Draculoids started shotting at her car.
"Fuck!" She screamed.
She ducked behind the stearing wheel when a bullet made contact with the windsheld. It wasn't a lazer beam, but an actual bullet from a gun. Broken glass collapsed on her, leaving tiny scratches on her arms.
The Draculoids started running towards the car, and before Static could drive away, they opened the door and they dragged her out. She knew that it was over, but it didn't stop her from trying to escape. She kicked and screamed, trying to losen the Draculoids's grip on her.
"Let go of me! Just back the fuck off!" She screamed.
The Draculoids dragged her to Dr. Death's. They tied her hands behind her back and they gagged her. They sat her down on a char and they tied her feet to the bottem of it so she couldn't run away from them. She remembered her baby, the baby that was still growing inside her, the baby that hadn't even been born yet. Static knew that she would probably die, she was one of the most wanted Killjoys for fucks sake, she knew that ment her baby would die, too.
I'm sorry, kid. I'm so fucking sorry, Static appologized in her mind to her unborn baby. She knew that sorry didn't cut it, but she didn't know what else to say.
"We've found a Killjoy, sir." She heard a Drac say behind her. She wanted to turn around to see who it was, but she couldn't move since she was tied to the chair.
"Good work, Draculoid." She heard footsteps getting closer to her.
When she saw their face, her heart was beating faster than she'd ever felt it before. It was Korse.
"Why hello, Iris. How are you on this fine night?"
She glared at him. He losened her gag so she could speak.
"Fuck you." She said, still glaring at him.
"That is not how you treat guests, Iris. Tell me, how long have you been expecting now? You do not look very far along, but I am just curious."
"How the fuck did you-"
"Did you forget we have security cameras in the Zones? Tell me, Iris, who is the father of your child?"
"A one night stand, I don't know who he is." She lied.
"Oh really?"
"Because, I was under the impression that one of the Fabulous Killjoys was the father. So who was it, Iris? Raymond? Frank? Michael? Or was it Gerard? I know that Gerard is in love with Alexandria, but I am aware that the Fabulous Killjoys purchase a lot of alcohol."
"I told you, they were a one night stand. I've no idea who the father is."
"I want you do to a favour for me, Iris. I want you to get Alexandria Oliveson to come here. I know that she will come for you, you are friends after all."
"Why should I do you a favour?"
"Because, if you refuse, then I'll kill you and that child of yours."
She didn't believe him, she knew that it was only a threat. Static knew that Korse would want to know where Rose was, she knew that he wouldn't kill her for that reason.
"Yes, no. No is when someone doesn't want to do something."
"I know the meaning of the word no, Iris." He slapped her across the face leaving a red mark on her skin.
Korse walked into Dr. Death's room he used for transmissions and he grabbed the micro phone.
"Hello, Killjoys. This is Korse speaking, I have a message for Acid Bullets, known as Alexandria Oliveson. We have Static Angel here with us at Dr. Death Defying's hide out, if she does not come to us, then we will kill Static Angel. Good bye, Killjoys."

Kobra cringed when he heard that they had Static.
"What, Killjoy? You have a crush on Static Angel?" It mocked him.
"You don't know shit about me, so shut the fuck up." He said through clentched teeth.
"Exuse me?"
"You heard every fuckin' word I just said. Now just shut the fuck up."
"You had better shut up if you do not want me to kill you."
Kobra laughed.
"Kill me? You fuckin' wouldn't."
"Kobra, don't." Poison begged his brother.
"Why the fuck not? Go on then, kill me. I didn't shut up so now you have to kill me."
"Kobra!" Poison shouted.
"You loved her did you not, Killjoy? But she did not love you back. It is always a story like that. I believe that she is pregnant, maybe the child is yours."
Kobra didn't believe them for one second. "You're lying. It's the only thing you know how to do."
"This is no lie, Killjoy. Iris Ramone is having a child, she's two months pregnant if I am correct."
Kobra thought about it for a second, if she was pregnant, then the baby could be his, but he thought that the Draculoid was lying.
"Whatever." He groaned.
"Believe whatever you want to believe, Killjoy, but Iris Ramone is having a child."
He ignored it and he let his mind wander to Static. He wondered where she was, what she was doing, how she was feeling. He missed her, but he knew that it wasn't the time to wallow in his own self pitty, he tried to think of a way on how he could get out of the mess that they were now in.

Acid, Death, Show Pony and Dr. Death sat there all confused as to why Korse wanted Acid, Acid had the feeling it was because he wanted her again, she knew that Korse would want to destroy somthing that belonged to Poison, something that was valuble to him, maybe he wanted to hurt her. She tried not to think about it, she just wanted to know that they were all okay, that they were safe.
"I don't get it, why does he want you?" Show Pony said. Acid was wondered if she should tell them about what happened, but she didn't see how telling them that she was one of Korse's rape victims would help. She knew that it was a possiblity, but she didn't know if she could say,
"You got any idea why he'd want ya?" Dr. Death asked.
"Actually . . . I do."
"Spill." Her sister demanded.
"Just promise me that you won't freak out and try and give me your pity, because I hate thinking about it and I hate concentrating on it."
"Okay, we promise." Death said.
"When Korse killed our perants . . . after he ordered the Dracs to take you back inside to our home, Korse . . . did something to me that I couldn't tell you, you wouldn't have understood."
"Acid, what did he do?"
"I-I . . . He . . . Korse . . . raped me. I was raped by Korse."
"He WHAT?" Death shouted.
"You heard me, Death."
"How . . . I mean . . . just . . . what the fuck?" Death stood up and shouted.
"Death, I couldn't tell you, you were too young."
"I'm not mad about that, but the asshole fucking RAPED you! Why do you think he wants you because of that?"
"Poison's told me he loves me, Korse knows how much I mean to Poison. He might want to hurt me again, he knows that if he hurt me, he hurts Poison. That's why he might do the same thing again."
"It's possible." Show Pony admitted.
"Look, I say that we go to their camp to see what's going on, it's been hours since they replied, something's obviously wrong."
Dr. Death thought about it. "Okay, kid. Me 'n' Death'll stay here and watch out for more Dracs."
She hugged Dr. Death. "Thank you!"
He smiled. "Don't sweat it, kid."
"Why do I have to stay here?"
"Because you're fourteen, I can't risk you getting hurt. By the way, someone has to stay."
"Why can't Show Pony stay?"
"Because he's got better aim than you, no offence."
She groaned. "Fine, just be safe, okay?"
"Always am. I love you, little sister." She hugged her.
"I love you, too, big sister."
Acid pulled away and she got into the car with Show Pony. When they were driving, they noticed abandoned Drac cars. Something was wrong. Very wrong. Icredibly wrong.
"Show, I'm scared."
"I know, me too, Ace."
As they got closer, the more worried Acid became. She could feel her palms sweating and her heart beating at an alarming rate in her chest.
Acid put on her mask and bandana, hoping that they'd be okay.
When they got to the camp, there were about seven Dracs there.
The second Acid got out of the car, Poison's eye widened.
"Let them the fuck go." Acid spat to the one who seemed to be the leader of the group. His Draculoid uniform was covered in blood, she feared it was their blood.
"My dear, who are you?"
"None of your fuckin' buissness, let them go and there won't be any trouble." She glared at them.
"You are in no position to threaten me, Killjoy. Show yourself." He demanded. Acid remained still, not showing herself to the Drac. "Show. Yourself."
Ghoul started laughing.
"What, Killjoy?"
"You are so fuckin' dramatic. Well done, you won the fuckin' oscar." If his hands weren't tied together, he would've clapped.
The Draculoids ran a knife across Ghoul's chest, not cutting it, but the blade was simply dancing on his chest.
"If you do not show yourself, he will die, Killjoy. Your life is in your hands."
Acid hesitated, but when they were about to stab him, Acid spoke up. "Okay, okay! I'll show you my fucking face."
The Draculoid smiled behind it's mask.
"Don't!" Poison begged her.
"I'm not letting them kill Ghoul."
When Acid took off her bandana and mask, the Draculoid smiled again.
"You, my dear, are the very person we've been looking for." Her heart stopped.
"Korse has personally asked for you and the girl." It pointed to Grace. "You have great potential."
"Potential? Potential for what?"
"You see, Alexandria, you are a young, beautiful woman. With some addjustments, you could be a perfect romodel. Korse needs someone like that to be his wife, someone young girls could look up to. Of course, you would be on the Better Living Industries pills and you would need some minor addjustments."
"Korse's fucking WIFE? Are you kidding me?" She shouted.
"Any woman in Battery City would be honored to be the wife of our great leader, you should be thankful, Killjoy."
"Honey, we're not in Battery City anymore."
"But we will be."
"Why do you want Grace?"
"Of course Korse will need a young child, too. We will find Elizabeth, then Korse will have a family. He already has the story planned out, you will be his wife and she will be your sister who Korse saved from the Fabulous Killjoys in the dreaded Zones. He will be even more of a hero among Battery City."
Acid shook her head. "I'm not leaving with you. You'll have to kill me, but first, we have some unfinished buisness to do."
"And what would that be, my dear?"
Acid and Show Pony started shooting at the Draculoids that were holding down the Fabulous Killjoys. They all fell to the ground, but the main one got into a car and drove away before they could kill them.
When he left, Poison wrapped Acid and Grace in his arms while Grace cried. He wanted Acid to be his fucking wife and Grace to be his daughter? No, that wasn't right to him. Poison was with Acid and Poison was Grace's father, not Korse.
"Ssh, it's okay. He's not getting either of you. I promise." He kissed Acid's head and rubbed Grace's back. He'd never get them . . . at least that's what Poison told himself.
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