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Chapter Thirty Three - Changing The World?

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"They thousands of Dracs, right? Then why can't gather thousands of Killjoys?"

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A/N Just a quick update before I go! Thankyou to Lenorebear, dark_venom and mychemicalbitchbot for reviewing! I've decided that I'm doing a sequel, but I'll talk more about that later. Sorry for any mistakes or typos and I hope you like it! Enjoy ;)

Chapter Thirty Three - Changing The World?

Acid woke up feeling sore, covered in bite marks and bruises. They'd not held back on their desires last night and things got slightly out of control.
Once they were dressed and in the diner, Ghoul burst out laughing.
"You two sounded like you had some fun last night!" Ghoul chuckled.
"I'm not judging you for having sex or anything, but I think that you scarred this kid for life, he's not kicked since last night." Static said.
Acid blushed.
"So, since you got all over-proctive last night because you thought I was fucking Avenger, does that mean that I get to be over protective of you because you fucked Poison last night?" Death asked her older sister.
"You got tattoos!" Acid shouted, reminding her that she wasn't off the hook yet.
Death rolled her eyes and started eating breakfast. They'd run out of food so they only had refried beans left.
Avenger looked through the paper until he found an article about Acid.
"Korse's bride and child kiddnaped by Killjoys." He read aloud everyone looked at him as he red the article. "Alexandria Oliveson, Korse's bride, and Elizabeth Laniborgen, Korse's daughter, were taken from the atler by Gerard Way, Michael Way, Raymond Toro, Claudia Ramone, Steven Lyellson, Alison Lyellson and Samantha Lyellson. Gerard, Michael, Raymond and Frank worked for Better Living in finding Killjoys, but turned out to be Killjoys themselves. It rumoured that Alexandria lied about her past to Korse hoping that he would take pity on her, but it has not been comfirmed by Korse himself. 'I was shocked when Alexandria left the alter,' Says Michelle Dyler, the wedding planner. 'She seemed happy about the wedding. Infact, before the wedding, she wrapped her arms around me and thanked me for helping her with the wedding.' It is a mystery as to why Alexandria left the alter with the Killjoys, but if anyone has any clue as to where she may be, contact Better Living Industries immidately.'"
"So they're still looking for me?"
"I guess so." Cherri replied to Acid.
"Wait, so your name is Elizabeth Laniborgen?" Ghoul asked Rose.
"It was. That was Korse's last name, but I guess that It's Elizabeth Lyellson now."
"So Korse is Korse Laniborgen?"
She smirked. "Yeah, I guess so."
Ghoul giggled a little.
"We need to end this. I'm sick to fucking death of fighting constantly." Avenger complained.
"Then why don't we?" Death questioned.
"How would we even begin to take down Better Living Industries?" Static asked.
"They thousands of Dracs, right? Then why can't gather thousands of Killjoys? We could gather all the Killjoys we could then fight against BL/ind."
"How would we get an army of Killjoys?" Hollywood Whore asked.
"Oh Holly, you forget that Dr. Death is the most well-known DJ in the Zones, we could send out a message to all the Killjoys and gather them up in one place." She said.
"But BL/ind and S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W listen to Dr. Death pretty much twenty four seven, they'd know."
"So what? If they sent Dracs, we could easily take them down. They don't have any personality or a working brain, we have personality, creativity and a working brain. We don't have anything to lose. We could either just sit here and wait for someone to step up and take down BL/ind, or we could get off our asses and do something about it." Death said.
They all thought about it for a second.
"I'm in." Acid said.
"Acid, you could die." Poison said.
"So what? Atleast I'd die trying to save what's left of the world. I'm in, Death." She walked over to her sister and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.
"I'm in, too." Static said.
"Static, you're pregnant." Kobra reminded her.
"That's exactly why I'm doing this. I can't let our baby be brought up in a world like this. I'm sick of living in fear. I'm doing this for our kid. I'm with you, Death." She walked over to Death and Acid and they waited to see if there was anyone else who was willing to try.
All of Lyellsons exchanged glances. "We're in." Holly said.
"This is rediculous, you'll all die!" Cherri said.
"Then we'll die trying to save all this. I'm with you guys." Ghoul said and winked at Death. She smiled at her friend in respons.
"Fine. I'll do it for the baby." Kobra said.
It wasn't long before everyone agreed.
"I'll send out a transmission."
Dr. Death went into his room and set everything up.
"To all of my Motorbabies and Crash Queens, we're finally doing somethin' to save what's left of this world and we need you, yes you, to join us in our fight against BL/ind. We all ready have to mighty Fabulous Killjoys, the Orgininal Killers of Joy, Cherri Cola, Static Angel and we need you to join us, Motorbabies, every single beautiful one of you. Don't let me down, Crash Queens. Met us at the borders of The Beck tomorrow at midnight, Motorbabies. We'll attack at dawn. This is Dr. Death Deyfying, sighning off." The Beckt was a place that only Killjoys knew about in the outer Zones so there was no chance of Draculoids or S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/Ws finding them.

" . . .We'll attack at dawn. This is Dr. Death Deyfying, sighning off."
Krash Quean turned off his radio and put on his gloves.
"Let's end this." He said.

" . . . We'll attack at dawn. This is Dr. Death Deyfying, sighning off."
Danger Doll, Bulletproof Messenger, Destroya and Screaming Grenade all exchanged glances and smiles.
"Fucking finally!" Screaming Grenade said, letting her exitement shine through.

" . . . We'll attack at dawn. This is Dr. Death Deyfying, sighning off."
Brutal Bull smiled. "Let's do this."

" . . . We'll attack at dawn. This is Dr. Death Deyfying, sighning off."
"Give us everything you have got, Killjoys." Dr. Isoda growled and stomped out of her office to tell Korse and her other important employers about the planned attack from the Killjoys.

They all looked at Death.
"You know that we could possibley change the world because of you, right?" Acid asked her.
She smiled. "I've just always wondered why no one had done this before, the only reason I didn't do it myself was because me and Acid just never had any way of getting the message out to people."
"I always knew you'd change the world, kid. I'm proud of you." Acid said.
"But if everyone dies then it's all gonna be pinned on me since this was my idea."
"You never forced anyone to do it though, we're all doing this of our own free will, Death." Avenger told her.
She smiled.
"We'd better practice for tomorrow then, huh?" Poison asked.
They all grabbed their guns and started practicing at targets and play fighting eachother. Static couldn't play fight with anyone because she was heavily pregnant, but she still practiced shooting.
"You shouldn't even be shooting, you should be resting."
"Kobra, it's nice to know that you worry about the baby, but it's fine. I'm not even due for a couple more months."
"But you're still near the end of the pregnancy. I don't want to risk it."
"Kobra, it's fine." She carried on shooting at targets.
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