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chapter five

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"we need your help oh wise and mighty Bobert.”

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Bob Bryar grins wildly to himself as he slams the bright blue front door shut, hastily locks it and makes his way down the patio and to the garage. He was looking forward to meeting up with his friends and former band mates; he was especially looking forward to finally getting something done about Frank and Gerard, aka the two in denial lovesick fools. With his grin still in place on his youthful face he gets into his car, a sleek black shiny one he had only recently bought, despite his girlfriends half hearted protests. With the radio blasting at full volume, one of My Chemical Romance`s older tracks, he drives far too fast through the busy streets, cursing all of the idiots that dared to get in his way.
Slamming the door shut and checking that he had his mobile phone with him he leaves his car which was badly parked on the corner of some side street near the rundown cafe he had agreed to meet Ray and Mikey at, a place where the Way brothers had often eaten lunch on their weekends. It was practically empty, a few wobbly tables, stained with the remnants of coffee and tee, were stood in rows, cracked jars of sugar and salt were placed on brightly coloured stained plastic trays on each one.
“Bobert, over here man!” Ray yells loudly across the cramped room, waving madly at the sandy haired man, who cannot resist waving back equally wildly, huge grin lighting up his face.
“What took you so long? We thought you weren’t going to come or something.” the other man sat at the table asks the former drummer, tapping his long, pale fingers on the marked wooden table in front of him.
“And miss seeing you guys again, no fucking way.” Bob sits down on the opposite side of the table to them, the chair making a loud, ear piercing squeaking noise which makes all three men wince and clutch their ears.
“So, how you been Bobert? The averageness of normal everyday life getting to you yet?”
Bob shakes his head, sandy coloured locks of hair flying everywhere. “Nah, I miss the band, don`t get me wrong but it`s nice to just be able to spend some time at home, with my girl and everything.”
They nod, fully understanding where their old friend was coming from. Being in a band was amazing, the adrenaline on stage, the adoring fans looking up to them and screaming their names, it was just the best feeling ever, just being able to let go and have fun, getting a good message across to kids instead of advocating sex and drugs and shit like that. It could get tiring at times though, and being on the road a lot did mean that it was difficult for relationships; all four of them missed their wives and kids like hell when they were touring.
“Anyways, enough of this catching up shit,” Mikey says after a few more minutes of pleasant, aimless conversation. “Let`s get down to business.” Ray and Bob nod, and lean forward in their chairs, eager to hear what the youngest Way brother had to say, considering it concerned his brother and his love life, something most siblings kept well away from.
“Frank and Gerard both like each other, everyone can see that.” they nod again. “But they are both too fucking blind to see that the other likes them back, either that or just plain stupid.”
“I`d go with the stupid thing.” Bob cuts in, whilst Ray and Mikey roll their eyes, biting back laughter.
“We decided to meet with you today Bob because we just don`t know what to do anymore. We have both tried so many fucking times to get those to morons together, but needless to say things haven’t gone as planned.”
“What Mikes is trying to say is, we need your help oh wise and mighty Bobert.”
Grinning again for the billionth time that day, Bob nods, “No duh.”
Ray takes a sip from his now lukewarm chipped mug of coffee, “it isn’t gonna be easy though.” he admits in a tired voice, placing the cup down, being careful not to spill it. “Those two are up to their eyeballs in dentil, it isn’t even funny anymore.”
Mikey agrees, while the ex drummer just sat there quietly, nibbling on his bottom lip thoughtfully, his bright blue eyes narrowed with concentration. “Boys, I think I have an idea…”
Gerard`s pov
I stare at the empty cup of coffee, my third today, sighing deeply. It was no use. I was just soo utterly pathetic. I was head over heels in love with my best friend, and had been for years, not to mention that said best friend happened to be the most talented, funny, kind, gorgeous guy around. His eyes were stunning; his smiles could make my knees melt and my little black heart stop.
Not to mention he was, ya know not gay.
Sighting once more I get to my feet and dump the Batman mug in the sink, a pile of unwashed dishes staring back at me and walk off, heading into the bathroom to get dressed, debating whether or not to go and see how Frank was…
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