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Dark Angel

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"...Looking up at the full moon always reminds me of Her. How we first met, how she had sunk Her fangs into me far before any one of us learned who she really was. Why she even bothered to be with ...

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Dark Angel

Disclaimer: Class of the Titans and all likelihood belongs to Studio B Productions

Warnings: Brief mentions of sex. Some blood (drinking it) Vampirism

Pairings: It's kinda easy to tell, but, Herry/Sybaris


Looking up at the full moon always reminds me of Her. How we first met, how she had sunk Her fangs into me far before any one of us learned who she really was. Why she even bothered to be with me. I remember Her powerful, secretive and unnatural amber eyes that made time stand still as I met Her gaze. I remember how she would call my name in that soothing accent, making only Her exist in my minds eye.

I remember Her body, slim, curved and warm. I remember how Her fingers had danced up my chest as she whispered my name, looking into my eyes. I remember Her full lips, seductive and almost as enticing as Her eyes. I remember how Her clothing just hinted at what I imagined, how Her long flowing, silky hair accented Her innocence, and yet made Her all that more menacing. Her long legs and slender arms, olive skin to match mine.

And Her eyes.

Her eyes still held me in her power. It was not Her fangs, if I wanted; I could drive every bit of Her that was left in my body, everything but Her eyes. They still called to me, still brought me to Her on every full moon. She was still latched, deep inside my heart, and I knew she was only using me, but I LOVED Her.

And even now, watching the full moon, I feel Her slim arms wrapping around my broad shoulders. I feel Her fangs prickling seductively on the flesh of my neck, where she has bitten many times before. I feel Her warmth sweep into me and drive out all the doubts and fears I kept, wondering what would happen if any of Them found out about me and Her.

My Leader knows nothing. He thinks he does, because he thinks he always knows which decision is best. Which decision is right. He thinks he can tell black from white, but he never sees the grey. No one sees the grey but me. My Leader thinks that she is terrible, and I know that he is right, and yet while she is with me, I forget all my fears about Her. She is the only thing that matters, the only one who would care for a freak like me.

I can still feel the strength of the vampire's bite flow through my veins, and she takes extra care to make sure I always remember that I belong to Her. She leaves a bite on my neck, in the same place every time, to make sure I remember. They never question, because it always heals up overnight and leaves the same scar I have always had since I met Her.

I never did want to give up the gift she bestowed upon me. I wanted to prove that I LOVED Her. I was prepared to turn my back on Them and mankind. I feel sick inside every time I see Them go out of their way to try and help me, because I am the 'stupid and slow' one in the group. I am only strong, clumsy and stupid, They don't believe me to see anything except what is in front of me.

Then she comes along and with her lies and whispers, makes everything alright. She tells me I am smart to side with her, against the gods. She tells me I am terribly weak in my heart and that is why I will never be rid of her- she preys on weak and vulnerable hearts like mine, you know. She tells me that I can be as graceful as her, once I help her destroy those who hurt Her. Then I will become Her king and I will be Her one and only LOVER, forever.

Then the twinge of guilt about betraying Them will come into my mind, but she will push it away with one glance into my eyes as I fall under her spell again.

"Hel'rey, come," she will command in her strong accent, and I will obey.

She will spread her wings and, for the night only, free me of my human feelings and life, and I will spread mine beside her. She looks like an angel to my dim, brown eyes- a Dark Angel who has committed the crime of stealing my heart.

And we will fly away, to wherever she wants to go. But I cannot be gone all night, and I must be back in the morning to avoid suspicions about her and I, and she knows this, so we never do stray very far.

And she will seduce me again and again, breathing into my ear, allowing her fingertips to dance across my hollow chest, echoing in the empty space where a live, hopeful young heart once beat. She stole it, ripped it from my heart as viciously as she tore into my neck the first time she bit me, and then she devoured it and is content with it for now. Once she grows hungry again, I will not be able to stop Her and then all the lies of me being Her King will truly be lies. So I do what she wants, I obey, and I LOVE Her.

We are doomed, she and I. She is already from the darkest pits of Hades, and she is dragging me further down with every time my heart does not beat in my chest. Even if I were to go see someone to help me, it would be no use. She has already given me her poison, and I have drunk it willingly. For Her. Everything is always for Her.

And on this night, under this full moon, I will be her Dark King, what she has always wished to see in my puny mortal body.

We will flee into the darkest shadows and hunt our prey, together, as close to equals as we will ever get. She will lick the blood from my lips and leave me helplessly staring as she licks it form her own. We leave the prey without a second thought and fly away to a dark, secluded spot that is far, far away from the light of the moon.

She will whisper my name again, softly, as if chanting. She will run her lips along my neck and bite into the scar I bear for Her and Her alone. She will make me moan her name in the darkness as Her body becomes like wildfire to mine. And then, I will grasp Her around Her perfect curve of Her back and pull Her close and she will allow me to kiss Her, and she will knead my lips with Her fangs and I will open for Her to control me once more.

Between breaths, she will whisper my name again and again in her arousing chant, and whisper to me the lies she tells me every time we lie together. She will allow me to strip Her and see Her naked and bare in the darkness, and I will feel proud because only here I can see the black, grey and white. Because, when we make LOVE, I am more powerful then Her.

I control Her.

I hear Her crying out my name in short breaths, still whispering Her lies to me so that she can try to keep the power, but I can see through Her. But I am too blinded by my dark LOVE for Her to care.

And then we will lie together, and I will hold Her in my arms as she allows her abyssal brown eyes to close and momentarily I am freed from Her. I can think and feel the betrayal I have just caused Them, and then I hear Her murmur my name in that low, accented voice and it all melts away. I will close my eyes and allow myself to breathe in Her scent, of death and blood and darkness, and I will allow myself to sleep beside Her. My Dark Angel.

Then, later, she will awaken me with her soothing voice and immediately I will see Her eyes and she will control me again, making me forget about Them, making me forget why I must get up while my body is so tired. She makes me forget my name and my identity as I stare into her eyes and see nothing but malevolence and bitter hate for those who harmed Her, but allowed for Her to become my Dark Angel.

She will fly me back to my mortal self, my weak body. She will take away my wings and my only feelings of being so close to feeling as her King. She will leave me feeling more naked than I have ever felt before, even though I am dressed in what I wore the night before. She will nibble on my ear and trail her hand down my chest as she promises to be back again next moon, and she orders me to wait. I will agree.

Then I will watch sadly as she leaves me again, and I will remind myself that I will never be able to cage Her. No one will ever cage my Dark Angel.

And so, one month later, I wait on the balcony and watch the full moon. I can smell Her wonderful and yet terrible odor as she wraps her arms around me and nibbles at the scar. I run a calloused hand down her smooth, perfect arm and momentarily wonder how long this will last before she grows hungry for another heart. Then I smile to myself for I know that she will never leave me... I know I control Her.

She returns every night because I obey Her and make her feel mortal again, while she makes me feel dark like Her. By using me, she is trying to live once more what she lost when she was punished. If I were to draw away form Her, which surely I never would be able to, she would only be Dark. Not an Angel, not MY Angel.

So I will let Her whisper her lies to me, and I will believe them. For there is no true feeling such as LOVE for creatures like us, only longing, lust and contentment come close. And so I will lay by Her in the darkness of each full moon and know what destruction I can do to Her, and what she could do to me. I know we will repeat this ongoing cycle for much, much longer. I do not know if we will ever be found, or if we will always be caught in the ring of lies and LOVE we have created.

But I know one thing, that even if we are found and split up or even if we never stop our moon-time visits. I know that whenever I will look up at the moon, I will remember Her.

I will remember my Dark Angel.


VERY strange feeling took over my hands and made me sit down to write this late one night when I should actually be in bed sleeping or doing homework. But I decided to see where it took me and here you go- a good Herry pairing that is actually 'supported' by the show... just, like usually, I twisted it way out of control and made it oh so different.

But yeah... this is just showing the twisted relationship Herry had/has with Sybaris (in my opinion) and I hope you liked it. I don't think it's as great as some of my other one-shots, but I think it's pretty good considering I haven't really thought about what I want Herry's characterization to be like for ME.

If you liked it, please review and tell me!

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