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Chapter Twenty Four - Funerals

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"Okay, I know that everyone's fucking shocked by that, but I can't talk about it now, okay? I just can't."

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A/N, Urgh, I suck, I just realized that I posted two chapters in one for the last chapter (that doesn't make much sense, but you might know what I mean) I just edited it now and put it as two seperate chapters, I'll post another chapter in a sec! Thankies to EmsJayify and mychemicalbitchbot for reviewing!

Chapter Twenty Four - Funerals

Three days after the Fabulous Killjoys died, Cherri was digging a grave for Rose and they made six crosses out of planks of wood that they found in the desert. Each of the crosses had names carved into them, they all said, Desert Rose, Acid Bullets, Party Poison, Kobra Kid, Fun Ghoul and Jet Star. Even though they didn't have five of the six bodies, they still made crosses for them, they were still family.
Cherri was still in the middle of digging a grave for Rose when Static walked over to her sister. She'd barely slept in three days and she'd barely eaten anything, all she could think about was Kobra.
"How are you doing?" She asked her.
"I'm tired of digging."
"Do you want me to take over for a while?"
"What? No. Even if I wanted you to take over, I wouldn't let you, you're two months pregnant for fucks sake."
"Doesn't mean I want to be pregnant." She muttered.
"What did you just say?"
Static didn't say anything.
"Iris, what did you just say?"
"You fuckin' heard me, Cherri. And don't fuckin' call me Iris." She snapped.
"What are you saying? That you don't want this kid?"
"No, I don't. Kobra's not here now, I'm really fucking alone now."
"He wasn't fuckin' going to be there anyway! He didn't even know that you were pregnant!"
"I was going to tell him when we saw him again, I was going to when he left, but I guess I just didn't have the fuckin' balls to do it."
"And what did you think he'd do? Pretend to be all happy about getting you knocked-up? Jump into your arms so that you, your kid and Kobra could walk into the sunset and live happily ever after in your unfucked-up world that doesn't fucking exsist?"
"Shut the fuck up, Cherri."
"Just because you don't want to hear the fuckin' truth?"
Everyone was outside now because they heard Cherri and Static shouting at eachother.
"I didn't know how he'd react to me being pregnant, Cherri, but do you know what? I'll never know now, even if he hated me for it I would've been okay with it because atleast I would've known how he felt about it, but now I will never know if he it made him hate me more than he already hated me or if it made him hate me a little less. That's my loss and it's my problem, so Cherri, just stay the fuck out of it now because I'm sick of all the bullshit you've been giving me for getting pregnant." She had tears streaming down her face, but she made no effort to wipe them away.
When Static turned around she saw everyone looking at her.
"Static, you're pregnant?" Her step father asked her.
"Okay, I know that everyone's fucking shocked by that, but I can't talk about it now, okay? I just can't." She pushed passed them all and cried on her matress.
Dr. Death was shocked that his step daughter was pregnant, he knew that her and Kobra had been a 'thing', but he was shocked to hear that she was pregnant. Then he felt sorry for her, Kobra was dead along with the rest of the Fabulous Killjoys, his grandchild wouldn't know their real father.
"Static's pregnant?" Dr. Death asked Cherri.
"Yeah, she was stupid enough to not use a fuckin' condom."
"Cher, give her a break, Kobra just died."
"And you think that she's the only one who's trying to cope with that? They're dead! She's not the only one who's trying to cope." She started crying and Dr. Death hugged his step daughter.
"It's okay, Cher."
"No, it's not. Everything's fucking shit now and it's all because of Better fucking Living Industries!" She shouted.

A few hours later, when Rose had been burried and the crosses were firmly in the ground, they all gathered around the graves.
They were all wearing bright colors, they didn't see the point in wearing black to funerals, not Killjoy funerals at least.
Death had gotten in touch with Brains For Bullets and told him that Acid was dead, so he was coming to their funeral, too. They were going back to Dr. Death's diner in a few days, according to Fire Starter (a friend of Dr. Deaths) the area was clear around the diner and the place they were currently staying in wasn't big enough for all of them so they really needed to go back to the diner.
All You Do Is Talk by Black Rebel Motorcyle Club was playing while some of them cried, but others tried to stay strong since they'd cried a lot lately.
Grace put letters on Poison's and Acid's graves. One said Dad and the other said Momma Acid. She still wrote letters to her biological mother and she felt like she was somehow cheating her biological mother by calling Acid mom in her letters aswell as calling her real mother mom in her letters.
When the song had finished, Static, Death and Grace stayed there for a while, but Death and Grace went inside after about fifteen minutes, but Static stayed. She was sat in front of Kobra's grave.
"So, I guess if there's a life after death then you know that I'm pregnant now. I'm sorry that I didn't have the balls to tell you that I was pregnant, Kobra. I guess that you also know that I loved you, but again, I didn't have the balls to tell you. At least you might know now, huh? That was the real reason why we left, because I was pregnant. I was scared, fuck scared, I was fuckin' terrified. I was scared of how you'd react so I made up all these exuses to leave and we left. Cherri went crazy when I told her I was pregnant, I was scared you'd be like Cherri. I probably thought that you'd be worse than Cherri if I told you, but I did love you, Kobra." She just stared at his cross for a moment and she started crying. "You know, I've been thinking of baby names lately, I'm pretty sure that I'm having a boy. I was thinking maybe James Michael Way. I know that James was your middle name and, obviously, Michael was your first so I switched them around so that it wasn't your name exactly. I'm still terrified, Kobra. I'm shit scared about doing this. Of course it was me who came up with the fuckin' idea to be friends with benefits, right?" She laughed a little through her tears. "I just wanted you to love me and I wanted you to be okay with me being pregnant and I was scared that you weren't gonna be either of those things, now I realize that you probably would've at least wanted to help out with the kid because you're that kind of guy, you take responsiblity for your actions, you don't hide from it or pretend it doesn't exist. I love you. Kobra. I fucking love you and I'm sorry that I never told you. I'll always regret it."
Her stomach growled angrily, demanding food.
"I'd better go now. You can tell that this is your kid just from the amount that he eats. He always wants food, just like his dad. He's gonna be a great Killjoy one day, I know it, Kobra."
She kissed her fingers then her fingers touched his name that was carved into the wood "Good bye. I'll fucking miss you. I'll miss all of you."
She got up off the ground and she walked inside and ate some food. No one asked her questions about the baby yet, they all knew that she wasn't ready yet, so they all ate in silence, thinking about the four great men they'd lost and the two great women they'd lost, but it was just a part of being a Killjoy. Sometimes Killjoys died and life moved on, it had to.

When Poison woke up, he felt stiff, like he'd not moved in days. He slowly opened his hazel eyes to be blinded by a bright light that was hanging above his head.
He tried to move his arms, but they were being held down by metal bolts around his wrists, they were around his ankles, too. He looked to his left and he saw Acid lying there with her eyes tightly shut.
"You just missed her." A Draculoid told him. "She was awake for a couple of minutes, but she was causing too much of a stir, we had to put her to sleep again."
"We-we died." He said, remembering everything that'd happened.
"No shit shirlock." It was the first time that Poison had ever heard a Draculoid use that kid of language.
"I thought that Draculoids were Korse's bitches, I had no idea that they swore."
"They don't. I'm not your average Draculoid. I was a Killjoy."
"Then what the fuck are you doing here?"
"Korse, he has something against me."
"And you believed him."
"I'm starting to see that the fucker screwed me over. I'm not taking the meds. So, is that your girl?" It pointed to Acid.
"If by 'my girl' you mean my girlfriend, then yeah she is."
"She's a beauty. She's got a fire, too. It's ashame about what the evil asshole had planned for all of you. Really, it's tragic."
"What's he going to do to us?"
"Sorry my friend, I can't tell you. It's confi-fuckin'-dential."
"I'm not your fuckin' friend."
"I was. I'm the reason that you were depressed for a couple years."
"What? . . . Bob." His heart sank.
"Long time no see, Gerard."
"Bob, what the fuck have they done to you?"
"I've been reprogramed. I'm kinda half human half robot now, it's dangerous for me to take the BL/ind meds so they just put a chip in the back of my neck so they can control my actions."
"So you can't control your own body?"
"Nope, it's controled by this fucker in the back of my neck." He turned around to show him a scar in the back of his neck where the chip had been inserted.
"I'm sorry."
"Don't be. Oh, looks like your girlfriend's waking up again."
He looked at Acid so see her slowly opening her eyes. "Fuck." She mumbled.
"Hey." Poison said.
She turned her head to see her boyfriend staring at her. "What the fuck have they done to you?" She huffed, frustrated.
"What do you mean?"
"You're hair, it's gone and what's left of it is black."
"What?" It took him a long time to find the red hair dye. It's not easy finding that kind of shit out in the desert.
"Shit." He looked to his right to see his brother lying next to him, his blonde hair was gone, it was short and brown like it was when he was a kid.
Kobra was still unconciuous, but when his brother started saying his name, he slowly opened his eyes.
Kobra shot his brother a confusing look. "You fucking died! That asshole killed you!"
"They brought us back to life, he knew that he could take us alive so he didn't. He took us when we were dead now we're all Korse's bitches, Bryar explained it." Acid said.
"You know that your hair's brown, right?" Poison asked.
"Yeah I know, the fucking stupid motherfuckers used a formula thing on me so I had my natural hair color. They cut my hair short, too, trust me, I'm not happy about it." Acid still had a side fringe, but her hair no longer fell to her shoulders, her hair framed her face now.
"What the fuck?" Ghoul asked when he woke up.
Bob pulled his mask off and showed his face. Ghoul's eyes widened. "Bobbert? What the fuck? You're alive?"
"A chip controles everything I do, but yeah. I'm still in here. I only have free speech. Better Living controles what I do."
"You've gotta let us go, man." Ghoul said.
"Frank, I can't do that."
"Why the fuck not?" He demanded to know, he knew that he couldn't control what he did, but he didn't give a shit about that.
"I've already fuckin' explained it, garden gnome."
"Aah, Bobbert, I missed you." Ghoul said.
"Miss you too, Frankie. So, how've you guys been doing?"
"Well you know, Gee and Mikey've been getting some and me and Ray over here haven't." Frank said.
"Wow, Mikey's getting some too?"
"Was." Kobra corrected.
"Was? You dump her or some shit?"
"No, she just got up and left."
"Who was she?"
"It was Static Angel." Ghoul said.
"The knocked-up one?"
"Why does everyone keep saying that?" Kobra snapped.
"Why do you think? Because she's fuckin' pregnant, Mikey. She's something like two or three months. I remember Korse asking her who the father was, but she wouldn't say."
That was when his heart stopped, he thought that the Draculoid was lying, but this was Bob who was telling him that she was pregnant . . . but then again, he was working for Better Living.
"She's not pregnant. She would've told me."
"Kobra, what if she is? Maybe that's why she left, maybe she was scared of telling you. I know I would be if I was having a kid." Acid said.
It made sense. "Fuck, what if she is pregnant? What if it's mine?" He started to worry.
"Don't worry, Killjoy, you will not have to look after the child in any way since we already have plans for all five of you." A Japanese woman said, it was Dr. Isoda.
"Who the fuck are you?" Acid said.
"I am Dr. Isoda."
"You see, I thought that you were Asain reporter Tricia Takinowa."
"Exuse me?"
All of the Killjoys would've laughed if they didn't think that they were in seirious danger.
"You know, Tricia Takinowa from Family Guy? No? Alright." Acid said. She was incredibley pissed off because they didn't only have her, but they had her boyfriend and her friends.
"Would you care to tell us what the fuck's going on?" Kobra said.
"Well, Alexandria is the most valuable of all you since she is to become Korse's wife."
"WHAT?!" Acid and Poison shouted at the same time.
"You were aware that Korse wanted you to be his wife, Miss Oliveson. You were told from the beggining. You will be in charge of your wedding, you will decide on the normal things that a bride would decide on."
"So does that mean deciding on weather or not I should run away at the alter?" She asked.
"You will be on the Better Living medication at that point. Raymond, Gerard, Frank and Michael, you will be Korse's right hand men, you all know the mind of a Killjoy better than any one we've ever encountered. You will all help him track down Killjoys and if they escape, you will all find the place that they are most likely to go to and we will capture them. They will either become Draculoids, Battery City citizens or they will be desposed of depending on how useful they are to our company. You are all lucky, Killjoys for most of the time we despose of Killjoys."
"Lucky? Really? You just said that we're fucking lucky?" Jet shouted.
"The next time we talk, you will all be changed men and you will be a changed woman, Alexandria. You will be honored to be Korse's wife, any girl in Battery City would be."
"That's the fucking second time I've heard that and I still feel like the fuckin' unluckiest bitch on the planet." She spat at Dr. Isoda.
"You will see the world differently when you wake, Alexandria. You will be honored to be his wife. All of you will see the world through brand new eyes."
Dr. Isoda injected her with something that made her feel drowsy. She gasped in pain when she pulled the needle out. Poison had to look away because he couldn't stand needles, but when he looked at her, there was nothing but pain on her face. A tear slid down her cheek.
"I love you, Gerard Way." She said before she passed out.
"ACID! LOOK AT ME!" He shouted. He knew that he would never hear her say that she loved him again.
"I love you, Lexia Oliveson." He wispered to her unconcious body.
Dr. Isoda injected Poison in the neck with the same substance. Everything became blurry until he blacked out.
Goodbye, I'll miss being a Killjoy. He thought before he could no longer feel anything, before he was gone.
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