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Chapter Twenty Five - Different People With The Same Face

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"I'm Dr. Death's daughter, I'm Layla."

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Chapter Twenty Five - Different People With The Same Face


Four months later, Static was six months pregnant. They lived with Dr. Death perminantly now and they moved back to the diner not long after the death of the Fabulous Killjoys. Static regularly talked to the bump, Grace had come up with a nick-name for the bump, everyone now refered to Static's baby as Bug. She was convinced that her baby was a boy, but she didn't want to tell anyone the name she'd picked out for him yet, she wanted to keep that to herself until she gave birth.
Bug was kicking away in her stomach and Grace really wanted to feel her cousin kicking, so both Grace's hands and Static's hands were on her swollen belly.
"I think he likes you, he always kicks harder when you feel him kicking."
"He does?"
"Hell yeah, he loves his cousin Grace."
"What will you do if Bug's a girl?"
"I won't do anything, Bug'll just be a girl. The only thing I'd really have to do is change his name." Grace was dying to know if Static was having a boy or a girl.
"Do you think the baby'll look like you or Kobra?" The second the question left Grace's lips, she regreted asking it. Static looked down at her bump sadly. "I'm sorry, Static-"
"It's okay, Gracie. I think that the baby'll look like his daddy, but if he doesn't then I'll love them just as much."

"I said that I wanted red roses for my wedding, not white." Alexandria said while she was running through her wedding plans with the wedding planner. Getting a wedding planner wasn't Alexandria's idea, it was her fiancé's plan, Korse's plan.
"I know you asked for red, but white would go so much better with the rest of the wedding, don't you agree, Alexandria?"
She had the urge to roll her eyes, but she resisted. "Everything else in the wedding is white, I thought that we could add some color with red roses. The only thing that I know is not white is the brides maids dresses and they're a cream color." She didn't sound angry because she wasn't angry, because she was on the BL/ind medication, she didn't feel many emotions. She felt every emotion possible, but it was a less intense version of the emotions, like it was a mild happiness, or a mild sadness, she never felt emense exitement or depression.
"Do you wish to change the white roses to red? We have already ordered white, but I am sure they would allow you to change them to red."
"If we have already asked for white roses, then white we will have." She smiled at the wedding planner and moved on to the wedding dress.
"The wedding dress came in today, do you wish to try it on?"
She nodded. "I do."
Alexandria's hair had grown out a little bit more, it no longer framed her face, it was almost to her shoulders, which she was happy about. Her hair was still brown, but she never remembered it being black, so she didn't miss it.
Alexandria's memories had been earased and they'd replaced them with others. She was still nineteen, but because Elizabeth was eighteen, they made Alexandria think that she was twenty five. She didn't look twenty five at all, but people just thought she looked young for her age, they never questioned it. Alexandria had been with Korse for a numerous amount of years, or so they made her think. She didn't want to be in the public eye, so they told everbody in Battery City that Korse and Alexandria decided to keep their relationship a secrate. Elizabeth lived with them, after Cherri had burried her and after they'd left the place they were staying in, Better Living dug up Elizabeth's grave and brought her back to life, just like they did with the Fabulous Killjoys and Alexandria. Elizabeth thought that she'd never left Better Living and that she was happy with her step-mother and her father, even though Korse wasn't even her real father.
Gerard, Michael, Frank and Raymond were Korse's right hand men, just as planned. They'd caught many Killjoys in the Zones, they always made sure that they were citizens in Battery City, they never liked killing people. Gerard had short black hair while his brother had brown hair. Ray's hair had been cut short, but he was starting to grow it out again. Frank kept his hair short, it was shaved and you could only just tell that his hair was black.
Alexandria put on her wedding dress, it was the only thing that she had picked out herself. The dress was like something you'd see in a fairy tale, but it wasn't too extravagant either. There was a corset at the top which led to a huge puffy skirt with a long train hat the end. There were diamonds on the corset around the hips of the corset that seperated the corset from the skirt and there was a floral lace around the chest of the corset. The veil was as long as the train, the wedding planner wanted Alexandria to have a tiara, but Alexandria thought that it would look too much on her since there were already diamonds on the dress.
"You look stunning, Alexandria. The dress was an excellent choice."
"Miss Dyler, Korse wishes to see you, he has some questions about-" Gerard stopped mid sentence when he saw Alexandria in her wedding dress. Of course, Gerard and Alexandria had never met while they were in Battery City.
"About what, Sir?" Miss Dyler, the wedding planner, asked Gerard.
"About the, um, wedding."
"Of course, what room is he in?"
"He is in his office. Do you wish for me to show you?"
"That is quite all right, I know where Korse's office is. If you could be so kind and stay here with Alexandria, I would be very greatul."
"It would be my honor." He smiled at the wedding planner.
"Thank you." She left to see Korse while Gerard stayed with Alexandria.
"I don not believe that we have met before, I am Alexandria."
"Hello, Alexandria, I am Gerard. I work with your fiancé in finding Killjoys."
"I am aware of you, Gerard. It is an honor to finally meet you, I have heard of all the excellent work you have done for my fiancé's company."
They shook hands, but when his hand touched hers, they both felt electricity run through eachother.
Acid Bullets, a voice said in Gerard's head. He was confused as to where the thought had come from, but he quickly shook it off and concentrated on Alexandria. They both felt like they'd met eachother before, but they had no idea how.
"If I do say so myself, you do look beautiful in the wedding dress. Korse is a very lucky man."
She smiled a genuine smile. "Thank you, Gerard. Are you married?"
"I was married once upon a time, but my wife, Jenna, was killed by Killjoys shortly after we'd married." Gerard had been with a girl called Jenna once, but she was killed by Draculoids when he was seventeen. Gerard did love Jenna, but they never got married, the story was all apart the fake memories BL/ind had planted in his memory.
In the beginning, Korse was worried that Gerard, Michael, Frank and Raymond would start to remember eachother because they spent so much time together, but when the showed no signs of remembering, he was extremely happy.
"I'm ever so sorry, I had no idea."
"Do not be sorry, Jenna is in a better place now, I have made my peace with it."
"Will you be coming to mine and Korse's wedding?" She asked, hopefull.
"No, I have not been invited by Korse."
"Then you have been invited by me. I wish for your friends to come, too. Is it Raymond, Michael and Frank?"
"Yes, it is."
"I wish for all of you to come. The only dress code is that you have to wear white, it is not my choice, it is the wedding planner's, but she seems to think that white is the best choice."
He smiled. "Thank you, I would be honored to come." There was a reason why Korse didn't want Michael, Raymond, Frank and especially Gerard was because the workers who erased and replaced their memories said that if any of them saw eachother again, there was a small chance that they could remember who they were and that they could slowly start to remember everything that had happened. That was why Gerard had remembered Alexandria as Acid Bullets, and slowly, he would start to remember everything . . .

"Gee, I'm scared. What if something goes wrong?"
"Look, Mikey, we need to run. If we don't, we'll die here anyway."
"Gee! Please!" His little brother begged him. Thirteen-year-old Mikey's brown hair was in the way of his eyes since hadn't been cut in a couple of months.
"We have to, Mikes."
Gerard grabbed his brother's hand and they ran across the desert where there were Draculoids trying to shoot them. Mikey let go of his brothers hand, but when he did, he fell over. Gerard instantly noticed and tried to help his brother up without getting shot. When he saw a lazer being fired at Mikey, Gerard jumped onto his brother, taking the bullet for him. That was when he realized that he hadn't been shot. A girl shot all of the Draculoids, but she was wearing a mask, so he couldn't see her face.
When she saw them on the floor, she helped them up. She was wearing a pair of skinny jeans, a bright pink shirt saying 'BOOM' and some boots. She took her mask off and smiled. She had blond hair that was tied into a pony tail with bright lipstick on.
"Hi, I'm Jenna." She said.
"I'm Gerard and this is my brother Mikey."
"Nice to meet you."
"Jenna?" A guy shouted with spikey hair that went into different directions.
"Jimmy, c'mere, I found more." She waited for him to get closer. "Jimmy, this is Gerard and Mikey, Gerard and Mikey, this is my friend Jimmy."
"Hurry up, we really need to get the fuck out of this Zone."
"Come with us, we're seeing Dr. Death, he'll love you." Before they had time to reply, Jenna grabbed Gerards hand and started taking them to the car.

Jenna kissed Party Poison's cheek as they got closer to the Battery City.
"Look at me, if anything happens to me, know that I love you, okay? I love you, Gee."
"I love you, Jen."
She kissed him, but when they got to Battery City, Jimmy, Jenna, Hannah and Kyle didn't make it out. Poison, Kobra, Ghoul and Jet were the only ones who walked away with their lives.

"I'm Dr. Death's daughter, I'm Layla." She shook hands with the man who saved her life.
"I'm Party Poison."
"Nice to meet you, Poison."
She had frizzy brown hair that was incredibley long and her skin reminded him of honey or a golden brown. He thought that she was beautiful, but she also felt like a sister in away since Dr. Death had treated him like a son since Jenna introduced them. Gerard took his time mourning Jenna, but he figured that she was with Nick now. Nick was someone she was in love with, but he was killed before Jenna and Gerard met. Gerard loved Jenna, but he couldn't help but feel like he was second best because of how much he knew that she loved Nick.
"This is my daughter, Grace." A girl, who was almost identical to her mother, gave Poison a huge smile.

[/ "MOM!" Grace screamed when she saw her mother fall to the floor. She'd been shot in the chest.

Poison ran over to Grace and Layla.
Poison picked up Layla in his arms and started taking her to their car. The blood was quickly leaking out of her wound, he knew that she was dying.
He wished that he could've said that Layla's death was quick and painless, but he'd be lying if he said it was. Layla died a week later due to infections in the wound. He vowed that he'd never let anything happen to Grace for as long as he lived, he'd never let anyone hurt her or touch her.

[/ "Hey, Dr.Death, Show Pony wanted me to tell you that he's gone to get some more tunes from the Zones." Party Poison and Kobra Kid walked in. "Sorry, didn't know we had company."

"This is Acid Bullets and Death Days. Acid and Death, this is-"
"Party Poison and Kobra Kid." Death finished for him.
They smiled at them. "Nice to meet you, all he talks about is you two a lot of the time."
Party Poison shook Acid's hand and smiled at her.
"Nice to meet you, too."

"What's wrong, Gerard? You want this back?"
"Let. Her. Go."
"The Party Poison has a little crush on this?" Korse kissed Acid, forcing his tongue into her mouth. Acid bit down as hard as she could on his tongue. Korse screamed in agony and stopped kissing her. Acid spit his blood out of her mouth, trying not to gag because she could feel his blood all over her teeth. Korse lowered his gun to Acid's shoulder and he shot her, waching Party Poison.
Korse threw Acid on the floor. Poison ran over to her and looked at her burnt flesh.
He held her in his arms and kissed her forehead.
"Love. Something the world could do with out, don't you agree?" Korse shot Acid again, but this time it was in her stomach. She screamed.

"Rose!" Cherri shouted when she saw her and Crimson walk through the door. Cherri wrapped her arms around Rose, never wanting to let go.
"Thank fuck you're okay!" She said with her arms still wrapped tightly around Rose.
"As much as I want to hug you, where's Acid?"
"Same place before you left. Why?" Poison hadn't seen the letter.
"You're gonna think that I'm the best bitch on the planet when you realise what I did, Poison."
Poison felt confused, but he didn't ask any questions. He was just courious as to what they were going to do.
When Crimson walked out, Poison looked at him in confusion.
"Rose went to the Better Living headquaters and brought all the equipment to help Acid. Because it's Better Living shit, it heals people straight away. She's okay now and she's awake. She wants to see you first."
Poison was speachless, so he just followed Crimson into Acid's room.
She smiled at him and he quickly brushed his lips against hers.
When he pulled away, they just stared at eachother, waiting for the other one to say something.
"Say something." Poison said.
Acid slowly smiled widely. "You love me."
He smiled back at her and burried his face in the crook of her neck. He kissed her neck and pulled away so he could look into her icey green eyes again. "I do love you. I don't care if everyone think's it's too soon to say that. I love you, Acid Bullets."
"I love you, too, Party Poison."
She kissed him, tasting alcohol on his breath. She pulled away.
"Have you been drinking? You stink of it."
"Let's just say that the past few days have been really fucking tough. Death's not good, she needs her sister and we thought we were going to lose you when Dr. Death and Jet said that the wound was infected."
"It got infected? Just my fucking luck."
"Shit, I've missed you."
"I've missed you, too. I love you."
"I love you, too, Ace."
He kissed her yet again, he wanted to make the kiss last forever. He wanted to be frozen in that moment so he could spend the rest of his days with her. He knew in his heart that he was gonna spend the rest of his days with her, he loved to too much not to.

"Poison, I want to." She looked into his hazel eyes.
"I don't want to hurt you."
"You won't."
"Just promise me something?"
"If I hurt you, if you think of what that heartless bastard did to you or if you just want me to stop, tell me."
"I promise."
"I love you, Ace."
"I love you, too, Poison."
Acid pulled his shirt over his head and threw it on the floor. She ran her hands up and down his bare chest and she burried her face in the crook of his neck.
"I love you, I love you." She repeated.
Poison slid his hands under her shirt and gentley pulled it over her head, displaying her red lacey bra. Poison stared at her chest for a second, then she undid the buckle on his belt. She pulled the zipper down on his skinny jeans and she slid them down his legs. He stepped out of his jeans and he was only wearing boxers. Poison's hands found the clasp on her bra, he tried to turn her around but she didn't let him.
"I don't want you to see it." He knew that she ment that Acid didn't want him to see the scar on her back. Acid looked down so she didn't have to look him directly in the eyes.
"Don't hide from me."
She looked up again. "I could never hide from you."
She turned around so he could see the scar. The scar was a couple of shades lighter than her skin color. He undid the clasp and he lowered his lips to her scar, he started kissing it softly.
"Every inch of you is beautiful, don't for a second think it's not."
She didn't reply. She dragged the bra away from her body and she let it fall to the ground.
Poison turned her around again, both of their chests bare. Poison lay her down on his bed and he undid her skinny jeans and pulled them off of her legs. Her panties matched her bra. Poison left a trail of kisses that started at the top of her knee up to the top of her thigh, where he reached her panties. He took them off and the only thing separating them were his boxers. He decided to give her one last chance to back down.
"You're sure you want to do this?"
"If I wasn't sure then I wouldn't be doing this right now. I want this."
He pressed his lips to her right nipple and ran his tongue over it until it hardened in his mouth.
"Fuck." She moaned.
He moved his mouth to her left nipple and did the same thing until it hardened in his mouth. He slid a finger inside her, teasing her. She moaned and he loved the sounds she made because of his fingers fucking her. He kept on doing it until she was extremely wet.
He took of his boxers and he slowly slid into her, trying to make it as painless as possible.
She gasped when he entered her, but it wasn't in pain. He started out slow so he didn't hurt her, but her moans in pleasure encouraged him to go faster.One of his hands was resting at the back of her waist while the other hand was on the back of her pale neck.
Poison moaned in pleasure going in and out slightly quicker than before. Acid knew that Poison was trying to be careful with her since the last time she'd been with someone was when she was raped.
"Faster." She said. He obeyed her wishes and started going in and out faster.
"I love you." He wispered in her ear.
"I love you." She said back to him.
He started thrusting in harder, which left both of them gasping for air. He kissed her neck, creating love bites on her neck.
Her wet nipples were rubbing agaist his chest making the pleasure feel a million times better inbetween her thighs.
"Poison." When she moaned his name, it drove him close to insanity. Never before had his name sounded so amazing on someone's lips. He started going in faster and harder. Acid had never felt something more incredible in her life. The love she felt for Poison was indescribable, she loved him more than she ever could've dreamed of loving someone in her entire life.
She dug her nails into his back, not realising that she drew blood. Poison didn't acknowledge the fact that she drew blood, he thought it felt . . . good. He liked the pain.
"Fuck, faster." She begged. She could feel herself reaching the best part. He could feel her walls tighten around him and he decided to go slower, he wanted her first orgasm to come slowly so she could appriecate it more.
"Poison, please. Go faster." She was breathless from their sex and she hadn't even reached her orgasm yet.
He could feel himself cuming, too. He knew that it was soon.
"Fuck!" She almost shouted when she came. When he came seconds later, she felt his release shoot inside her.
He collapsed next to her, both of them breathess and gasping for air.
"That was . . ." She couldn't find words to discribe it.
"I know. I love you. So much, Lexia."
She smiled at him and for the first time in years,she loved being called Lexia. She knew it was because it came from his lips and that was why she loved it so much.
"I love you more, Gerard."
She wrapped her arms around his waist and she rested her head on his chest.
"That's not possible." He kissed her passionately and fell asleep.

"Pick one, Party Poison."
"No." He said.
"I will chose for you."
Poison was silent, he refused to be the death of one of the people he cared about. He thought that Korse was bluffing, he didn't think that he would kill one of them, but he was wrong.
"Fine. I will chose for you."
Korse aimed his gun at Acid and pulled the trigger. He shot her straight in the heart. She fell to the ground and her blood started leaking out of her chest.
"ACID!" He shouted. He ran over to her dead body and pulled her into his arms. "Acid, look at me." He begged, he knew that she was dead, but he refused to hear the truth that the girl he loved was gone. "Ace, please." He started crying. Acid's eyes were still open, but they were dead, lifeless. He closed her eyes so he didn't have to look at them anymore. Her white shirt they'd put on her was stained with crimson red blood. Poison closed her eyes. Korse smiled at Poison's pain, he had a plan that he wouldn't dare tell any Killjoys.

Gerard woke up with a layer of sweat over his body. He was sure that he had been screaming a lot since his throat was dry and raspy. He was gasping for air. He was confused by all of the memories that were in his head.
He was confused by all of the dreams he'd had. They all seemed strangly familiar, like he'd whitnessed all of them before, like they were memories.
He knew that the mojority of the names that'd been in the dreams were Killjoy names. He wondered why Acid Bullets was Alexandria. He wondered why he'd dreamed about making love to her, but he knew that he had feelings for her and wasn't just because of the dream. He . . . loved her? He did feel love for her, but he found it obsoured to believe that he was in love with her. He'd only met her once briefly.
He didn't know what was happening to him, but he wanted to know more about the dreams, he wanted to know why he was thinking about him, Alexandria, his brother and his best friends as Killjoys.
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