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Chapter Thirty Two - Here Comes The Bride

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Pain tore through Poison, she didn't remember him or the time that they'd spent together and she was about to marry the one who'd taken it all away from them.

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A/N Hey guys, I'm sorry that this update is later than usual, but I've got a test tomorrow and I've had to revise for it. Anyways, I just realized that Burn This City Down only has about three or four chapters left, and I know that it's not actuallt finished yet, but I was wondering if you'd want a sequel? I've got a couple ideas, but I'm not sure if I should or not, so if you want me to write a sequel, let me know =D This chapter is a pretty good one, there's a lot of shit happening. Thankyou to midnight_star22 and mychemicalbitchbot for reviewing and please review if you can! Sorry if there's any mistakes or typos and I'll shut up now because this A/N is getting kind of long . . . Anyways, enjoy ;)

Chapter Thirty Two - Here Comes The Bride

Party Poison ran a hand through his hair once he'd finshed dying it red again, it was shorter than it was before, but it didn't matter, it was red again and he loved it.
Kobra was next to dye his hair back to the blonde that it was before. They were talking about Kobra's situation with Static and the baby.
"What are yo going to do about Static and the kid?"
"I'm gonna be a dad. I reacted badly to it, but it doesn't change the fact that the kid's mine, too. I'm still scared, but I want to be there for them."
"So does that mean that I'm gonna be an uncle?"
He smiled at his older brother. "I guess you are. We always thought that you and Acid were gonna be the first to have kids."
He looked at the floor when he mentioned Acid.
"Fuck, I'm sorry-"
"It's okay, we're getting her back soon. It doesn't matter."
"Yeah, right."

After Kobra had dyed his hair, they started driving back to Battery City. It was Alexandria's and Korse's wedding day and they were gonna get Acid back for good.
"Dad?" Grace asked Poison.
"Promise me that you'll be okay and that you'll get mom back. I can't lose you again because of me."
Grace blamed herself for the 'death' of her family.
"Grace, it wasn't because of you that we supposedly died. I promise, we'll come back with your mom, I promise." He hugged his daughter.
"I love you, dad."
"I love you, too, Gracie."
Death and Ghoul were saying their goodbyes when Static walked outside of the diner with everyone else and smiled sadly at Kobra.
"Hey, we'll all be okay."
"I just wish that I could go with you. You know what happened last time you went into Battery City and I guess that I'm just scared."
"Static, we'll be fine. Just promise me that you'll take it easy while I'm gone."
She smiled. "I promise, but only if you promise that you'll come back one hundred percent fine with Acid."
"I promise."
They hugged eachother, but he pulled away and put a hand on her bump.
"Be good to your mom while I'm gone, if I hear that you've been a pain in the ass, you'll be in trouble." She smiled. She was shocked at how quickly he'd become attatched to the idea of becoming a father, but she wasn't complaining. She was glad that her baby would have their father around.
"I'll see you soon." He said.
"Yeah, I'll see you soon." She kissed his cheek.
Poison, Ghoul, Jet, Kobra, Cherri, Hollywood Whore, Fire Starter and Bullet Burns set off to go to Battery City. Holly, Fire and Bullet were going to get Rose back, they went in their own car, but they followed them on the way to Battery City to get their daughter back.

A few hours later, Lexia took a deap breath when the wedding planner tied the strings on her corset. Her bruises and cuts were gone because of the healer medication Korse had given her, but she knew it was only for the wedding and that Korse would probabl give her fresh ones after their wedding day.
Lexia only spoke when she was spoken too, other than that, she never said a word since Gerard had been taken away.
The same questions ran through her head over and over again. Was Gerard dead? Had they tortured him? Was he Draculoid now? If they killed him, was his death quick and painless or slow and painful? She thought that if he was dead, then they would've killed him slowly and painfully.
She had a plan, though. She would walk down the isle, put a fake smile on her face and pretend that it was the happiest day of her life, but after the wedding, she planned on killing herself. She didn't want to be tied to a monster for the rest of her life and she knew that if she asked for a devorce, then Korse would probably beat her and rape her again. He'd raped her for a second time the preivious night and she knew that he'd probably rape her again on their honeymoon, which was another reason why she planned on killing herself, she couldn't handle it anymore.
Ever since Gerard had talked about not taking the BL/ind pills, she'd stopped taking them. She was amazed at how intense some of her feelings could be.
"Alexandria, you will walk down the isle in fifteen minutes." The wedding planner informed her.
"Thank you, Miss Dyler."
She smiled at her.
"Miss Dyler?" She asked.
"Yes, dear?"
"Thankyou for everything. Thank you for helping me with my wedding." She had tears in her eyes, but she hugged Miss Dyler so that she wouldn't see the tears.
"You are very welcome, dear." Miss Dyler was confused as to why she'd hugged her, but she didn't question the soon to be wife of Korse. While she hugged her, she wipped the tears away and then pulled away.
She grabbed her boque of white roses and her thoughts immidiately went back to Gerard and when he'd bought her red roses, the now dead roses he'd brought her, reminded her of the first time they'd made love. More tears started to fall. She tried to stop them because she knew that if she walked out people would question why she was crying. Some brides usually did cry at weddings because it was the happiest day of their lives, but the Better Living medication stopped people crying at weddings because no one could feel extreme happiness.
When the fifteen minutes were up, she started walking down the isle to see Korse standing at the end of it. She smiled a fake smile at him and he returned the smile.
When she got to the end of the isle, everyone sat down and waited for the wedding to continue.
"Dearly belovid, we are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matramony."

"Cherri, hurry the fuck up, we're gonna miss the fucking wedding!" Poison shouted.
"This is the fastest this stupid fucking car'll go, Poison!"
They had only just gotten past the gates in Battery City. Holly, Fire and Bullet were in a car that wasn't too far behind them, the Trans Am wasn't big enough to fit all of them in, so they took their own car and followed the Fabulous Killjoys into Battery City.
The wedding was ontop of the Better Living building, so when they got there, they ran into an elevator and waited until they got to the top floor.
"Stop the wedding!" Poison shouted when he saw Lexia and Korse.
Lexia looked at him in shock, it took her a second to realize that it was Gerard because he had red hair.
"Gerard? What are you doing here."
He walked down the isle and stopped when he was a couple feet away from her, but she walked towards him so they were only standing a foot apart. Her hair was in a braid and she had tiny beads in it, Poison thought she looked amazing and it made his heart skip a beat or two.
"They lied to us. They're still lying to everyone here. My name is Party Poison and I'm a Killjoy. Killjoys are people who rebel against Better Living, we believe that you need to destroy something perfect to make it beautiful. Everyone is the same in Battery City, no body has emotions, no one has any personality here. You were a Killjoy, too. Your name was Acid Bullets, your perants where killed when you were fourteen by Korse and you have a fourteen year old sister called Death Day." There were a couple gasps from the guests, but they ignored them. "You were saved by Dr. Death Deyfying when you were fifteen, but you became one of BL/ind's most wanted so you left. You and Death were in Battery City and she got shot, so you came back to Dr. Death's and that was the day that we met. After that day, I fell head over heals in fucking love with you and you felt the same way. You were killed by Korse and everything fell apart after that. Korse took Grace, our daughter, away and me, Kobra, Ghoul and Jet came to Better Living Industries to get her back and they killed us there. Grace got away and she's at Dr. Death's now. They erased our memories and replaced them with new ones, you're not even twenty five, you're nineteen and I'm twenty three. You've never loved Korse, you loved me. I still do love you, Lexia. And Elizabeth, Korse isn't your real father, you were killed by him in the Zones and that's where you died. You have a brother and a sister who've been looking for your for years. You're Killjoy name's Desert Rose and two Killjoys called Static Angel and Cherri Cola took you in and looked after you. Static's pregnant and she's almost ready to have the baby. They love you, Rose."
"That's it, Draculoids, take him away!" Korse ordered.
"No! Please, I know that Gerard is not in the right state of mind right now, but he is a friend and I want him to be here on the happiest day of my life."
Pain tore through Poison, she didn't remember him or the time that they'd spent together and she was about to marry the one who'd taken it all away from them.
Korse would've hit her if they were alone, but since the people of Battery City were watching on television and the guests were watching them, he smiled at her.
"Of course."
They turned back to the preist and he continued. Gerard didn't know if he could watch her get married to Korse.
"Korse, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife for as long as you both shall live?"
"I do."
"And do you, Alexandria, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband for as long as you both shall live?"
She paused and looked at Korse. She smiled at him, then punched him in the face.
"RUN, ROSE!" She shouted at Rose and grabbed Poison's and and they started running.
Poison smiled, she did remember.
They all started running while Korse held his bleeding nose.
They knew that there would be Draculouds waiting if they got in the elevator, so they ran down the stairs.
"Wait a second." Acid ripped off some of her wedding dress off and took her heels off so that she could run easily.
They stared at her legs for a second because she was wearing white fish net tights and a blue garter.
"You can stare at my legs all you want later, but right now, we need to fucking run!" They all started running again.
When they ran into some Draculoids, they started shooting them and they were dead within a couple seconds.
It wasn't long until they got to the car and they jumped in and started driving away.
Acid kissed Party on the lips when they got in the car and slid her tongue in his mouth.
"I love you, Party Poison." She said with a grin.
"I love you, too, Acid Bullets."
"Aww, I love you guys, too!" Ghoul said hugging Acid and Poison.
They laughed. "Fuck that was weird, it was like being someone else." She said.
"We were someone else." He said and kissed her cheek.
"I'm so sorry that we didn't come back for you straight away, but they would've killed us. Be honest with me, how bad did he hurt you?"
She paused. "I was raped twice." She wispered in his ear.
A wave of guilt and anger washed over him
"Ace, I'm so sorry-"
"Don't be. We're safe now. I've just missed being Acid Bullets. How's Grace and Death?"
"Grace is great, but with Death . . . you're gonna be having a few mini heart attacks." Ghoul warned her.
"Death has a boyfriend now." Cherri said.
"Death has a boyfriend?"
"Yup, we caught them . . . um . . . well . . ."
"You're telling me that since I've been gone that my little sister's been-"
"SEXUALLY ACTIVE!" Ghoul finished for her.
"I'm gonna need to kick this kid in the ass. How old is he?"
"Fifteen. It's Rose's little brother, Avenger."
"So Korse isn't Rose's real father?"
"No, it's Fire Starter and Bullet Burns." Jet replied.
"The orginal Killjoys?"
"Fuck, I can't kick his ass then if his perants are the orginal Killjoys. Maybe she knew that aaaallllll along."
"Ace, she thought you were dead."
"So? How did she know that I wouldn't have come back as a ghost and haunted both of their asses?"
Poison just smiled at her comment. He'd missed her more than she would ever know.

When they got home, Acid saw Death and a boy, who she assumed was Avenger, on the couch talking.
"A welcome home'd be nice."
Death looked up and the smile left her face when she saw her sister.
"Acid!" She practicly jumped off the couch and onto her sister. She could hear Death crying. "It's you? It's really you?"
She smiled and cried with her sister. "Yeah, it's me. Ssh, it's okay. I'm hear now, I'm hear now." She repeated, trying to calm her little sister down.
That was when Acid noticed that her little sister's hair was green.
"So I'm dead for a few months and you jump at the chance to dye your hair?"
"Wait 'til you see her tattoos." Ghoul said and Acid's heart stopped.
"What tattoos? You got tattoos? Where?"
Death took off her hoddie and showed her sister all of the tattoos on her arm.
"I got some on my back, too."
"I'm not gonna go bat shit crazy on you right now because we just got back home, but you're in fuckin' huge trouble tomorrow."
She smiled through her tears and hugged her sister again.
"So what's all this shit I hear about a boyfriend?"
"For the milionth time, he's not my boyfriend!"
"Then what is he?"
"A friend."
"That's how it always starts you know. When do I get to meet him?"
Avenger stood up and smiled at her. "Hi, I'm Avenger."
"So, you're the one that my sister's been-"
"I'm begging you not to finish that sentence." Death begged her sister.
"Get your mind out of the gutter, Death. I was only going to say dating." She smiled and hugged her sister again.
"Okay. It's late so I'm going to bed." She said.
"Okay. Remember, I'm kicking your ass about the tattoos tomrrow, okay?"
She smiled. "Fine. I love you."
"I love you, too."
Death went to bed and Acid pulled Poison away from Dr. Death and pulled him into their bedroom. He was confused, but he let her take him in the bedroom.
She pushed him onto the bed and she started taking the remains of the wedding dress off.
"Acid, no-"
"I don't want to hear it."
She continued taking the dress off, but he knew that she'd just been raped twice and he didn't want her to do anything that she'd regret.
"Acid, you were just raped."
"No, Alexandria was raped. I was a different person when I was raped, I was on the pills, he never raped me those two nights."
"But he did."
"Poison, it's the first time that we've been Acid and Poison for months. I want you. I want you so fucking much right now." She said, climbing on top of him and she took his shirt off and started kissing his neck and chest.
"No." He barely wispered.
"Look at me." She said. "I want you to make love to me. I want you."
He paused, he wanted her just as much and she wanted him, but the last thing he ever wanted to do was hurt her.
"You're sure you're okay to do this?"
"If I wasn't I wouldn't be doing this right now, would I?"
He kissed her and they made love.
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