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Chapter Twenty Nine - Awkward Situations

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"What would happen if we stopped taking the Better Living pills?"

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A/N Hi, its me. This chapter's more of a filler, but there is a teenie tiny part in the story that is important. Thankyou to mychemicalbitchbot and Lenorebear for reviewing, I REALLY appreciate it and if you can please review, it means a lot! Sorry if there's any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Twenty Nine - Awkward Situations

One and a half months later, Alexandria and Gerard were still having an affair, but they had no idea what to do when Alexandria and Korse got married. Alexandria and Gerard had grown to love eachother for a second time, they'd already told eachother how they felt, but Alexandria still refused to leave Korse.
Gerard had become obsessed with finding the Killjoys, not because Korse wanted him to, but because he remembered them. He'd had clear memories of all of them, but he had no idea where from.
Frank, Raymond and Michael were all worried about Gerard, he'd been acting out of charater lately and they wanted to know what was wrong. They knew that he'd been spending lots of time with Alexandria and they feared that he'd fallen in love with her, but in reality, it was much worse than that.
Gerard and Alexandria were in bed together when he brought up a seirious question that she wasn't expecting.
"What would happen if we stopped taking the Better Living pills?"
She paused. "I do not know. I have never thought about it before." She confessed.
"I love you." He said.
She smiled. "I love you, too."
He smiled and kissed her until she pulled away. "I have to go. I am meeting up with my wedding planner."
It hurt him whenever she had to leave because of the wedding. He didn't know how he was going to cope on her wedding day since she'd invited him when they very first met.
"Can't you just resedual?"
"No, this has been planned for months. I must go, but I will see you again later. I promise." She kissed him and started getting dressed.
He decided that he wouldn't take the pills, that he would see what happened to him. He didn't realize that no one had ever done that before.

"Does this shirt make me look fat?" Static asked Cherri.
Static was almost eight months pregnant and her stomach had gotten twice as big in the space of one and a half months.
"For the last time, you're not fat, you're just heavily pregnant."
"I know, I'm just beggining to regret not putting a condom on again."
Cherri smiled.
"When we get them back, how do you think he'll react to me being pregnant?"
Cherri blinked. "I think he'll be scared shitless to begin with, like you were, but I think he'll be a good dad."
They all had a plan to get Acid and the Fabulous Killjoys back, so Static was worried about how he'd react to her being heavily pregnant with his baby.
"And if he isn't a good dad to bug, then I'll kick his ass for not being a good dad to my neice or nephew."
Static sat down and put a hand on her belly, bug loved kicking her on a daily bassis.
"I get the point, kid, you're in there. You can stop kicking me, you know."
The baby ignored her and carried on kicking. Static groaned. "I swear that this kid is doing fuckin' kung-fu in my fuckin' uterous or some shit like that."
"They're gonna be a fighter for sure."
"I know, I mean- Oh shit!" She screamed in pain. Static was clutching her stomach.
"Static!" Cherri shouted, rushing over to her sister.
Static just took deap breaths until the pain passed.
"What the fuck was that?"
"I think it was a contraction, but don't worry, it's false labour. It can happen towards the end of the pregnancy." There was an old pregnancy book Static had gotten from the black market, she'd been reading it since she was still terrified about becoming a mother.
"You're sure you're okay?"
"Yeah, I'm sure."
A tear slid down Static's cheek.
"Static, what's wrong?" Cherri asked.
"I guess I just know that it's gonna be over soon."
"I thought that you were sick of pregnancy?"
"I am, it's just . . . I'm scared. After the whole pregnancy and birth part, I'm gonna be a mother. I love bug, but I'm still scared about being a mom and raising a kid in this kind of enviroment."
"Look, you're gonna be an amazing mom, I can tell. This baby is gonna be the luckiest kid in the world to have you as a mom and you're gonna be glad that you and Kobra never used a condom."
Static laughed a little at the end, wipping tears off her face. Static hugged her sister and Cherri hugged her sister back. Cherri could feel bug kicking against her stomach, she smiled knowing that it was her nephew in there.
"I love you, Cherri. I don't say that enough, but I love you."
"I love you, too, Static. I'm sorry that to begin with I wasn't the most supportive sister with bug."
"You were supportive. I couldn't have gotten through these past seven months if it weren't for you. This kid is gonna have the best aunt."
They pulled away and Cherri put a hand on her sister's swollen belly.

Death and Avenger were hanging out in her room compairing tattoos. Death and Avenger had become really good friends, he brought out more of the old Death. Avenger's perants (Fire Starter and Bullet Burns) and his sister (Hollywood Whore) were involved in the plan because of Elizabeth, so they were forced to spend more time with eachother.
Things were awkward for a while between them because of the night they'd spent together when they were drunk, but after they'd gotten over the awkwardness, they'd become really good friends.
Avenger still had some feelings for Death, but he kept telling himself that they'd go away in time.
Avenger had recently got another tattoo and so had Death.
"It looks awesome, Death." Death had one on her back, it was a black and butterfly inbetween her shoulder blades saying 'Freedom' underneith it. She had to take her shirt off so she could show him, but she knew that he'd seen her in less before so it didn't really matter to her if he saw her in her bra.
"Thanks. Now come on, let me see yours." She said with a smile.
He smiled and took his shirt off. The tattoo was just below his collar bone it was a cymbol in Japanese.
"What does it say?" She asked him looking at the tattoo.
"It means Freedom in Japanese."
She smiled. "So, technicly, we have matching tats?"
He smiled back at her. "Yeah, I guess we do."
They were both shirtless and Death had her hand on the cymbol, it was only done a few days ago, so it still stung a little. If you were to walk in on them, you'd see a half naked teenage girl touching a half naked teenage boy's chest, so that's exactly what Dr. Death Defying and Hollywood Whore saw when they walked into Death's room with out knocking.
"Holly! What the fuck? Couldn't you've atleast knocked?"
"I didn't think I'd find you and Death fucking!"
"We weren't fucking! I know it looked bad but we were-"
"Don't make it any worse, Venger." His sister warned him. Hollywood Whore was almost twenty two, she had blonde hair, tanned skin and the same chocolate brown eyes as her brother.
"You two in the living room. Now." Dr. Death growled.
Death and Avenger put their shirts back on and they walked out into the living room, both of them blushing like crazy.
"Look, we're not judging you for wanting to have sex, we know what it's like to be teenagers, but do you really wonna end up pregnant at fourteen?"
"I know how it looked-" Dr. Death cut her off.
"Don't try and hide your feelings, Death, it's okay. It's natural to feel that way when you're teenagers-"
"Dr. D, Acid's given me the sex talk before, I know, okay?"
"So do I! I was brought up in BL/ind, they gave me the sex talk when I was still in fucking diapers!"
"We weren't even about to have sex, I was showing Venger my new tat."
"Then why was Avenger shirtless?" He asked.
"He was showing me his new tattoo aswell. We can show you and prove it if you want."
"Since when did you get tattoos?" Holly asked her brother.
"Thanks, Death, I think I would rather them think we were about to have sex again."
"Again?" Holly asked.
"You've really fuckin' done it now, Avenger." Death sighed.
He sighed. "Well . . . a couple months ago . . . Roach introduced us and we went to a concert together . . . after the concert we got drunk and . . . we got back to my car and . . . you know . . . had se-"
"AVENGER!" Death shouted, cutting him off. She didn't think that he'd actually tell them about their one night stand.
"Wait, he was the kid who gave you the hickies?"
"I really don't wonna talk about this anymore." She said, going back into her room.

[*A/N One last thing before I go, I just want to say rest in peace Skye, Sarah and Kat. All of your memories will carry on and you will be missed by many.
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