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Chapter Twenty Eight - Digging Up The Truth

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"Forget Korse, what do you want? Do not think about what Korse wants or what everyone else wants you to do. Just think about what you want."

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A/N Hey, it's me! There might be a shock or two in this chapter, I'm pretty pleased with it. Thankyou to KilljoyMCRmy, midnight_star22 and mychemicalbitchbot for reviewing chapter twenty seven and if you can, please review I love knowing what you think! Sorry if there's any typos or mistakes and I hope you like the next chapter. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Twenty Eight - Digging Up The Truth

Gerard walked down the hall way, back to Alexandria's apartment where, he'd had sex with her the night before. Alexandria had asked Gerard to leave at midnight incase Korse came back early like he had done in the past.
Alexandria opened the door and smiled at him.
"Hello, Gerard. Please, come in." She left the door open so that he could come in and he closed it behind him.
There were magazines and pictures scattered all over her apartment and she was flicking through a huge folder.
"Have I come at a bad time?"
"Not at all, I was just taking a break."
"Planning the wedding."
He felt like his heart had been ripped out of his chest when she mentioned that she was getting married.
"I wanted to talk to you about last night."
"So do I."
"Look, I know that you are engaged, but . . . I want you, Alexandria. I-I can't describe how I feel about you, it is rather strange. I feel like I've known you for years, I probably sound insane to you, but-"
"You do not sound insane. I know how you feel, because I feel the exact same way, Gerard. I want you, but I can not leave Korse. It is my duty to marry Korse, he picked me to be his wife, I am honored to be the one that he picked, but . . ." She didn't finish her sentence.
"But what?"
"I-I do not love him. I do not feel any kid of emotion towards him. But with you . . . there is elecricity, there's fireworks, there's . . ." She was about to say love, but she didn't know if she could call it love.
"Alexandria, if you do not love him, you should not be with him."
"Do you not understand? He chose me. Me of all the other girls in Battery City, he chose me to be his wife. I am the only woman he wants to be with and he is a good man, he deserves to be with the woman he wants to be with."
"And you deserve to be with the one you want to be with."
"Not as much as Korse does. He has helped the world get back on it's feet after those terrible bombs in 2012."
"Forget Korse, what do you want? Do not think about what Korse wants or what everyone else wants you to do. Just think about what you want."
She thought about it for a second and stared in his eyes. "You." She finally said after a couple minutes of silence.
"You want me?"
"Of course I want you." She replied, not taking her eyes off his.
"Then I'm yours." He was about to kiss her, but she pulled away before his lips touched hers.
"No, we must not. I am engaged to Korse."
"But you do not love him, you told me yourself, Alexandria."
"I know, but I belong to Korse. I can not belong to any one else. Last night, it should have been Korse who took my virginity, but I am glad that it was you. I have already been unfaithful to him once, I must not do it again for a second time."
"Then you do not have to belong to me, but that does not mean that I can not belong to you."
"Do what you want to do. Do not think about Korse. You are such a kind and selfless person, Alexandria, just be selfish for once in your life. Do want you want to do."
They stood there for a couple seconds before she kissed him. He kissed her back, running his hands up and down her back. She pulled away and she threw any pictures or magazines that were on her bed onto the floor. She took her red sweater off and it was quickly followed by her bra, she took off her jeans and panties and lay down on the bed. Gerard quickly lay down ontop of her, still fully clothed.
The thought of her naked underneith him exited him and it didn't take long for his member to harden. She took his jacket off and his shirt and started kissing the skin on his chest. She could feel his erection against her leg and she desperately wanted him inside her.
She tore his jeans off his legs and took his boxers off. She decided to take control, and she started stradled him.

Avenger was flicking through a Battery City paper when a headline caught his attention.' Korse To Wed In Two Months'. That was when he noticed something strange in the article.
After Korse and Alexandria Oliveson had been together for two years, they are finally getting married on October the 1st 2019. Alexandria, 25, was left in the Zones after the bombs in 2012, but was found in Zone four in 2017 by Korse and his Draculoids.
Avenger looked at the photo, the girl in the picture looked like an older version of Death.
Avenger got in his car and started driving to Dr. Death's to show them what he'd seen. His sister and perants were in the outer Zones for the entire day, so they wouldn't know that he wasn't at home.
Ever since the night he'd spent with Death, he couldn't get her out of his head, it wasn't just because she'd taken his virginity that night, but he thought that she was beautiful, smart, funny and . . . well, broken. He could see that her eyes had once been full of life, but they seemed dead.
It took him a couple of hours to get to Dr. Death's but it didn't matter. Avenger burst through the door with Cherri Cola and a very heavily pregnant Static Angel looking at him, confused.
"Avenger? What are you doing here?"
"I need to see Death."
"Dr. Death isn't here at the moment, but he'll be back later if you want to-"
"No, not Dr. Death, I need to see Death Days, it's really important."
"You met her?"
"Roach introduced us."
That was all Cherri needed to here, she was good friend with Roach, but she knew that he liked his alcohol a little too much and she wondered how he'd even met Roach.
"How do you know Roach?"
He didn't know what to say to Cherri with out brining up the fact that he drank every once in a while. He knew that Cherri would tell Dr. Death, Dr. Death would tell his dad and then he would become puppy chow that they sometimes had to eat when there was nothing left.
"Um . . . dad introduced us."
"Like your dad would introdcued you to Roach. You were there drinking, weren't you?"
"Please don't tell Dr. Death or my dad." He begged.
Cherri smiled at him. "Fine. So that means that Death's been hanging around Roach, too?"
"He was the one who gave us the tats." He knew that he shouldn't have said that by the way Cherri looked. Avenger had lots of tats, too, but they were all on his back so that he didn't risk his perants seeing them.
"Looks like I'll be having a seirious conversation with good old Roachie later." She walked into Death's room and the second she opened the door, the smell of booze and puke welcomed her into the room.
"Death, wake up."
"No, Acid. I'm tired." Cherri's heart ached when she called her Acid. Death regularly had dreams about her sister and she thought that she was still dreaming when Cherri woke her up.
"Death, it's Cherri. Look, Avenger's here to see you."
"Avenger?" Her head immidately snapped up. Why would Avenger come to see her? She thought that he must have wanted something from her.
"I know, I'm just as surprised as you are, but come on, he's waiting for you."
Death got up and walked into the living room and saw Avenger holding something in his hands. He wasn't smiling like he was the night they met, he had a seirious look on his face that clearly didn't belong on his face.
"What is it?"
"Did you have a sister?"
She sighed angrily. "If you came here to talk to me about my dead sister, then I'm not in the mood, Venger."
"That's the thing, Death, she's not dead."
"What are you talking about? Of course she's dead, Poison came back covered in her blood."
"Well she sure as hell didn't die, look!" He showed her the article in the paper, but it was the picture that caught her eye. It was Korse and her sister smiling happily in the black and white photo.
"I-I don't understand, she died, Venger."
"They must've done something to her."
Cherri and Static were now reading the article with courious eyes.
"This is all bullshit, they're saying that she's twenty-five, but she's not even twenty yet." Static said with a disgusted expression on her face.
Alexandria and her step-daughter, Elizabeth, were spotted with wedding planner, Michelle Dyler, in Battery City looking at brides maids dresses.
Static's eyes widened. "Rose is alive."
"Now that isn't true, I burried her, remember?"
"Look!" There was a small picture in the corner of Alexandria and Elizabeth.
"Wait, what? Elizabeth? She's my fucking sister!" Avenger shouted the last part.
"That's impossible, she was brought up by Korse her entire life, she never had any sibblings and-" Avenger cut Cherri off.
"I have another sister called Samantha, they took us from our perants when we were kids and erased our memories. Korse kept us in seperate places because if you see someone from your past who you don't remember it can make you remember certain memories, until you remember everything. Me and Sam found eachother and the second we remembered, we left, but then Sam remembered that we had a sister, but we'd already found our perants and they wouldn't let us go back. Ever since then, we've been planning on getting her back from Battery City, but whenever we've gone, she's never been there."
"She was a Killjoy, she escaped and we told her every thing that'd happened in 2012 and what Korse did to the world. She was called Desert Rose, but she was shot by Korse and she died." Static said with one hand on her stomach,
While Cherri, Static and Avenger were talking, she flicked through the paper trying to see if there was any more information on her sister, but she found something else instead.
"That's not all. The Fabulous Killjoys are alive, too."
Static's heart stopped. "What?" She yanked the paper away from Death and looked at it. It was a picture of Ray, Frank, Mikey and Gerard, but all of their hair was shorter and different colors.
Static started reading the article out loud. "Better Living Industries would like to welcome four new young men to the team, Gerard Way, Michael Way, Frank Iero and Raymond Toro. The foursome have first hand experience with tracking down Killjoys and bringing them back to Battery City. 'We are very honored to be working with Better Living Industries and S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W,' says Michael Way. 'It is comforting to know that we are bringing people back to Battery City were they belong.' The foursome are now currently working in Battery City along side Korse and Dr. Isoda." Static finished.
Everyone was silent.
"This is seiriously fucked up shit." Avenger said, breaking the silence.

After having sex with Alexandria for a second time, she asked him to leave. He protested to begin with, but he decided to leave her in peace.
He was in his office when Korse walked in.
"Hello, Gerard."
"Hello, Korse. It is a very pleasant day, is it not?"
"Yes, very plesant. I am under the impression that you have met my Alexandria." Gerard's heart froze. Did he know that they were having an affair?
"Yes I have, she is a very lovely woman." Who you don't deserve, he added quickly in his head.
"She is. I would like to ask you some questions first."
Gerard could feel his heart beating quickly in his chest. "Of course, sir."
"Do you recognize her from anywhere?" He asked.
Lie, a voice said in his head.
"No, I do not." He lied, he was glad that he listened to the voice in his head.
"Have you been expriencing anything like strange dreams or flashes?"
Keep lying, the voice said in his head again.
"No, I have not."
"That is very good, thank you, Gerard."
He smiled. "It is no problem, Sir."
"There is something that I would like you to do for me. I would like you to look into a particular group of Killjoys for me. Their leader is a man named 'Doctor Death Defying', he has been one of Better Living's most wanted Killjoys for a very long time now. He is with other Killjoys at the moment named 'Show Pony', 'Cherri Cola', 'Static Angel' and 'Death Days'." He gave Gerard a file filled with all of their profiles. Every single one of those names rang a bell in Gerard's head.
If you meet someone from your past who you don't remember and still don't remember meeting after you met them, then the chances of remembering someone else from your past wasn't very likely, so Korse saw no problem in asking Gerard to research the Killjoys he once knew.
"I particularlly want 'Static Angel', her real name is," Iris Ramone, the voice said in his head. "Iris Ramone." He was shocked that he knew her name before he even said it. "Iris Ramone is around six or seven months pregnant with a child that belongs to one of the most wanted Killjoys, who is no longer with us. The child is very important, so I need you to find me Iris Ramone and the rest of the Killjoys, could you do that for me?"
Korse was planning on claiming that Kobra's and Static's baby was his and Alexandria's once they were born.
He nodded. "Yes, I will find them."
Korse smiled. "Good."
He walked out of the room and started looking at some of the profiles.
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