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The ratio by which the dead outnumber the living.

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“I know, this is the best night ever.”

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[hey there guys, hope you had a nice christmas, and that you like the chapter. Anyone feel like telling me what they got? I`m nosy, I know. I got a teddy of Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas, a shit load of make up, itunes vouchers and this really cool bag that has a forked tail and bat wings on it. Anyways, please let me know what you think of the chapter and thanks for reading
Frank was grinning madly as Hozzie`s second hand, mud splattered car sped along the brightly lit streets, heavy rock music blasting out of the speakers. Gabe, the black and blue haired girl glances over at him and smiles, her bright blue eyes lighting up.
“Are we nearly there yet, Hozzie?” She asks, fiddling with the hem of her slightly oversized, brightly coloured graphic tee, trying not to seem too childish and impatient, but the long drive was really starting to bore the blue eyed teen.
“Oh my God, Gabe, you are so fucking impatient.” The red and brown haired driver tells her friend in a teasing tone, before abruptly stopping at yet another set of damned traffic lights that had suddenly decided to change at the last possible minute.
“We have plenty of time to get to the concert, I bet you any money it won`t even start dead on the hour anyways.” Frank says in a matter of fact tone, flicking a stay lock of dark hair out of his eyes that had their usual smudged coat of red around them.
“Yeah, you know what those rock stars are like, always partying and drinking, wanting to be fashionably late and all that shit.” Kate adds in, shifting in her seat.
“Ya know, if you guys don`t wanna go to this concert anymore, I can just pull over at this greasy café and drops you off and go y myself.” Hollie or Hozzie as she was known to her small, sometimes quite childish but loyal group of friends says, not meaning a word of it.
“Not a hope in all of hell.” Hester Ellery, the wavy haired girl narrows her green eyes her. Hozzie just grins innocently and sticks out her pink, pointed tongue, keeping her eyes fixed firmly on the road in front, waiting impatiently, tapping her fingers of the steering wheel, for the lights to change.

“Fucking finally!” Kate all but squeals with joy as the large, packed concert hall becomes visible in the near distance. Large, bright crowds of music lovers, more specifically, rock lovers, line the streets, all a wide range of ages.
“I just can`t believe we are finally here, about to see them.” Frank speaks, as they exit the car, each slamming the door of the slightly beat up looking second hand vehicle for once the owner was too excited to tell them off for doing so.

The building was packed full to the brim, the noise was overwhelming and yet not nearly loud enough for the five youngsters. The bright, boiling hot lights above them beamed down, illuminating the enormous stage, the walls trembled and shock, as did the floor from the sheer volume of the crowds excited, anticipating screams and cheers.
“Oh my God!” Hozzie screams as the band walk on the stage, wide, beaming smiles on their young, incredibly handsome faces, as they playfully thank he audience before beginning the fantastic show.

Out of the corner of his eye Frank is sure he can see someone standing on the stage who shouldn`t be there, right at the far back corner, as the band, one of many whom had inspired the boy to learn to play guitar, walks on the stage, but he cannot be certain. A pale skinned boy, with bright red, dishevelled hair with dark roots showing in places, stood casually leaning against the back wall of the stage, near where the band had entered, a small, smile on his face as he stood there soaking in the incredible atmosphere.
How had the boy not been noticed by anyone. Surly the band members would have seen him? Or security, whose job it was to keep the public away from the stage and protect the band?

“Hey, Gabe, do you see that guy, standing on the stage near the back?” Frank shouts over the music to the black and blue haired girl, who was singing along at the top of her lungs.
She stops singing, and looks at where Frank was, and frowns, shaking her head. “No, there is no one there, only the band obviously.”
“Huh.” Frank was not convinced. “Must have been the lights or something.” She nods, and continues singing along happily. He looks closer, and sure enough the boy is still there, singing along to the music as everyone else in the room was. Frowning Frank stand on the tips of his converse clad feet, wishing he wasn`t so short, to get a better look.
The red head couldn`t be much older than he, nineteen or twenty at the absolute most, and was dressed in incredibly tight jeans and a shirt that appeared to keep changing colour due to the special light effects. There was something strange about this boy, not just because no one had seemed to have noticed him, and Frank knew that he was not a dancer or anything like that as he was just stood there singing along. His ghost white skin seamed to glow almost, and there was something about him that was almost unnatural.
“What are you staring at Frankie?” Hester asks, taking her eyes off of the lead singer for a split second and realising that her friend was frowning and looking rather confused.
“Huh?” Frank looks at her, and smiles to try to reassure her. “Nothing, just can`t believe it, you know.”
“I know, this is the best night ever.”
She turns her attention back to the stage, and Frank glances back over at the spot where the strange boy was, only to find it empty.
This is not right….he thinks to himself, scanning the smoky, brightly lit stage for any sign of the red haired teenager, but he was not there. And no security had been onto the stage to remove a member of the audience either. He had just vanished.
A chill goes down Frank spine. His didn`t like this, he didn`t like it one little bit.
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