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I'll Be Home For Christmas

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Christmas Frerard. Oneshot!

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Hey Everyone.
For those of you who read A Death By Music, I've been up to a lot of other writing than that, and I have a really big story coming up after that. I've been working on the upcoming story a lot more than ADBM. For those of you who read my stuff, here's the posting lineup:
1. ADBM (I'm having some minor writer's block.)
2. New Story (I am saying nothing about it.)
3. The sequel to Guardian Angel. (Yes, yes, I know some of you are excited, while the majority are just like "UGH, WHEN WILL THIS CHICK CHILL OUT WITH THAT STORY?!)
And for those of you who celebrate it..... TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS!
I just want to wish all of you (it doesn't matter what you celebrate) a happy holiday season.
And to add to all of the holiday excitement, I have written a Frerard oneshot, centered around the holidays. I hope you all like it (review and rate, eh?) and have a wonderful holiday!

It had been seven days since Frank Iero had gotten a letter. And six since another. The first was from his lover, who was out at the impending war.
Dearest Frank,
This war is worse than I could ever have imagined. If I had met you before I joined the army, I would've never done it. I miss you, I love you, and by the way things look, I could be coming back to you for good soon, and I promise I'll be home for Christmas, love. I wish I could see your smiling face right now.
Forever and Always,
Gerard Arthur Way

Now it was December twenty-fourth, and Frank was moping about. Oh, how Frank missed this man so. Normally, the holiday season cheered dear Frankie up, but not even Christmas could take away the undying gloom that hung over him at the absence of his love.
Nonetheless, Frank had decided that he was going to have all of his friends over for Christmas dinner tomorrow, and knew he had to decorate. It was Christmas Eve, and the only decoration in the house so far was a bare Christmas tree.
Frank moped up the steps and opened the door to the attic. One by one, he brought down the decorations in boxes. Things jingled and moved about the insides of the boxes as he went down the stairs. He reached the base of the steps and took in a deep breath.
This was the spot where he would sit every day, waiting for Gerard to come home from his job before war struck. Gerard had been a comic book artist at one point. Because he went through serious depression and had several emotional episodes, one of which was enlisting in the army as a teenager when his dearest grandmother, Elena, passed away (They found no use for him when he enlisted.), when war time came, he was found by the government, and called upon by them. He wasn't being drafted -if he had been, Frank would be with him at that very moment- but it was his duty to his country, and he had to go, whether he wanted to or not. After seeing the Twin Towers fall, Gerard knew that it was necessary. Frank would always sit at the bottom of the steps with a heart full of love and affection for the man walking through the door. He sighed and brought the boxes into the living room, the current residential area of probably the best-looking Christmas tree Frank had ever gotten. He placed the boxes gently against the wall and went back up the stairs to get the next box. As he was walking down the hallway, he was stopped by the sight of a door slightly opened. It was not just any door.
Frank timidly pushed the door open to accommodate his presence. The way the air conditioning and heating system in the house worked caused doors to open and shut whenever it switched on and off. Frank remembered when he and Gerard first moved into the house, and it was their first night in it. Frank heard the sounds of the doors opening and closing and thought there were ghosts inhabiting the house. He sat in Gerard's arms, cowering in fear until he fell asleep, while Gerard had stayed up all night just like he had promised Frank.
Frank laughed at his own foolishness and the old memory. He flicked the light switch on for the first time in long time, causing a dim brightness to occupy the room. This room had been, and still was, Gerard's study. Frank looked around at the drawings that had been hastily tacked up on the walls, the desk by the window, and the large whiteboard that still had plans for Gerard's newer comic ideas. He slowly walked through the mess of empty Starbucks cups and tools used for illustrative means. It resembled Gerard and his personality. Goddammit, it even smelled like Gerard in there. The scent of cigarettes, coffee, and sugar cubes had somehow still lingered in the room. The smell, faint, but still there, reminded him of the nights he would sit in Gerard's lap as he paid bills on the computer that formerly resided on the mahogany desk. He would snuggle with "His Gee" in the large swiveling chair, nuzzling into the older's neck, causing various hickeys that Gerard's friends and co-workers questioned. They would giggle and talk about their days, or something funny that happened that day, and would always ended up locking lips fiercely when they would run out of things to say. Frank sighed as he knew those memories were now dead.
He flicked the light switch off and quietly shut the door. He brought the box downstairs.
When Frank went to pick up the next box, the whole bottom of it had broken, causing ornaments to go flying everywhere. He remembered his and Gerard's conversation....
"I swear, Frankie, the box'll be fine. Just tape it up."
"I don't know.... Won't it just fall apart?" Frankie questioned as he looked at Gerard.
Gerard rolled his eyes and put his hands on his hips. "No, silly, because we're gonna tape it up so good that it'll be indestructible!"
"I'll tape you up." Frank said with a wink seductively as he ripped off a piece of duct tape from the roll he was holding and put it over Gerard's mouth. "Gerard Arthur Way, you've been a very bad boy. I think it's time you get punished...."

Frank tried to shake the memory from his head. The flashbacks were causing him to become teary-eyed. He wiped the impending droplets away from his brown eyes and started to pick up all of the ornaments.
When he thought he had all of them back into a new box, something glinting in the sunset light from an open door caught his eye. He walked into the room, picked up the glossy, silver-colored, ornament ball, and quickly exited at the sight of what photo hung on the wall of his bedroom.
The photo was taken of them years ago by their friend Ray, a man with big hair and an eye for photography. They, along with their large group of friends, had decided that they should go to the seemingly pointless carnival that was in town.
But it was not pointless at all.
You see, Ray had decided to tag along, and while he was walking and changing the batteries of his beloved professional camera, he crashed straight into someone. As the person apologized and helped him pick up his photography things, their hands met on his camera and they locked eyes.
That was how Ray met his wife, Christa.
Meanwhile, Mikey had been trying to convince Gerard and Frank that they should go on the ferris wheel. Frank was afraid of heights, and Gerard had a strange fear of falling out of the ferris wheel basket.
It wasn't until Ray had come over to their conversation, introduced Christa, and had actually asked what they were talking about, did he insist they go on the ferris wheel.
"Oh, come on, you guys! It'd be a perfect photo op! Please?!"
After about ten minutes of pleading from the fluffy-haired one, the two men finally gave in and said yes. They got in a four-seater and both sat on one side, while Ray sat on the other.
"Trust me, guys. This is SO worth it." he said in a feminine tone.
"You know, Ray, some days I actually wonder if you're straight. I mean, we're gay, and we act more masculine than you!" Gerard laughed, causing Frank to give an adorable giggle. Ray didn't care, though, because their cart had reached the top of the ferris wheel. Gerard and Frank both had slight smiles on their faces as they stared into each other's eyes, the whole carnival, bright and beautiful in the night, acting as their backdrop.
This was the moment that Ray had decided to capture and frame for the two men.

As Frank rushed down the stairs before he could burst into pained tears, he slipped on a step and tumbled down about four. The box had survived, but Frank was hysterical on the floor at the base of the steps. He put his face in his hands and tried to compose himself, for he had to finish decorating, then he could become hysterical.
....Six boxes and whole lot of decorations later, Frank collapsed, exasperated by all of his hard work. He surveyed all of the visible parts of the house from where he was sitting on his couch, and deemed it acceptable. The house looked beautiful, and Frank's thoughts that he had been blocking out about him were drifting back to his frazzled brain from his broken heart.
He turned to look at a different part of the house, when he fell off the couch and hit the floor. Heavy sobs started escaping his lips as tears raced down the sides of his face. He crawled over to the Christmas tree and lay below it, feeling protected by it's branches as the words from the letter he had received six days ago flooded his troubled mind.
Mr. Frank Iero,
It is the our sadness to inform you that Mr. Gerard Way has passed away in combat. We are deeply sorry....

His sobs started to increase as the stereo which was playing Christmas music started to softly hum the tune, "I'll Be Home For Christmas."
"Damn you, Gerard! You said you'd be here for Christmas!" he shouted at no one. "You promised me!" His tears increased. "You're not coming back, though. The only time you'll come back is when you're in your coffin, and you're about to be buried. I'll never see those eyes of yours again, or that smile.... I can't live without you, Gee!" Frank continued to say things like this until he fell asleep.....

"Frankie. Psst, Frankie, baby, wake up. I'm home." The words along with the hands that were slightly shaking him had only slightly woken up.
"Hmm?" Frankie moaned, causing the voice to giggle.
"Frankie, sweetie," the voice said as he pushed the hair out of Frank's face. "I'm back."
Frank sleepily rubbed his eyes, and tried make them focus. The first thing he saw was the camouflage uniform.
"Gee?" he said, worried that if he were too loud, he'd make whatever hallucination he thought he was having disappear. His eyes focused on the face of his lover, whose hair had grown out and was hanging in his face.
"Hey Frankie-" Gerard's greeting was cut off by Frank's lips crushing his.
"Gee...." Frank whispered as he pulled his lips away after a good five-minute-or-so kiss. "I thought you were dead." A tear escaped Frank's eye.
"Dead? Why would I be- Oh. Wait a second. You must've been one of those people who got the letters. There was a screw up in the system with names and letters. I'm not dead. I'm home.... For good."
"Oh Gee!" Frank squealed before kissing Gerard. "Oh, my god. This is amazing. I don't want anything for Christmas but you, and now I have you!" He sobbed tears of happiness into Gerard's shoulder. Gee picked Frankie off of the ground.
"Sweetie, I need you to pull yourself together. I know, I know, I'm home, but I have something for you for Christmas." he said.
"OhGeebutIdidn'tgetyouanythingbecauseIthoughtyouweredead-" Frank's words were cut off by Gerard's actions. He got down on one knee and pulled out a gold and silver interlaced ring.
"Marry me."
Frank squealed and tackled Gerard to the floor, kissing him like a mad man. Four things had happened to Frank that he would never forget:
Gerard was alive.
Gerard was home for Christmas.
Gerard was home FOR GOOD.
Gerard had proposed to Frank, and of course, he said yes.
"Merry Christmas, Frankie." Gerard whispered as the clock hit midnight.
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