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Chapter Twenty Two - Keep Running

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When he looked down at his clothes he saw blood on his shirt, but not just any blood, it was[/ her/] blood. Acid's blood.

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A/N I fear that you might hate me by the end of this chapter, BUT it's all apart of the story! I won't be able to update as much as I usually do 'cause I've got some important tests coming up that I need to start revising for and I'm REALLY exited about it (sense the sarcasm). Sorry for any typos or mistakes and please review. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Twenty Two - Keep Running

Acid rested her head on Poison's shoulder with tear stained cheeks.
"So Korse couldn't get a girl of his own, so he's after mine?" He asked with a smile, trying to lighten the mood, but failing.
"I'm a year older than Elizabeth. He'll probably change my age so people don't see him for what he really is, a sick, twisted, pervert who rapes young girls."
"Why are you talking like he's going to get you?"
"Because he is, I can feel it. He's going to get me."
"No, he's not. I love you too much to let him get you."
"It doesn't matter. None of it matters anymore. It's pointless. We've been running, for like what? Seven years now and no one's even come close to taking BL/ind down."
"What are you saying? That you're just giving up?"
"I don't want to be a Killjoy anymore. I just want everything to be normal again. I want to live in a world where we could move in together in a nice house in a nice neighbourhood, a world where we could get married, a world where one day we could have kids, where we could grow old, all of that shit, but we can't! We can't live in that kind of world, we never can."
"Acid, don't say that. We will live in that world again, we will, but-"
"But what?"
"But we need to keep fighting."
"I'm tired of fighting, Poison. I'm sick of it. I've been fighting for too long now. I just can't do it, I'm sorry." Acid got out of the car, but Poison followed her and wrapped her in his arms.

"I'm dying, aren't I?" Rose asked Cherri. Rose's voice was weak and frail.
"No, Static'll come back soon and you'll be okay. I promise."
"It's not okay, Cherri. I'm dying. I can feel it."
Tears filled Cherri's eyes, but she still believed that Rose would be okay.
Rose could feel her heartbeat getting weaker and weaker. She could feel the coldness spreading in her body. It started in her feet until it spread to her legs, her stomach until it finally reached her heart. She could feel the coldness in her blood, more of it spread through her body with every beat of her heart. Her blood carried the coldness throughout her body and she could tell that they were her last moments.
"Make sure that Static's baby has everything I never did. Make sure that they know they're loved. I'll miss you Claudia." For once, Cherri didn't mind being called by her real name.
"You're not dying."
"Thank you for everything, Cherri. Thank you for helping me live a life that wasn't in Battery City, if it weren't for you and Static I'd be dead by now. Thank you, Cherri."
Cherri shook her head. She knew that Rose was dying, she just couldn't accept it.
"I'll see you on the other side someday." Rose smiled faintly at her. Rose filled her lungs with air for what she knew would be the last time. When she exhailed, she tried to breath again, but she couldn't feel her heart beating in her chest anymore. Slowly, Rose closed her eyes.
Cherri sniffed. "Rose?"
She didn't move.
"Rose, look at me. Please." She begged, but Rose didn't move. She was dead. Cherri burst into tears and held Rose's dead body tightly.
"I love you, too, Rosie. I love you."
She held Rose closely for a couple of minutes while she cried.

When Poison, Kobra, Jet, Ghoul, Grace and Acid got back to Acid's camp, they all immidately got into their sleeping bags. The Killjoys brought their sleeping bags with them, but they didn't have the time to bring their tents, too.
Acid made Grace and Death share her tent so they could get a better night's sleep. When Grace and Death were asleep, they started making plans on how to get Static out of Dr. Death's place so that she was away from Korse.
"I say that me, Show and Jet should create a distraction so that the majority of the Draculoids and Korse come out of Dr. Death's, then Kobra, Acid and Ghoul can get her out of Dr. Death's place." Poison suggested.
"Why can't I create the distraction?" Acid asked.
"Because it's dangerous."
"So you're in danger?"
"So it's too dangerous for me, yet it's a walk in the fucking park for you?" She asked, irritated.
"That's not what I said."
"It's what you're implying."
"I just don't want you to get hurt."
"So you don't care if anyone else gets hurts?"
"Acid, why are you fucking twisting everything I'm saying?"
"I'm not twisting it-"
"Yes you fucking are. I don't want anyone getting hurt, that's why I'm trying to make it the safest way we can do this as possible by using our best fighters to create the distraction."
"So you don't think that I'm a good fighter?"
"I never said that, I just think that me, Show and Jet have more expirience than you."
"So now I'm inexperienced?"
"Acid, you're not inexperienced!"
"Whatever, just get on with on the fucking plan."
"Why are you so pissed off all of a sudden?"
"Poison, get on with the plan."
"Anyway, then they'll probably be in the area for a couple weeks to make sure that we don't go back so we'll come back here, pickup Grace, Dr. Death and Death, then we'll go back with to Static's place where we'll stay for a few weeks."
"And you didn't wonder how I'd feel about all this?" Kobra asked.
"Look, we don't have much of a choice. You and Static'll just have to put up with eachother."
He sighed. "Fine."
"Alright lets go."
They all got into the car, but when they were about a hundred yards away from the diner, Acid, Ghoul and Kobra got out of the car so they could get to the back of the diner without being noticed. Poison, Jet and Show Pony drove to the front of the diner so they could get Korse's and the Draculoids' attention.
When they started shooting at them, they all shot them down one by one. When some Draculoids were gone, more would replace them. When there were barely any left, Korse came out of the diner.
"So nice of you to join us, Killjoys. It is a shame that Alexandria is not with you, though. I have been looking for her through out the Zones all day. Speaking of Alexandria, are you still her play toy, Party Poison?"
"Fuck you." Pioson spat.
"That is no way to treat a guest at your home, Party Poison."
"You're not a fucking guest, you're a fucking intruder."
"Alexandria is a very beautiful girl, Party Poison. I can see why you love her, but she is not meant to be with you. She meant to be with me, she would be a very respected ruler in Battery City, I believe it is what she was made to do. That is why, she will come back to Battery City with me and become my-"
"Wife, I got the whole story, I was there when one of your bitches filled us in on why you wanted her. But she'll never let you take her alive, you'd have to kill her."
"She will come with me, Party Poison. You are underestimating what I can do, Party Poison."
"Oh really?"
"Really. You will be surprised. Draculoids, bring them here."
They bought out four people with bags on their heads. They were wearing white shirts and pants, there was no color on them. He couldn't see their faces, but Party Poison could tell that it was two girls and two guys.
"Pull their bags off." He ordered. They pulled the bags off their heads and it was Ghoul, Kobra, Acid and Static. They all had their hands tied behind their backs and they had white tape over their mouths so they couldn't scream or talk. Korse had a gun pointed at them.
"All of you, get on your knees." He ordered. They all obeyed him and they got on their knees.
"I will ask you four random questions about my company, Party Poison. If you get four of them right, then all of them may live and all of them will be free to leave with you, no strings attacted, but if you get them all wrong, then all of them will be killed. If you get a couple wrong, you must chose who will live and who will die."
"Is all some kind of fucking game to you? These are peoples lives we're talking about!" He shouted.
"Question number one, how many Draculoids are made in my company daily?" He asked.
"How the fuck am I supposed to know that?"
"Are you skipping the question? If you are then one of them will surely die."
He sighed. "A thousand." He guessed.
"Correct. Question number two, how many Killjoys do we kill daily?"
Poison glared at Korse, he was tempted to say zero, but he knew that if he did then one of them would die. "Fifty." He guessed again.
"Well done, Killjoy. You're doing supprisingly well." In reality, Poison hadn't gotten one question right, but Korse had a plan. "Question number three, at my company, how many pills are made daily?"
"Good, Killjoy. Now, the fourth and final question. How does my company plan on killing you?"
"A bullet to the fuckin' head."
"Wrong. It will be a slow and painful death, a death that will last weeks, maybe even months. You will be begging me to kill you by the end of it, you will be begging me to end your pathetic life as a Killjoy. So, who will you kill, Party Poison? Will it be your brother," As he said that, he pulled on Kobra's hair so he yanked his head back painfully. "Will it be Frank Iero? The boy who has saved your life countless times?" He pulled on Ghoul's long locks as well. "Will it be Iris Ramone? Will you break your daughters heart by killing her aunt? Or will it be Alexandria Oliveson? The love of your pathetic life?"
He didn't answer.
"Pick one, Party Poison."
"No." He said.
"I will chose for you."
Poison was silent, he refused to be the death of one of the people he cared about. He thought that Korse was bluffing, he didn't think that he would kill one of them, but he was wrong.
"Fine. I will chose for you."
Korse aimed his gun at Acid and pulled the trigger. He shot her straight in the heart. She fell to the ground and her blood started leaking out of her chest.
"ACID!" He shouted. He ran over to her dead body and pulled her into his arms. "Acid, look at me." He begged, he knew that she was dead, but he refused to hear the truth that the girl he loved was gone. "Ace, please." He started crying. Acid's eyes were still open, but they were dead, lifeless. He closed her eyes so he didn't have to look at them anymore. Her white shirt they'd put on her was stained with her bright red blood. Poison closed her eyes. Korse smiled at Poison's pain, he had a plan that he wouldn't dare tell any Killjoys.
"Why the fuck did you do that? You wanted her to be your wife for fuck's sake!"
"You said that she wouldn't let me take her alive, remember? So I killed her and I will take her back to Battery City."
"I'm not letting you take her."
"Leave, Killjoy, before I change my mind about letting you and your friends go."
"I'm not-" He was cut off by Ghoul hitting him over the head with his gun.
Ghoul was crying because of Acid, but he knew that they had to get out of there. He knew that he would've let Korse kill him because Acid was dead and he couldn't risk that. Grace had already lost her biological mother and Acid, she couldn't lose her only father.
Ghoul put Poison in the back of their car and he started driving while Static cried. Of course Kobra was a little angry at Static for leaving him, but he couldn't not comfort her when she was upset. Kobra pulled her into a hug and rubbed her back.
"It's okay. She's in a better place now." Kobra felt a tear run down his face, he might not have talked to her as much as some of the others did, but it didn't mean that he didn't care about her. It worried him how Grace and Death would get through that, but it bothered him about how his brother would handle her death even more. He'd drank alcohol none stop when Bob died and he was a friend, but Acid was the girl he was clearly in love with.
When they got back to the camp, Grace smiled at Ghoul and hugged him. Then she realized he was crying.
"Ghoul, what's wrong?"
He didn't reply, he couldn't.
When Kobra took his unconcious brother out of the car and Grace's eyes widened in fear that he was dead.
"You're dad's okay, kid. He's unconcious."
"Then why is everyone crying?"
He didn't speak, but it wasn't long before Grace put two and two together. Acid didn't get out of the car and they were all crying. Poison's clothes were bloody, but she knew it wasn't his blood, it was Acid's blood. She was dead.
"It's mom, isn't it?" Grace asked, tears threatening to spill over in her eyes.
Ghoul could only nod.
Grace broke down and hugged Ghoul.
"Guys, what's wrong?" Death asked Grace and Ghoul.
"I-i-it's m-mom. Acid's g-gone." The last two words hit Death like a blot of lightning. Her sister was dead? No, it couldn't be. Acid was always the fighter, always the one to come out alive.
"No, there's gotta be a mistake. There's no way that Acid would just die like that."
"We were all tied up and Korse shot her in the heart. It was a quick death. We had to knock Poison out so that he wouldn't stay and get himself killed."
"Acid's all I have left, she can't be dead."
"She is."
They all broke down and cried, she was really gone.

"Put Alexandria in the body bag and take her to the lab in the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W unit." Korse ordered the Draculoids.
"Yes, sir." They put her bloody body in the body bag and they drove away in their Draculoid van to the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/Wn unit where he would begin his plan.
Korse smiled wickedly.
"One down, four to go." He muttered before getting into his car.

When Poison woke up, he was looking at a white ceiling. His head was killing him and he wanted to see Acid. The last thing he remembered was leaving to get Static. He wanted to tell her that he was sorry because of their arguement before they left. He thought that everything must've gone well because they were safe . . . but then again, he had woken up in a room he didn't recognize all by himself and he had no memory of what'd happened.
When he got up, it was still light outside, when he walked into the living room, everyone had tear stained eyes.
He looked at them all with confusion on his face. "What's wrong?"
"Rose is dead, too."
"Oh shit, I'm sorry." He appologized. Then he realized that Jet said 'too'. "Too? What do you mean too, who else is dead?"
They all looked at him like he was crazy. "What's the last thing you remember?" Jet asked, remembering that Ghoul had hit him over the back of the head
"When we left to go to Dr. Deaths. Where's Acid? I need to talk to her."
"Um . . . Poison . . . we . . . we lost her. Acid's the other one who . . ." Death couldn't finish her sentence, she couldn't say that her sister was dead.
Then the memories came flooding back, he remembered Korse shooting Acid in her heart, he remembered her lifeless eyes and all of her blood. When he looked down at his clothes he saw blood on his shirt, but not just any blood, it was her blood. Acid's blood.
"No. No, she's not . . ." He couldn't finish his sentence.
He shook his head and he walked into where Grace was supossidly sleeping, Grace wasn't sleeping, she was crying. It broke Poison's heart to see his daughter crying because of him. It was his fault she was dead, he should've told Korse to kill him instead of any of the others. Grace had her head burried in her pillow while she cried her eyes out over the death of her mom and Rose.
"Grace." He said.
Grace looked up at her father with red and puffy eyes. Poison started crying, too. Grace got up and wrapped her arms around his waist. Poison didn't hug her back to begin with, but after a couple of minutes, he hugged her back.
"I'm going for a walk, do you wanna come with me?"
Grace nodded.
Poison changed his shirt so he was no longer wearing the bloody one and he put his jacket back on.
They both left for a walk into the desert. Poison had his mask on and Grace brought her boom box with her incase Dr. Death or anyone else got intouch while they were out. They didn't talk on their walk, they just let the silence fill the air, it wasn't awkward, it was just silence.
They wandered in the destert for an hour before Kobra, Jet and Ghoul came after them. They wanted to make sure that they were okay since they'd been gone for so long.
"We were worried sick, you just walked into the desert without saying anything to us!" Kobra said.
"I'm sorry." He muttered.
"Sorry doesn't cut it, after Acid and Rose dying, the last thing we need right now is you dying, too." Grace flinched at the thought of losing her father.
"Dad! Korse!" Grace shouted and pointed at a car that was coming towards them. It was Korse's car.
"Our fuckin' lucky day." Ghoul said.
When Korse and a couple of Draculoids got close to them, they all put on their masks, but Ghoul quickly lit a ciggerette before he put his mask on.
"Why are you here? To kill the rest of my family?"
"I cam here to talk, Party Poison. I am feeling very generous to day, so I am giving you the chance to surrender now. I want you all to join me; you all know the mind of a Killjoy better than anyone I have ever encountered before. I want you to help me and as a reward, I will not kill you all, if you do not accept my request, then there will be consoquences for your desition. So, what will it be, Killjoys?"
"Go to fucking hell. We'd rather die than help Better Living with anything."
"Very well, you have chosen your fate.I say we all shoot on the count of three. No one will shoot before we get to one, do you all understand?"
"Yup." Ghoul answered, throwing the cig on the floor.
"One." Poison said.
"Two." Korse said.
"Three." They all fired their guns, the Fabulous Killjoys all fell to the floor, but they weren't dead, just simply paralyzed.
One of the Draculoids grabbed Grace and made her drop her boom box. Grace tried to struggle free, but it wouldn't let go of her.
Poison looked up and saw Korse standing there with a Draculoid next to him with Grace being held back by it.
He lifted his gun and looked at him.
"Keep running." He said.
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