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Chapter Thirty - Lost Memories

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All the memories of the Zones came flooding back.

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A/N Hey guys, this chapter is a little shorter than usual, but it's very VERY important to the story! Thanks to midnight_star22 and mychemicalbitchbot for reviewing and if please review if you can! Sorry if there's any mistakes or typos and I hope you like the next chapter! Enjoy ;)

Chapter Thirty - Lost Memories

A few days later, Gerard had been off the medication for two days and he became a normal person again, but he didn't remember anything about the Fabulous Killjoys since they'd used a machien to erase all of his memories.
He was researching some files when he noticed something strange. There was a list of all the people who'd stayed with Dr. Death Deyfying and the names 'Party Poison', 'Fun Ghoul', 'Kobra Kid' and 'Jet Star' were all there, he clicked on Party Poison and began to read.

Party Poison (Gerard Arthur Way) was exterminated in the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W headquarters in 2019. Witht the help of Dr. Isoda, Better Living Indusries erased 'Party Poison's' (Gerard Way), 'Kobra Kid's' (Michael Way), 'Fun Ghoul's' (Frank Iero), 'Jet Star's' (Raymond Toro) and 'Acid Bullets' (Alexandria Oliveson) memories and replaced them with memories of a life in Battery City instead of their lives in the Zones. Gerard Way became one of Better Livings most valuebale members since he has found many Killjoys who we needed to stop before they took down Better Living Industries for good.

That paragraph was enough for him to remember everything. All the memories of the Zones came flooding back. He remembered Grace, the diner, when he first made love to Acid, when his brother was heartbroken by Static, when Acid died in his arms . . . everything came back.
He read all of the profiles and was left in tears. They'd taken him away from his daughter, they'd taken him away from Grace and, in a way, they'd killed him. They'd taken away his real life and replaced it with one where he killed people who were once just like him. He was apart of Better Living now, he killed people for a living and Lexia . . . she was fucking marrying Korse in a few days!
He got out of his seat and he ran to Lexia's room. The door was unlocked, so he ran in.
"Listen, Lexia, I remembered everything. I know that it seems crazy, but we need to leave, now. Frank, Mikey and Ray need to come with us, too. I know this seems fuckin' crazy, but-" He stopped.
Lexia was crying on the floor with blood leaking out of her nose and she had a split lip. Korse was standing in front of her with his fist clenched.
"You thought that you could sleep with my fiancé and I would not find out?" Korse had recently put security camera's in Lexia's room and he saw what happened between Lexia and Gerard.
"Gerard, leave!" Lexia shouted, but Korse just slapped her across the face.
"I'm not going anywhere."
"Gerard, please, I am begging you!" She started crying harder.
"SHUT UP!" Korse screamed at her again and hit her twice as hard.
"Do you remember when you last hurt her?" Gerard asked, glaring at him.
"Exuse me?"
"Do you remember when she was fourteen and when you pinned her against the wall and forced her to have sex with you?"
Korse smiled and clapped. "So you finally remembered, Killjoy."
"Stop touching her and get the fuck out."
"You forget that I am in charge of this whole building. At the touch of a button, I could have you dragged out of this room and killed."
"Please don't!" Lexia begged.
"Do you remember when you forced me to pick which one of my friends to kill? Do you remember when I refused to kill one of them? Do you remember when you killed her?"
"I do, Party Poison. I remember it very clearly and I cherrished every moment of it."
Poison punched Korse in the face, making him fall over. Lexia just screamed cried harder than before. She thought that all of this was her fault, that she was to blame for Gerard possibly being killed because she chosed to have an affair with him.
"That was a big mistake, Killjoy."
Korse pointed a remote in his direction, pressed a button on a remote and it sent a bolt of pain through Gerard's whole body. He fell to the floor and started screaming. Lexia dragged herself towards him and cried.
"Gerard, look at me!"
He looked at her, but the pain wouldn't pass, so he carried on screaming.
"Korse, please! Stop hurting him!" She begged.
"Why should I?"
"Because I . . ." She didn't finish her sentence.
"Because you what?"
"Because I love him." She barely wispered, scared of what he might do to both of them.
Rage filled Korse. He grabbed Lexia by her hair and dragged her into the bathroom.
"Stay here, and if you make any kind of sound, I will kill him, Alexandria." He growled and shut the door behind him.
Alexandria cried silently because she didn't doubt for a second that he would kill him. She didn't bother trying to get out, she knew that Korse would kill him if she did and that was the last thing she ever wanted to happen, she loved him for gods sake.
Gerard still lay on the ground, still in emense pain.
Korse grabbed something that looked like a walkie-talkie and he got hold of some Draculoids.
"I need seven Draculoids in room three on the eleventh floor."
"Right away, sir."
I a couple of seconds, there were seven Draculoids at the door.
"Take this man to the cells, he has assulted my fiancé!" He shouted, outraged.
"Right away, sir." Korse pressed the button again and the pain slowly faded from his body, but two Draculoids picked him up and started dragging him away. He he kicked and screamed, but it was no use, they had him.
Korse smiled as he heard them drag Gerard away from Lexia's room. He slammed the door shut and he open the door to the bathroom to find Lexia curled up in a ball on the floor, crying her heart out.
"He is gone, now, Alexandria."
She didn't respond to him.
"This is your fault."
Again she didn't respond, she just cried.
"Get up." He ordered.
She didn't move.
"I said get up."
He yanked on her hair, pulling some of it out, and dragged her into her room. He slapped her across the face and threw her on the bed.
She didn't scream when he started taking her clothes off, she didn't scream when he violently raped her, she just took it.
She didn't cry because of what he did to her, she cried because of what they were going to do to Gerard.
The bed was covered in blood from what he'd done to her, but she didn't clean it up, she didn't move, she just lay there with blood leaking out of her wounds.

Gerard was locked in the prison cell when his brother and two best friends came to visit him.
"We're sneaking you out." Frank whispered.
"What are you talking about?" He asked his friend. Pain tore through him when he remebered that the people who were once his brothers were now just shells of who they used to be.
"We saw what was on the computer screen, we know everything." He said, breaking into the cell by typing a code and it opened the gate within a couple seconds.
"What about the Dracs?" He asked.
"We found a gun and shot them, we need to go really quickly, they're probably coming for us soon."
"Acid." Poison said.
"We'll come back for her, I promise." Kobra said to his brother.
"She was so hurt." He remembered with tears in his eyes.
"It's okay, we'll get her back." He said, hugging his brother.
"I don't mean to be a killjoy, but we really gotta fuckin' go." Ghoul said. "Get it? Killjoy?" He said with a grin on his face.
They grabbed the first car they could get and drove out of Battery City and back into the very much missed Zones.
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