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Drabble. Clarice returns early to her car. Hannibal, bookverse.

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Note: I do not own the Hannibal Lector tetralogy or any of its characters. This takes place during Hannibal, in the jogging scene. Small spoilers.

Clarice sighed, slowing her jog to a stop. It was no use. The relief she usually felt from her workout wasn't coming. She would get more out of curling up at home, with a nice mug of tea, and watching reruns of the old shows. Taking a sip form her thermos, she turned around and headed back to her car.


Meanwhile, Dr. Lecter was savoring the fine taste Clarice's hands had left on the steering wheel. Giving small moan, he ran his tongue over the grooves. The taste was faint, but it was still there and like a-

Knock, knock! He glanced to the side, tongue still on the wheel, to see a perturbed Clarice Starling, gazing through the window at him.

"Dr. Lecter?" She asked, annoyance heavy in her tone. "What are you doing?"

Swallowing, he sat up."Well." He shot her a small smile, which she didn't return. "This is awkward."
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